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Girlfriend is Australia's best teen girls magazine. It is independent, smart, a little bit naughty and pretty damn cool. It is familiar, comfortable and trusted like a good friend but it also likes to shock you with its honesty, surprise you with its innovation, engage you with its quality and impress you with its creativity. Girlfriend is confident, fun, loud, and pretty. She's the leader, the trouble-maker, she tells it like it is, she's the one that can make anything happen. She's the kind of girl that everyone teenager wants to be.

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We all have that one celeb we’re a liiiiiitle too obsessed with. You know, the one you’ve got post notifications switched on for and can name their favourite food, birth date and star sign without hesitation. Sound familiar? For our designer Anna that’s none other than our adorable coverboy Noah Centineo. His face covers every inch of her desk and she’s watched TATBILB about 97 times – but who hasn’t!? So she was the unofficial fact checker on all the juicy details you’ll find about Netflix’s reigning boyfriend on page 12. And she took great pleasure in helping our creative director Channie choose the most swooneworthy photos to use – it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it! In fact, the whole team did our fair share of swooning over celeb…

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BEAUTY HEAVEN Beauty festival MECCALAND went down in May and Alex was lucky enough to attend, for which she felt truly #blessed. There was a mini ferris wheel, spinning teacups, swings and glittery donuts as well as heaps of beauty babes including Isle of Paradise fake tan creator Jules Von Hep (right). It was mind-blowing. ON REPEAT Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. We’ve been hooked on T-Swift’s new track and we’ve had it on repeat for weeks. We’ve also been following all of the Easter eggs she’s been leaving for fans and spent way too much time trying to crack them all. Obsessed is an understatement. DREAM BESTIES Working at GF means we’re constantly reading, writing and thinking about celebs! And because of this, we’ve had sooo many convos about which celebrity we’d want to have as…

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the edit

DOUBLE DUTY While having stacks of beauty products is pretty damn dreamy, we also love makeup and skincare that can be multi-use because we can’t always use 15 products every day. This pawpaw cream is taken to the next level thanks to the pigmented colour, which is a pretty peach shade – apply to your lips and cheeks for a natural but elevated look. This little pot of goodness can be used for practically anything! Use this balm as a nourishing lip balm or as a moisturiser for super dry skin – it’s especially good on areas like your cuticles, heels and elbows. It’s also great for taming bushy brows and applying under makeup to give you a glow. Nudestix has streamlined makeup with its handy little crayons and this one is great. Use…

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astro guide

CANCER June 22 – July 22 In early July, you’ll find out that someone has been talking trash about you and you’ll need to do some damage control to overcome the BS. Don’t worry, Cancerian, the truth always wins. And if Venus’ forthcoming movements tell us anything, it’s that you’ll be swimming in support by August. The group chat’s got your back, girl. Your caring and nurturing energy will serve you well as a teacher, therapist or nanny. LEO July 23 – Aug 23 Expect a shake-up at your school or work this July, maybe a change in teachers or a new co-worker, but we promise that they’ll be happy adjustments. Venus in your sign on August 21 brings with it an opportunity that’ll look sick on your resume and/or on your Insta. You just lurve the…

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noah centineo

There’s no denying that August 17, 2018, was the day our worlds changed forever. While Noah Centineo had been a hustling actor for a few years, it was the release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on this very date that changed his life – and ours! Literally overnight, Noah went from little-known actor to our reigning Netflix boyfriend, breaking Instagram records by gaining one million followers in 24 hours. NBD, right? This life-changing role was of course total sweetheart Peter Kavinsky. And it wasn’t just us who fell for Noah – those on the set of TATBILB also fell under his irresistible charm (they’re only human, right?). “He’s just charming. He can’t not be charming,” said To All the Boys director, Susan Johnson. “He’s more than just the…

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10 reasons we love noah

1 HUGE-HEARTED HOTTIE Noah has a huge heart and he supports many different charities. He even auctioned himself off to go on a sunset hike and picnic with a fan, with the proceeds going to two charities that are close to his heart. The first charity is Project Kazuri, which supports children living in the slums of Nairobi, and the second is The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation, which is working to cure NMO, a rare disease that can cause blindness and paralysis. 2 HIS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Noah is pretty active on social media and his content is cute and interesting. But he has a really healthy outlook on using this technology and he makes sure he spends time away from his phone. “At the gym I don’t touch my…