Getaway February 2018

For more than 25 years, Getaway Magazine has been inspiring people to explore and experience Africa. Enjoy weekends, wildlife and wonderment every month with Getaway's fun and informative articles and breathtaking travel photography. Expect a mix of all the very best places to go and things to do in Africa.

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get a life. a lovely, stress-free one

Last year my friend, writer Helen Walne, began an interesting journey some of you might have read a bit about: she immersed herself in the sea and has been in a state of bliss ever since. Being underwater makes her feel, she says, ‘as though I’ve entered a magical world where everything is silent and suspended in shafts of light. It allows me to escape the noise and clutter of the human world and witness another that is so foreign to us that, with its colours and textures and creatures, feels transcendent… And afterwards, it makes the world feel like a gentler place.’ The Japanese have a forest equivalent to being underwater. They call it shinrin-yoku, forest bathing. Jess Nicholson mentions it in her story ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ on page…

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4 things to look out for this february issue

TENTED CAMPS There’s nothing quite as thrilling as being woken up in the night by the sound of munching in your ear, and yet knowing that you’re safe. And you can’t beat a glamorous tent for romance either. Here are 12 (page 58). A NEW WORLD OF WINE South Africans are good at their wine – and there can never be enough of it. So we were thrilled to discover that there’s a new destination for vineyards we need to put on the map: Jacobsdal in the Free State (page 107). PORTFOLIO: GARDEN BIRDS Adam Welz’s brilliant shots of birds in his neighbourhood might encourage you to spend some time practising photography in your own space (page 52). THE GOOD-VALUE STAR Each issue of Getaway has several inexpensive accommodation options for under R550 pp (some for less)…

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Kati Auld Lisbon, page 86 Kati is a writer and pastry enthusiast with a ukulele, size 7 feet and absolutely no sense of direction. She’s not particularly objective about Lisbon, having fallen in love with it before arriving – but she’s fairly certain that anyone with good taste will feel the same way. Read why it’s the perfect place to have a proper holiday. Jess Nicholson Northern KZN, page 68 Always up for an adventure, whether in the heights of SkyRun or the depths of the Nkandla forest, Jess brings her love of literature, being in water and apprehending the vagaries of the human condition to every story. Many people say she would shine on stage but for now she is happy to do so (or report on it) from behind the keyboard – or…

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news from afar

The call came as I walked back from the beach, pushing a bicycle I’d rented for the week. I was on a narrow strip of road with long grass growing on the edges, and on my left was a rice paddy and a water buffalo and beyond it a small house with red walls. When I go away I tell my family not to call should anything bad happen at home. Some people want to know the moment bad things happen but I do not. When I was nine my father died at 3am and the hospital called my mother. I remember lying in bed listening to my mother’s voice on the telephone, then listening to her cry. I didn’t understand why they didn’t wait for the sun and give her…

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we asked: what’s your golden rule when camping?

Never start drinking before the tent is erected! – David Cameron Always save up enough money to get a chalet. – Kyle Brown Don’t set up your tent under a tree where baboons are roosting. Don’t play music in campsites in national parks. Be friendly with other tourists, pass on sightings. Give wildlife space, even if it means possibly losing a spectacular photo. Keep the passion. – Cindy Hauert Arrive in time with enough daylight to set up properly. – Timothy Cross Take as many home comforts as you can and buy a tent that you can stand up in. – Kevin Stead Rule 1: always have enough cold beers (nothing will bug you). Rule 2: if something does bug you revert back to Rule 1. – Jono Trethewey Leave the place tidier than how you…

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Head over heels about mountains and hiking I had always liked the idea of hiking but had never made arrangements to go. The thing is, I live in Jozi where there are no mountains. Add to that the fact that my friends weren’t very interested in hiking, so that proved to be a challenge. But I figured a girl can maak ‘n plan. I vowed to myself not to spend New Year’s Eve in South Africa for the next couple of years after plans with a friend of mine fell through at 8pm on New Year’s Eve while I was in my car, make-up and all. It was after that moment that the overachiever in me wanted a big challenge. I boldly declared (and started making logistical preparations) to head to Swaziland…