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Getaway October 2019

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For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

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are we loving places to death?

For many of us, travel is a passion, a defining activity. We can’t get enough of it. But are there too many of us? And are we damaging the places we love? While this month’s new-look Getaway focuses on the future of travel, we also need to be mindful of the consequences of overtourism. The UN’s World Tourism Organisation records that there were 1,4 billion international tourist arrivals around the world last year, a figure that is expected to grow by 6% annually. This escalation is due to a host of factors. The rapid growth of an affluent middle class (particularly in China), bucket-shop airlines, the booming cruise-liner industry and the popularity of ‘Instaworthy’ sites has resulted in certain destinations being overrun. In addition, Airbnb and similar online-accommodation portals have meant increased…

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LOUISE TOPPING & ACHMAT BOOLEY Getaway Studio Louise and Achmat have spent the last few months immersed in the adventure of redesigning the magazine – reams of paper plastered over the walls and late nights galore. Emerging just before print deadline, they found themselves (if prematurely) looking forward to 2020 and to a more out-of-office experience. CHRIS DAVIES Chris discovered Botswana relatively late in life, on an idyllic Moremi road trip with an old school friend. In the last seven years, he’s returned as often as he can, including six weeks of touring almost every campsite in the Kalahari and writing a 4x4 guide for Getaway. Until February 2019, however, he’d never visited in summer – and now considers the glorious green season Botswana’s most beautiful time of year. DON PINNOCK Don is an investigative…

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social media

WE ASKED: What is your must-have travel tech? Can’t leave without a camera! Kirsti Chambers Headlamp. Riaan Boshoff A 12V cellphone charger, 12V mattress pump, the Otocyon reporting tool and Latest Sightings app. Simon Botes Design and colouring apps for long waits. And definitely a powerbank. Saara Mowlana I keep a survival-guide app with first-aid tips on my phone. It has an ‘offline’ mode. Also headphones for my music, podcasts and audiobooks. Sa’eed Masoet As long as I have my toothbrush I’m sorted! Dwayne Gonsalves…

3 min.

SURFIN’ RSA I’ve come into a bit of dosh recently, what with my mom having passed on. So me and Shaz decided to do a bit of a road-trip ‘surfari’ up the coast. Board, wetsuit, rod and beach toys in the back, despite Shaz’s whingeing. And I thought, ’cos my high-school English teacher Mister ‘Dork’ Collins used to tune me I had a ‘way with words’ (mostly the wrong way, he said, but never mind) that I’d write to the Getaway mag and give you okes updates, regularly-ish. So this is numero uno. I said cheers to my surf chinas, packed the Kombi, and we headed out of Kommetjie, round False Bay. The sea was flat as a pancake so no chance of a goef at Kalk Bay reef or Muizies. Nor…

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winning letter

SCOOTING SAFARI In July 1959, my friend Bernie ‘Jinja’ Jarmaine and I decided to ride to then-Rhodesia on two Vespa 150cc Grand Sport scooters (pictured right). For the trip, I sprayed mine turquoise and Bernie made his lilac – the colours stood out wherever we went. We left Cape Town on a Saturday at 1pm, reaching Beaufort West by evening and sleeping in a culvert outside the town – what a cold night that was. Three days later we crossed the border at Beitbridge and stayed over at Peters Motel. Four-and-a-half days later we were in Salisbury (now Harare), at my aunt’s house, and being entertained by members of the local Vespa Club. Bernie and I ventured on to Kariba to witness the last coffer dam being blown up, and spent a lovely…

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five-star climate crisis

It was the hottest day in the history of Paris, and I wasn’t bothered and nor was anyone around me. Paris is a terrible place to be in a heatwave. The French have a weird attitude about everything, and especially climate control. They don’t like it. They fear it. They would rather give directions in English to a tourist than turn on an air conditioner or an electric fan. It’s not the energy consumption or the environmental impact that bothers them – it’s the draught. The French are convinced they can survive anything – Nazi occupations, garlic shortages, the price of a beer in a cafe in the Place des Vosges (Є11) – except the sensation of moving air on their skin. Those chic Parisians in Hermès scarves and cravats? They…