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Hi-Fi Choice December 2020

Hi-Fi Choice is the essential guide to audio excellence in the home. It is a no-nonsense guide to the finest products available, from vinyl and valves, to multi-channel digital audio and high-fidelity video. Hi-Fi Choice sorts the best from the rest with rigorous test processes and a highly experienced team of reviewers.

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the new traditionals

PRICE: £1,600 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: SPENDORAUDIO.COM SPENDOR IS LAUNCHING a new two-way standmount loudspeaker – the Classic ⅘ – which the company claims to be: “the most charming and beautifully balanced-sounding small Spendor Classic ever.” The Classic ⅘’s mid/bass drive unit features a high-linearity, high-excursion, motor-magnet system, 15cm diameter pressure die-cast magnesium alloy chassis, EP77 polymer cone and new surround and suspension materials with thermal and mechanical stability. Key electrical, mechanical and damping parameters have been optimised to suit the sealed enclosure so, whether placed on a stand or open shelf, the Classic ⅘ is claimed to deliver low frequencies: “with fine articulation and a natural sense of depth and musical timing.” A 22mm wide-surround tweeter combines the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low-frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm…

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sennheiser hd 560s

PRICE: £170 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: SENNHEISER.COM Sennheiser explains that its new HD 560S headphone is: “tailor-made for listeners who need to understand a tune in all its detail, from the recording studio to the sound file.” Its transducers are specifically tuned for accuracy to off er A/B comparisons of mixes, sources and media formats and the HD 560S features open-back ear-cups angled at the optimal triangular listening position of loudspeakers for a wide, articulate soundstage. Off ering a frequency response of 6Hz–38kHz, the headphone has a quoted 110dB/1V sensitivity and <0.05 percent THD (at 90dB). The HD 560S uses an ultra-light chassis for comfortable long-term listening, the voice coil has been developed to work well regardless of the playback system, while the quoted 120ohm impedance allows it to be used with virtually…

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shoot for the moon

PRICE: £29,500 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: RENAISSANCEAUDIO.CO.UK ADVERTISING ITSELF AS: “the world’s prettiest hi-fi”, Moon has created a new audio system to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The Moon Anniversary Edition features the 680D streaming DAC and powerful 600i v2 integrated amplifier with each model is finished in a Millesime Red colourway, which the company says recalls its 1980 genesis. To complement the system, the remote-control unit also comes in Millesime Red and the Moon bridges in rose gold. A full set of premium cables is supplied. With an exclusive production run of just 40 systems, Moon says that each of the units comes with a commemorative rose gold plate embossed with the Moon logo and individual serial number. The Anniversary Edition is presented in a custom road case featuring steel shoulders and wood…

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The sad passing of Eddie Van Halen brought to mind a day in 1984 when I interviewed him for Melody Maker. We were backstage in Buffalo and, while the band indulged in a food fight, he was sat in a small room, crying. He was convinced the others were jealous of the attention he’d gained guesting on Michael Jackson’s Beat It and that they all hated him. At this point a minder entered and informed us it was time to leave for the hotel. Eddie sank to his knees by a bucket full of bottles of booze and began collecting them into his arms. The minder shook his head. “You know the rules Eddie, only one.” Eddie gazed at the cognac, the JD, the vodka, the Wild Turkey and whined. Could…

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restore… reimagine

PRICE: £9,000 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: BANG-OLUFSEN.COM BANG & OLUFSEN has announced the “rebirth” of one of its most iconic turntables with the launch of its Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition. Originally introduced in the early seventies, the 4000c is the first product to be released from the company’s new initiative: restoring and reimagining classic products. B&O has located 95 units of the original Beogram 4000 series turntable and brought them back to the same facility where they were first created nearly five decades ago. There they have been disassembled, all components cleaned, new parts added where needed, then each Beogram is rebuilt, the aluminium polished and anodised in a champagne tone and surrounded by a new hand-crafted solid-oak frame. Other upgrades include an RIAA phono preamplifier, allowing the turntable to be connected to…

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buying guide

Recommends ESSENTIAL HI-FI YOU’LL WANT TO OWN CD PLAYERS Audiolab 6000CDT PRICE: £380 REVIEWED: HFC 447 The 6000CDT is exceptional at revealing what’s on your discs to deliver a great big soundstage with plenty of detail inside. It can dig down deep into the mix to eke out the different musical strands while dynamically and rhythmically it’s hard to beat at the price. In short, it’s a super, highly affordable audiophile CD transport. Métronome Technologie Le Player 2S PRICE: £5,100 REVIEWED: HFC 449 As good as the sweet treble and rich bass are, what really impresses here is how when fed weaker CDs and impoverished MP3s the delivery remains unflappable and composed as layers of detail are locked into sharp focus. Cambridge Audio AXC35 PRICE: £300 REVIEWED: HFC 454 Something of a budget marvel, you’ll have to work extra hard to get the…