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February 2020

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

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1 min.
love wins

Last month, I told you that 2020 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Guideposts, founded by Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, who hoped the magazine would become part of the national conversation that Americans were having as the country went through momentous changes and challenges. With this issue, we start a feature called A Moment America Came Together, unforgettable stories from our archives about how ordinary Americans have rallied in times of triumph and tragedy, from the moon landing to the Challenger disaster, from the end of segregation to the September 11 attacks, from Jackie Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color barrier to the release of the hostages in Iran. We may seem divided as a nation today, but these stories show how our country comes together in faith…

1 min.
what’s new on guideposts.org

Daily Inspiration In our exclusive video, TV journalist and talk show host Tamron Hall shares who has influenced her day-to-day faith life. guideposts.org/tamron Moving Madness Military spouse Elizabeth Gray talks about the chaos—and the joys—of her family’s many moves. guideposts.org/elizabethg Celebrate Black History Month Let our collection of quotes from influential black Americans inspire you. guideposts.org/blackhistoryquotes In the Name of Love This biblical prayer can work wonders on Valentine’s Day. Try it! guideposts.org/prayvalentine Keep Your GUIDEPOSTS Coming We make it easy to renew your magazine, check on the length of your subscription or manage book series shipments. guideposts.org/ecares…

1 min.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & VICE PRESIDENT Edward Grinnan EXECUTIVE EDITORS Rick Hamlin, Amy Wong CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kayo Der Sarkissian SENIOR EDITOR, special projects Celeste McCauley SENIOR EDITORS Evan Miller, Jim Hinch, Hilary Ribons COPY CHIEF Lisa Guernsey PRODUCTION EDITOR Celia M. Gibbons EDITORS Mari Pack, Kimberly Elkins ASSOCIATE EDITOR Elena Tafone ASSISTANT EDITOR Kaylin Kaupish EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Allison Churchill ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Corlette L. Ruffin ART DIRECTOR Kathi Rota PHOTO EDITOR Kevin Eans ASSISTANT ART DIRECTORS Stephen Wilder, Andrew Nahem ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR Katie Hogin SENIOR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Colleen Hughes SENIOR DIGITAL EDITORS Sabra Ciancanelli, Carolina Pichardo SENIOR DIGITAL PRODUCER Brett Leveridge DIGITAL EDITOR Alikay Wood SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR Mary Ryan ASSISTANT DIGITAL PRODUCER Ashley Lateef DIRECTOR, VIDEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Ty’Ann Brown CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Elizabeth Sherrill, Kathryn Slattery, Karen Barber, Marion Bond West, Julie Mehta, Ginger Rue, Stephanie Thompson, Meg Belviso, Roberta Messner, Adam Hunter, Diana Aydin PRESIDENT & CEO John Temple SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Rocco Martino CHIEF FINANCIAL…

1 min.
the up side®

“Don’t just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.”DENZEL WASHINGTON, actor“I love when the house is hushed and reverent, and on the days I’m fortunate enough to catch the first glow of orange on the eastern horizon, I smile. I believe God grins back.”REBEKAH LYONS, author of Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose“Choose to be optimistic—it feels better.”via actress KRISTEN BELL’s Instagram“Try to have good days and bad moments. Life is too short to have a bad day.”advice from a friend of authors STEPHEN KLEMICH and MARA KLEMICH, Ph.D., shared in their book Above the Line: Living and Leading With Heart“Wake Up. Be Amazing. Be Kind. Be Brave. Be You. Rinse and Repeat.”sign on an elementary school spotted by…

2 min.
someone cares

HAPPY JAR I was an emotional wreck during my pregnancy after two previous miscarriages. By February, I was around six months along. I developed sciatica pains, and everything I did hurt. I missed the stress relief I got from working out. My mood plummeted. My husband, Javier, and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. So it was a big—but welcome—surprise when he presented me with a jar filled with pink slips of paper. “This is your happy jar,” he said. He had written a compliment or hopeful message on each piece of paper: “You will be an amazing mother,” “You make me a better person,” “You are absolutely gorgeous.” Javier instructed me to dip into the jar and read a note whenever I felt down. Those pink notes helped me so much. How…

2 min.
maria rose belding

who she is Maria Rose Belding, 24, co-launched and runs MEANS, an online platform connecting businesses that have surplus food with pantries and soup kitchens that need it. MEANS stands for Matching Excess and Need for Stability, a name Maria Rose came up with as a teenager while volunteering in her Pella, Iowa, church’s food pantry. She graduated from American University in May 2019 and plans to go to med school. what she does Maria Rose had seen firsthand the difficulties that pantries have connecting with food donors. Many pantries lack landlines or listed phone numbers. If only there was a way to make the connection online, she thought. As a freshman in college, she met a student who knew computer coding. The two of them designed the MEANS online messaging…