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Good Issue 65 2018

Good is the magazine for people who think and care about the everyday choices they make. Good is filled with inspirational stories, world-changing ideas and practical, down-to-earth advice on what to eat, grow, wear and more. Good is all about making better choices for your home, health, family and the community around you. It celebrates handcrafted, natural and simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with things that really matter.

New Zealand
Tangible Media Limited
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1 min.

@passion_junkie @sallymareehetherington @morgancheeses Justine Jamieson Introducing Good magazine’s new commercial manager Justine Jamieson. Justine has come from a broad media background. She’s trained in holistic healing modalities and often runs shamanic journey meditations. When she’s not at work you’ll find her either meditating, writing, sipping tea with friends, dancing, in the ocean or on a mountain. She cares deeply about people and the planet, and does everything she can to help meaningful businesses thrive. Morgan McGlynn From a young age Morgan’s parents would take her to their local cheese shop in Muswell Hill, London. Little did she know cheese would one day become a major part of her life. Now she owns a cheese shop and is author of The Modern Cheesemaker, a must-have for all cheese lovers. It covers everything from cheesemaking, cheesemonger tips, recipes,…

1 min.

Editor Carolyn Enting Digital editor Lara Wyatt Art director Lisa Lodge Designer Conor Fox Content producer Emily Bell CONTRIBUTORS Elin Matilda Andersson, John Berry, Nikki Birrell, Helen Bankers, Dr Alice Boyes, Miranda Brown, Eric Bryan, Naomi Bulger, Andrew Coffey, Kevin Courtney, Kahu de Beer, Layla Doyle, Weronika Elantkowska, Mowie Kay, Kathy Kordalis, Cola Larcombe, Louis Lemaire, Romford Scout Lillas, Aimee Magne, Kayla Greenville, Tenielle Gillies, Rachel Grunwell, Sarah Heeringa, Sally Hetherington, Danica Joy, Daniel Kemp, Morgan McGlynn, Sophie Merkens, Lindsay Miles, Leanne Moore, Renee Murphy, Damien Nikora, Jamie Orlando Smith, Ngaio Parr, Emma Peters, Janneke Peters, Amanda Reelick, Bethany Rogers, Amy Stewart, Joelle Thomson, Makayla Wallace-Tidd, Halley Trazo, Ben Warren. ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONS Commercial manager Justine Jamieson +64 27 529 1529 justine@good.net.nz Retail/subscriptions manager Monique Bulman Distribution coordinator Dulani Rupasinghe Events producer Emily Harrison Design director Sacha Wackrow Distribution Ovato Retail Distribution NZ ICG Print David…

2 min.
building lightbulb moments

Don’t know about you, but when I have a lightbulb moment, i.e, when a new idea strikes or something puzzling suddenly becomes clear, feelings of excitement or creativity or the satisfaction of those ‘aha’ moments wash across my consciousness. More often than not these moments occur when I’m having a shower or, as writer Naomi Bulger describes in her story on page 28, “elbows deep in a repetitive painting project or digging in the garden”. Bulger’s feature, ‘White Space’, examines why, when it comes to creative ideas, the brain needs to stop in order to spark. Which is often why we think of our best ideas when our minds begin to drift. Bulger has some great tips and exercises for creating what she calls ‘white space’, necessary, she says, “because never in…

3 min.
your feedback

@thelittlecontentco @consciousnessnz @hellee_dee I only recently found Good magazine (at the Go Green Expo in Christchurch) and I have to say it is transforming the way I see and think about the world we live in. Your magazine is building my understanding of how we can practically influence the future of our planet by raising awareness and encouraging a different way of thinking; making better, sustainable choices today. But the reason I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case) is to thank you for the most amazing life tip in “LIfe hacks & facts” (issue 62), which has transformed our household – putting jars/candle holders in the freezer to remove the old wax! I tested this tip immediately and it works like a charm. Ngā mihi nui. Amanda Derry Your…

10 min.
good stuff

allbirds.co.nz Makes you feel like dancing Tree Breezers are Allbird’s newest innovation and a refreshing new take on the ballet flat. Made from FSC-certified tree material with sugarcane-derived SweetFoamTM soles they are comfortable enough to actually dance in. In other Allbirds news, the sustainable footwear brand is opening its first New Zealand store in Britomart, Auckland in August. earthfriendlycocoons.com Returned to the earth As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, honouring wishes for cremated remains to be returned to the earth is not as simple as it sounds, as there’s often a plastic lining within the urn you choose. That’s why we love Earth Friendly Cocoons – biodegradable cocoons handcrafted in Hawke’s Bay by Janine Gard. She creates cocoons for the ashes of our loved ones along with special cocoons for angel babies,…

2 min.
frances hodgkins

It’s safe to say celebrated New Zealand contemporary artist Frances Hodgkins is having another big moment. Kate Sylvester plays homage to the painter and pioneer by using some of Hodgkin’s textile prints in her autumn/winter 2019 collection. Sylvester was given the opportunity to develop these prints by Te Papa Tongarewa which holds them in their collection. A woman of firsts, Hodgkins was the first New Zealander to have her work hung ‘on the line’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, the first woman to teach at the prestigious Colarossi academy in Paris and she was chosen to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale. “Frances was experimental, influential and thoroughly modern,” says Sylvester. Karen Walker has also released a very special collection – Frances Hodgkins Framed by Karen Walker in support of Auckland Art…