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Girl Power August 2016

Girl Power is the must read magazine within the 7 - 13 year old tween girls set. Girl Power is about being everything a girl wants and needs in one magazine. There is celebrity gossip, fashion, music, movies gaming and cool DIY guides.

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“ where words fail, music speaks. ”

I love this Hans Christian Andersen quote (and yes if you’re a regular GP reader you’ll know I have a lot of favourite quotes that I often start the mag with) because I feel this is something most of us can relate to. Music can convey emotions that can be impossible to put into words, and talented lyricists like Ed Sheeran often put the perfect words together that somehow capture so elegantly those feelings that most of us struggle to translate. For me, a perfect song has the right balance of beautiful heartfelt lyrics and an equally beautiful melody, and I am no songwriter but I am pretty sure that’s a difficult thing to accomplish. With that in mind we called our good friends and talented trio In Stereo into…

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hot spot

LIFE! SOCCER BALL BEAN BAG $49.95 We don’t recommend that you try and kick this giant soccer ball bean bag but we do think it’s the perfect thing to chill out on. Just don’t be surprised if you have to fight the rest of your family to use it – it’s pretty awesome! SHAPES $2.99 Can you believe that Shapes have been around for 46 years? Now this iconic Aussie snack has been overhauled, baking its flavour into the centre to give it a new flavour hit. The new look range also includes three different flavours – Roast Chicken, the limited edition Hot Dog exclusive to Coles and Salt & Vinegar exclusive to Woolworths! Available at: National supermarkets THE WOODEN CIRCLE BENTWOOD RINGS $105 - $499 The Wooden Circle are an Aussie jewellery label who are paying homage…

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bu day

Now in its third year, BU Day is a special one-day event for girls aged 11-17 with the goal of helping you feel empowered, educated and supported while dealing with the challenges of being a teenager today. Many young people today suffer from low self esteem and anxiety, and founder of the event, Marina Passalaris says, “Our teenage girls need increasingly more support than they did 20 years ago. The rise of social media, the accessibility of mobile phones, the huge advances in technology and the ever changing ways of accessing dangerous information is impacting the safety and mental health of our teenage girls.” BU Day 2016 is happening at Monkey Baa Theatre, Darling Quarter in Sydney on July 31 and will be hosted by Neighbours star Andrew Morley. As well…

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miss music city

If Maren Morris isn’t a name you know, you might want to change that, stat! This Dallas native is absolutely blowing up in the States and is set on world domination. If her new album HERO is anything to go by, she’ll be the queen of country in a cowboy boot heel click. Just don’t go calling Maren an overnight success because this singer-songwriter has been in the music making game for over 10 years. Her sights were set on first and foremost being a writer, not an artist, though it seems Maren’s career was destined for the stars. After moving to Nashville, Maren poured her heart and soul into her new album HERO, which is already jam packed with radio hits including “My Church”, “80’s Mercedes” and her super…

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the vogue café

You’ll never settle for a plain old milkshake ever again once you’ve witnessed the decadent shakes on offer at The Vogue Café. The Sydney based and family-owned café has been around for years, carefully and craftily building up their reputation as the ultimate milkshake masters. While they may offer delicious meals too, it’s their literally “over-the-top” shakes that have customers returning and happily sipping away on the unbeatable treats. Now, the makers want you to get in on the fun and recreate their shakes in a new book, Decadent Shakes. Be inspired to make deliciously decadent shakes for your friends and family with a fun mix of cookies, waffles, Smarties, lollies and more (don’t worry, there are dairy-free options too)! Owners and milkshake makers Matthew, Sarah and Brendan are showing…

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slime of her life

As well as being a host, I’m an actor and filmmaker. My favourite genres are comedy, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. I grew up dancing, singing and acting, so I’m the LOUDEST person in the room but I usually blame this fact on being a Sagittarius! I recently played Mandy on Neighbours and I’m about to spend the next few months rehearsing and performing a play, acting alongside Chloe Bayliss and Marta Dusseldorp. I have really eclectic taste and it sometimes confuses people. I love dance, fast cars, good comedy, playing with my dog Sunday and listening to really old music. I am currently obsessed with Snapchat (you should follow Nickelodeon – nickelodeon_au), I can walk through my arms like a skipping rope, I’m an only child, I don’t like the feeling…