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Girl Power March 2016

Girl Power is the must read magazine within the 7 - 13 year old tween girls set. Girl Power is about being everything a girl wants and needs in one magazine. There is celebrity gossip, fashion, music, movies gaming and cool DIY guides.

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dear girl powerettes

Hi, it’s so great to see you! Ok let’s get it out there and accept that it’s time to go back to school. While it might be sad that holidays have come to an end, just think of all the great things about being back in the classroom. Of course catching up with your besties is fantastic but it’s also exciting to think about all the new things you’ll learn this year. To make going back to school a little bit easier we have a great mini mag filled with things to help you enjoy your school days. Micaela xxx Say goodbye to dry and dull skin with the delicious 2-in-1 exfoliating Sugar Scrubs by Soda & Co! They come in three scents – Mint Burst, Orange Splash and Pink Lemonade that…

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OUR FEED THIS MONTH Hi GP, My name is Aymee. I am nine years old and I am in third grade. I love Whoops Corner and all the comps. My fave celebs are 1D, 5SOS, Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. Their music is so great to listen to. I love reading, dancing, singing, gymnastics, acting and playing netball. I especially like maths. I was in the top 10% of Australia in the UNSW maths test. Keep up the fantastic work! – Aymee Hey GP, My name is Minka and I’m 11 years old. I really, really love your mags. I have read them for years and my fave part is Whoops Corner; that’s really funny! I like the spend my spare time calling friends and hanging out with them. My fave celebs are 1D…

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it's in the stars

PISCES Feb 20 – Mar 20 It’s time to celebrate, birthday girl! You will have nothing but good vibes around you this month, so use this positive energy to start the new school year with a bang. Get yourself into fun and healthy new habits, like starting a new sport, taking up a new hobby or eating less junk food… but don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then, especially on your birthday! FRIENDS: Your confidence is sky high, so it’s the perfect time to expand your social circle with new friends! SCHOOL: Let your creative spark ignite in music, art, dance and drama classes. TIP OF THE MONTH: Reflect on your goals for this school year and how you can achieve them. BIRTHSTONE: Aquamarine ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 20 This month is all about new beginnings,…

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hot spot # trending

EGG-CITED FOR EASTER Dig out your pastel colours and prepare to treat yourself with more chocolate than usual ‘cos Easter is just around the corner! Easter Sunday is March 27 and we’re pumped for all the cool things you can do during this time of the year – themed baking and crafts, chocolate egg hunts, munching on hot cross buns, going to the Easter show... the possibilities are endless! Taking care of our skin It’s important to take care of our skin, especially as we are growing. Girl Lane is a brand specifically designed for young skin and has all different products in their skincare, bodycare and haircare ranges. Our top picks are the Gentle Cleansing Wipes, Intensive Hydration Mist, Moisturising Body Lotion and Hair Sparkle Shine. The Girl Lane range is exclusive…

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schoolyard styling

CELEBSPIRATION First Lady Michelle Obama recently gave a speech to an audience of 1,000 girls at Glamour Magazine’s “The Power of an Educated Girl” panel and it was beyond inspiring! Considering she’s a Harvard-educated lawyer and mum of two teen girls, we think Michelle has more than enough smarts and life experience to speak freely on the topic! With her main message empowering girls to do their best without letting boys at their school get them down, Michelle advised, “Compete with the boys. Beat the boys. There is no boy, at this age, that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education.” Books over boys? We’re in. WORDS OF WISDOM “EDUCATION IS THE PATH TO THE FUTURE. I BELIEVE THAT EDUCATION IS INDEED, FREEDOM.” Oprah HAIR TUTORIAL Re-create Maddie Ziegler’s pretty…

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the big screen

ZOOTOPIA OUT MARCH 17 Welcome to Zootopia, where animals walk, talk, go to work and wear pants. It’s a place like no other where there is a melting pot of animals from all walks and crawls of life from the largest elephant to the smallest shrew! When an optimistic police officer bunny comes to town trying to crack a case, she’ll need the help of an unlikely friend – a scam-artist fox! THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE OUT MAY 12 Eva Bella Star Spotlight WHO IS SHE? This Nebraskan native has been acting since she was just six years old and is making quite a name for herself in the voice-acting community in Hollywood! WHERE HAVE I SEEN HER BEFORE? Eva has starred in hit TV shows like Parenthood Sam & Cat but it’s more likely you’ve heard…