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South Africa
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beyond the gates

The Kruger Rush occurs just before sundown as cars head for the gates before they close – the same time predators awaken, so sightings are more frequent and traffic jams more likely. On a trip in the south of the park last year, my family and I had 45 minutes to reach Crocodile Bridge Gate before it closed. It was ample time, so we dawdled along admiring a few elephants browsing near the road. Then we caught the tail-end of a snarl-up that would baffle the slipperiest of taxi drivers. Suddenly, reaching that gate was a long shot. I ʼ d been fined previously for missing a gate time but there was simply no way forward. All we could see was a river of cars leading to a large camper van, perpendicular…

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Lauren Dold GREATER KRUGER Originally from Hoedspruit, Lauren grew up with the Greater Kruger on her doorstep. After a few years away at varsity in Stellenbosch, and a brief stint at Getaway HQ in Cape Town, she ʼ s found herself back in the bush, reconnecting with the people and places of her childhood. She recently spent a few happy weeks being shown round her ʻ neighbourhood ʼ by expert guides and trackers, sleeping in tents, suites and luxurious chalets, and sipping sundowners all in the name of ʻ research ʼ . Justin Fox TOKYO In the far-flung Land of the Rising Sun, our former editor, Justin Fox, joined a hike from Kyoto to Tokyo, then added a few days to the trip to soak up the atmosphere of a city in full-scale preparation for…

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big picture

Grand Entrance Wolfberg Arch in the Cederberg Mountains was sculpted over aeons by wind erosion. The geology of the area was formed 600-700 million years ago, and the reddish colour is a result of minerals like iron and manganese – and of course, sunrises. The round trip to the arch can be completed in about seven to eight hours on a trail starting at Sanddrif Farm. Hikers are free to spend the night here to enjoy spectacular scenes like this the next morning. Tip: head out early in summer to avoid the heat.…

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this day in history

May 5, 1862 Mexico beats back Napoleon’s French forces at the Battle of Puebla. The victory is still commemorated today, and is known as Cinco de Mayo. May 10, 1994 Nelson Mandela, after being jailed for 27 years, is inaugurated as South Africa’s democratic president. May 18, 1804 Napoleon became Emperor of France. During the coronation ceremony, he took the crown from Pope Pius VII and crowned himself. May 20, 1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She started her journey in Canada at 7pm and landed in Ireland 13 hours later. Five years after this flight, she went missing during an attempt to circumnavigate the globe. May 30, 1431 Joan of Arc was charged with witchcraft and heresy, and burnt at the stake. This was after…

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what’s on this month

THE WINE SHOW 6–8 May The Tops Wine Show is back. The tour kicks off in Durban, where participants get to sample the best wines the country has to offer under one roof. CONSERVATION PARTICIPATION EXPERIENCES 7–9 May Help save the rhinos while guesting at Lapalala Wilderness Nature Reserve. Rhinos will be darted and immobilised, allowing participants to assist with monitoring the captured animals. Once immobilised, the veterinary staff will be collecting the rhino DNA and storing it on the Rhino DNA Indexing System (RhODIS), in a bid to save the creatures from extinction. gamelodge CAPE TOWN ART FAIR 21–23 May Showcasing contemporary art sourced from all over the world, the Cape Town Art Fair is the biggest of its kind in Africa. Artists, curators, collectors and galleries from across the globe flock to the fair…

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wow factors

MOTHERS DAY EDITION Every year in May, millions across the globe take time to celebrate their mothers, or those who play a mothering role in their lives. Here are a few facts about this very special day: The original flower of choice for Mother’s Day was the WHITE CARNATION, which is now mostly used to celebrate mother figures who have passed on. Before the advent of Mother’s Day, those in Britain celebrated Mothering Sunday. Observed on the FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT, the day became popular in the middle ages and allowed children who had left home to work, to return to their homes to see their mothers. Mother’s Day has many forms across the globe. In some monarchical countries, for instance, the day is celebrated on their queen’s birthday. In Thailand Mother’s Day is celebrated…