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Issue 30

Published twice a year, GQ Style is the authority on men’s fashion, offering a comprehensive overview of the current fashion season. With the most experienced men’s fashion team ever assembled, GQ Style delivers the latest on fashion, style and all notions of “cool”. A magazine for aficionados and enthusiasts alike, it is cosmopolitan, individual and unique. Frankly, if it isn’t GQ Style, then you don’t need to bother about it. GQ Style will guide you safely through any style and fashion pitfalls that might befall you. Write in with your style conundrums and GQ Style’s Style Shrink will make all your worries go away. Learn who’s hot and who’s not with the most stylish man of the moment awards, and learn why – so you can emulate the sharpest looking of them, and avoid those foolish fashion faux pas.

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Jeff Bark Photographer In LA I found an abandoned hotel – the perfect place to shoot Ezra Miller. It was like a movie set. He would blast a song and perform while I shot. Rarely have I had a subject give so much to the camera. We all watched in wonder. Morelli Brothers Photographers We had so much fun together with Luke Day and Steve Lacy shooting ‘The Prodigy’. We wanted to create a fresh and fun vibe, catching the LA sun in the streets and playing with big props in the studio, turning Steve’s creative energy into pictures. Key word on set: HAPPY! Hanna Hanra Writer I wrote a nice piece about ladies who are pop stars and who, coincidentally, might like ladies. Sirin Kale Writer I was so excited to chat with Syd and MUNA for this issue. They…

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the editor’s letter

Someone recently asked me whether I was 100 per cent gay. My response was swift: ‘To be 100 per cent gay is 100 per cent boring.’ It was a tongue-in-cheek quip, delivered off-hand, but the moment did give me pause for thought. After being in conventional, monogamous relationships with men for most of my adult life – I even got married – being single in 2020 has meant a new dating landscape with attitudes towards gender, sex and sexuality that would have been unrecognisable to me just a decade ago. I’ve set about exploring this unknown terrain with open-minded abandon. Not long ago, I was briefly romancing a polyamorous man who taught me about consensual, ethical and responsible non-monogamy. I spent most of a wild night making out with a lesbian.…

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Stud Muffin Punk’s not dead: 2020’s iteration of the classic leather biker jacket has an irreverent, rebellious spirit, with liberally applied hardware and OTT zips. Tell me about it, stud. Stride of Pride Dancefloor to… desk? We’re not joking: Givenchy’s sleek separates will take you all the way through to the morning after the night before. Sunday Luxe Inject personality into Sunday brunch style with an ultra-fine V-neck, sans sleeves and soft enough to swaddle skin – topped off with accessories from the night before. The Silky Way There are times when one’s not enough but two are too many. Enter the one-and-a-half breasted jacket, a breezy alternative to traditional suiting rendered in the sleekest silk. Make the grade Channel your inner Oxbridge kid with collegiate stripes and argyle jumpers. An untucked shirt with French cuffs adds a louche…

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Summer Clubbing When all-nighters end at the beach – don’t forget the sunnies Roman Holiday Bring a touch of La Dolce Vita to even a soggy sunday in Slough Beach, please! Pack sandals and Speedos – a gentleman’s tan should go thigh high City Mapper The Talented Mr Ripley is always a smart choice for urban chic…

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billy bultheel

To celebrate 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and GQ Style’s 30th issue, we meet five artists who are galvanising the city with their creativity In a city that thrives on collaboration, composer Billy Bultheel is the connective tissue between Berlin’s worlds of fashion, avant-garde music and performance art. ‘I like places where disciplines meet,’ he says, adding that the German city helps with his creative liberation. ‘It feels less oppressive than other places in Europe.’ In 2017, he helmed the music for artist Anne Imhof’s Faust, a sensation at the Venice Biennale with a soundtrack that ricocheted from swooping orchestration to dissonant experimental electronics. Bultheel’s influences – from experimental 20th-century composers to medieval chants – find him delving into the music of the past to deliver the…

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slim soledad

Seeing Slim Soledad DJ is whiplash-inducing in the best way. ‘I fry, crush and relish the sounds,’ she says of her wild sets, which bring techno, funk and industrial textures to Berlin’s bleeding-edge club nights. ‘In my head, it’s like a dance for vampires who want it.’ Originally from São Paulo and a key member of the Brazilian city’s LGBTQIA+ collective CHERNOBYL (the group’s name reappropriates a local racist and transphobic slur), Soledad posts beautiful, skin-baring Instagram selfies as a way of documenting her journey as a trans woman. ‘They’re for me to understand and analyse what is changing in me over time,’ she notes. And while she works on her debut EP, due in 2021, she’s nurturing top-tier nightlife goals. Her dream crew to party with? ‘Azealia Banks, Teyana…