Getaway December 2018

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every reef is like christmas

Dawn, Sodwana Bay. A tractor towed our Zodiac through the casuarinas to the beach. I kitted up with a gang of 10 other divers and we were given a briefing by the dive master. Life jackets on, we dragged the inflatable dinghy into the surf. Engines revved and we slithered aboard, jamming toes into the foot straps. ‘Hang on tight, boys!’ shouted our skipper. The boat powered through lines of white water, leaping off the bigger crests, propellers noisily chewing the air. We passed a pair of surfers in the back line and our skipper shouted at them: ‘That’s glorified chumming, boys, bobbing about like that in tiger-shark alley!’ Ha-ha, not funny. It was a 20-minute journey to Seven Mile Reef, cruising just behind the breakers along a beautiful, forested shore. A…

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Ken Barris Zambezi Region, page 90 Ken is a writer, retired academic, book critic and photographer. He has won various literary awards (sadly, none for cooking or photography). He recently spent three weeks driving 6 000 kilometres in the company of good friends from Cape Town to the Zambezi Region (previously named the Caprivi Strip), and the article he wrote for us is a reflection of the wetter part of it. Karl Beath Southern Drakensberg, page 84 Karl has been shooting mountain scenery since about 1991 when the Berg bug first bit. Since then, he has traversed much of it, chasing the dragon’s tail in search of good light and new trails. Last summer, he focused on the tarns (small lakes) of the Southern Drakensberg. He also met some strange and beautiful critters on the…

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all roads lead to home

The first time I ever travelled abroad was in my late 20s and my destination, oddly, was northern Europe. This was not intentional. I would rather have gone to France or Italy but I’d met a Danish boy who invited me, and beggars can’t be choosers. I had no expectations other than the firmly held conviction that everything in the mythical ‘overseas’ would be better. This was before the days of #ProudlySouthAfrican and #AfricaThisIsWhyILiveHere, and most of the country was still in the grip of a deep-seated inferiority complex. Back then, we had no reason to believe we were interesting. Plus, everything cool we saw and heard and watched on TV was foreign, confirming our innate unworthiness. My visit somehow turned into an eight-year stay – again, not on purpose – but…

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In the story ‘A Walk on Central Hill’ (September 2018), it mentions ‘Pollock Beach, named in honour of the city’s most famous cricketing family’. Jonker Fourie set us straight: ‘It is meant to be spelled Pollok, without the ‘c’, so it definitely wasn’t named after Graham Pollock. According to Millers Local blog, the beach was named after the Pollok Hotel. It later became the Summerstrand Hotel, which was demolished and made way for Summerseas [apartment complex]. The original building dated back to the 1890s, when the dunes were reclaimed and the land allocated for a hotel. It was built by a guy called Pollok, who came from Scotland and named the hotel after himself. So there you go – now you know.’ – Thanks, Jonker.…

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what’s your favourite south african coastal town?

Durban. For the vibrant multicultural atmosphere and beachfront. And you can swim most of the year. – Denise Carrick Pennington. It’s friendly and fun and warm for most of the year. The winter months are the best for whale watching, dolphins, the Sardine Run and diving with sharks. – Rosemarie Solomon Simon’s Town – charming village atmosphere and penguins! – Patrick Mann Sedgefield, the Slow Town. Lovely atmosphere, excellent beaches, no crowds, great weather! – Francois van Wyk Cape Town. It looks beautiful and I would love to visit someday. – Denise Nair Naidoo…

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when the steaks are high

The first night I was unprepared and, as a result, I lost a slice of onion. Night two, however, would be different – now I was ready … until I turned my back to check on the fire and heard my cutlery flying around and Bushbaby Bandit dragging my porterhouse steak away. The chase was on and the little skelm got about seven metres before I stopped grabbing fresh air and actually got the other end of the steak, at which point he let go and fled up the fence. I washed off the bushbaby seasoning (dirt) and threw the steak on the fire, while my new friend climbed down from the fence and licked up the blood trail from the crime scene. Over the next few nights, I learnt his MO…