Getaway December 2017

For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

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a good traveller chooses the right tools

My father’s binoculars were Atlases from Japan. They were big and black and heavy, 10x50, and they sat on top of a book shelf of weighty tomes that had changed the world. The binocs changed the world, too. In the distance, what seemed like a rock in the veld would be revealed as a stately kudu with a splendid crown of horns, an African paradise flycatcher would turn into a punk teenager with iridescent blue eyeliner and lipstick. We’d sit on the stoep for hours to watch the soapie of puffed up, acid-yellow male weavers sweat over intricate nests, only to have the females inspect them and turn their backs with cool indifference. I loved the feel of the binocular’s heavy body in my hands, and the magic of life it…

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5 things to look out for this december issue

GO HERE FOR A LAUGH Start off this issue with a giggle. Turn to page 56 and look at entries for the Wildlife Comedy Awards. You won’t regret it. 50 SUMMER BOOSTERS If you’re anything like me, holidays come around and any ideas of what to fill my days with fly out my head. Well, here are 50 great ones. See page 70. NAMIBIAN DREAM The Tok Tokkie trail is not new, but it’s such an incredible, and affordable, experience that we wanted to remind you of the magic that it offers. See page 62. SIMON’S TOWN This is simply one of the most terrific holiday destinations if you’re in, or visiting, the Western Cape. Go on, treat yourself to one of these seaside houses (page 44). LOOK OUT FOR THE GOOD-VALUE STAR Each issue of Getaway has several…

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Nick Dall Peru, page 86 Run-ins with stingrays and flesh-eating parasites, pickpockets and undercooked udders have done nothing to dampen Nick’s 12-year love affair with South America. In fact, they’re precisely why he’s so obsessed with the place. It follows that when he was invited, entirely out of the blue, to hike a remote section of Peru’s ancient Inca highway there was only ever going to be one response. Welcome Lishivha Jazz in Joburg, page 139 Welcome needs no reason or occasion to dance (he’s convinced that in his past life he was the lead dancer in some or other iconic band). In the office, he’s that person who’s always bobbing his head, swirling his chair or singing under his breath. When he’s not doing that, he’s soliciting playlist suggestions for his next road trip.…

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pass the nightmarish noel nuts

‘I don’t mind spending Christmas on my own,’ I said. ‘Honestly, I don’t.’ I wasn’t lying. One of the very reasons I was in Boston over Christmas was that I knew no one there and wouldn’t have to buy anyone presents or make dutiful visits or eat a gloomy lunch while scrutinising distant relatives, fearful of discovering that I resembled them in some way. I was looking forward to spending the day alone with a pizza and a carton of eggnog, watching the first two Godfather movies. But then, on 23 December, I made the fatal mistake of dropping by to pay my respects to an old school friend of my mother’s. I had never met Sal before but she was a strange, blue-haired old buzzard who wore a knitted multicoloured Peruvian…

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from facebook

I had mopane worms in Zim (trying to outdo the foreigners!) and buffalo bolognese on the iMfolozi wilderness walk. – Simone Du Plessis Bom-Schweimer Lobster and prawns, the size of my hand, at The Rock in Zanzibar. And the freshest fish at the beach café in Plettenberg Bay. – Nini Sibiya Traditional Russian meals eaten in cosy kitchens – whether in dachas or Communist apartment blocks – during an icy Siberian winter. The hospitality, generosity and warmth of the hosts made every single meal the best and most memorable ever. – Adele Steenkamp The first time I ate goat was at the Halley Hotel in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. It was so tasty I was convinced it was lamb. Of course, we also had lobster and prawns ... all the good sea stuff. Later I…

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Small things burnish Copperton I used to dread the long road trip with my dad to Copperton in the Northern Cape. Maybe it was because I was young and the 880 kilometres from Cape Town felt so long. ‘Such a waste of time on the road,’ I used to think. I would spend it either sleeping or reading a book. There used to be nothing but dry hay for kilometres along this road, but it has become like a ribbon passing through patches of green, laced with patches of dry land. Suddenly, there is a giraffe standing next to the road. We stop and get out of the car to look at this beautiful animal. I haven’t seen one for ages. We see a tortoise making its way across the road and…