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we’re not in california anymore

It was our last evening in Grootvadersbosch Conservancy. My wife and I had hiked the forest trails and twitched hard enough to bag a couple of lifers – a black saw-wing and a grey cuckooshrike – but we were still on the hunt for one elusive entity, and after chasing its spectre over hill and dale, between towering yellow-woods and luscious ferns, there it was in the sky, the thing that would make the trip complete: a phone signal. I bought my first iPhone in 2009. Things have escalated since then. Being a pre-millennial with a career in media, I ʼ m an internet target as big as a barn door. My influencer status is poor to middling despite following all the tips and timing my posts for optimal traffic. Now…

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Ryan Enslin ANTIQUE STREET An accountant by training, a writer and content creator at heart and, by day, an avid explorer and traveller, Ryan sleeps with the proverbial fully packed camera bag by his side. Based in Joburg, but ever the global communitarian, digital storytelling flows through his veins as he spends his days connecting with people, seeking to unlock their essence in the content he creates. Writing as his alter ego My Lime Boots on his digital platforms, Ryan is a proponent for responsible tourism and the restorative opportunities it affords. This passionate Joburger heads out on an urban safari looking for some rare gems in his hometown. Follow him @mylimeboots Sarah Kindgdom NORTH LUANGWA Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Sarah ʼ s first African encounter was a family safari to Zimbabwe in her…

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wow factors

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY 1 April 1984 - American singer Marvin Gaye was shot and killed in Los Angeles, by his father. 4 April 1975 - Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, was founded. 6 April 1896 - The Olympic games were revived with the first ‘modern’ games held in Athens. 23 April 1616 - The world’s most renowned playwright, William Shakespeare, died. 26 April 1986 - An explosion at Chernobyl nuclear power plant occured in the Ukraine, releasing large amounts of deadly radioactive material into the atmosphere. The practice of giving painted eggs as gifts goes back a very long time. One of the earliest examples of this is from 1290, when King Edward I ordered 450 eggs to be dyed or covered in gold leaf, as gifts to the royal retinue. The world’s most opulent…

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news: dogs have more sense/s

As well as being loyal and protective, man’s best friend has a superior sense of smell and hearing. Now, a recent discovery by scientists at Sweden’s Lund University and Hungary’s Eotvos Lorand University, found that dogs also have another sense: the ability to sense heat. In a study published by Scientific Reports, scientists describe how dogs react to objects that are warmer than their surroundings. They found that the wet skin at the tip of a dog’s nose, which is full of nerve endings, works as an infrared sensor. The discovery of this new sense gives a better understanding of how certain predators, such as wolves, detect their prey when their other senses are hindered. PHOTOGRAPHY GALLO/ GETTYIMAGES; ILLUSTRATIONS JESS NICHOLSON…

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what’s on this month

LEGEND RUNNER EASTER RUN 3 April A fun in the sun family run, this obstacle race in Cape Agulhas takes you around the southernmost tip of Africa. Start off with a colour bomb, try and get over inflatable obstacles and enjoy some of the most beautiful views around. ST PETERSBURG BALLET THEATRE’S PRODUCTION OF SWAN LAKE 7–18 April St Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s new season of Swan Lake is back. Catch it at the Teatro at Montecasino, from Wednesday 7 April 2021. SAVANNA ORIGIN OF TRAILS TRAIL RUN EXPERIENCE 24–25 April This two-day event allows trail runners to experience all the beauty Stellenbosch has to offer, from picturesque vineyard trails to unspoiled nature reserves. Onlookers can enjoy live music, food and drinks at the Race Village. FEDHEALTH PLATINUM TRAIL RUN Register between 01 April and 31 May Celebrating its…

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post winning letter

A Bainskloof ambush My brother Peter went for an early morning swim in the tea-coloured waters of a Bainskloof rock pool when he saw a frog on the water ʼ s edge. As he took a snap of the frog with his phone, he saw a tiny snake slither into the water and ambush the frog from behind, grabbing its right back leg then wrestling it into submission. The whole action unfolded over an hour, much to the fascination of the awed onlookers as this real-life drama played out. Royston Lamond, Claremont Getaway nostalgia Howdy! My partner Cheryl and I frequently self-drive in Africa (except for this year). With some quiet time on our hands, I am now editing old travel photos. Here is an oldie from our 100-day safari in 2004. Jim Tamarack, Savannah,…