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HOLA! USA: Diana 20th AnniversaryHOLA! USA: Diana 20th Anniversary

HOLA! USA: Diana 20th Anniversary

HOLA! USA: Diana 20th Anniversary

From fairytale beginning to tragic end, Diana Her Legacy of Love spans her incredible life from childhood through that fateful night. With exclusive insights and photos pulled from the archives of both Hola and Hello UK magazines, this special 20th Anniversary Collectors edition is sure to be an issue to be treasured for years to come.

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Seldom in the history of any publication has there been a personality as central as Princess Diana is for HOLA! For years, we shared her triumphs and joys, but also the pain and challenges she faced. And her tragic death broke our hearts as it did those of so many millions of people all over the world. Together we mourned the loss of the “People’s Princess”, the title she won for her humanity and her ability to empathise with the suffering of others.The news of her death – on that Sunday morning, 31 August 1997 – shocked us as much as the death of a loved one. We all made our way to the newsroom to listen to the terrible reports coming in from Paris. HOLA! had already decided that…

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english rose

As a child, Diana Frances Spencer already showed glimmers of the magnetic quality that would later entrance millions, turning her into a truly global star whose iconic status has never been matched. Early home movies show the 20th century’s most adored woman as an impish youngster delighting in the sort of pastimes that all children enjoy – playing in a Wendy house, cuddling her dogs, scooting around in a red pedal car and playing roughand- tumble with her baby brother. In her teens Diana blossomed into an enchanting young lady with a great memory for names and a kind word or gesture for those around her.Fortuitously for the girl who became England’s Rose, she slipped into the world on a gloriously sunny day. Born on 1 July 1961, at Park…

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fairytale princess

The world’s bated breath burst out in joyful cheers as Diana and Charles shared a passionate kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.It was love at first sight, a spellbinding once-upon-a-time moment, the very instant Diana stole all our hearts. Electrified by news that Prince Charles, the world’s most eligible bachelor, was seeing a pretty teenager who worked at a London kindergarten, the press set up camp outside. They didn’t have to wait long. Emerging into the dappled September sun, Diana shyly, yet spectacularly, stepped onto the world stage – and photographers captured that first iconic image of the magnetic 19-year-old future Princess.She was the very picture of natural warmth and affection, timidly looking up through her fringe, holding a child in one arm and another by the hand –…

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the diana effect

Shortly before her marriage to Prince Charles a Gloucestershire village comes to a standstill for Lady Diana Spencer, in scenes that would soon be repeated all over Britain and then around the world. After the couple’s famous kiss on the Palace balcony, the public’s love for the royal bride only intensified. Diana’s eagerness to please and her enchanting way of reaching out to touch fans mesmerised everyone she metThe zest for life and giggly infectious charm that had captivated Prince Charles soon entranced the world. Riding the wave of enthusiasm created by the wedding of the century, the blushing bride now found herself the focus of every gaze. Those 750 million viewers who’d tuned into the magnificent nuptials were eagerly awaiting another instalment of the fairytale. As the Duchess of…

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alison eastwood

Diana attracted fans on a scale formerly reserved for pop stars and Hollywood idolsHundreds of thousands thronged to see Britain’s sweetheart on a series of successful tours abroad, starting with an enchanted Australia, when Diana took baby Wiliam alongfollowed by Canadathe US; and Indonesia. North America’s enduring love affair with Diana lives on in the welcome given to her sons on their trips across the AtlanticNowhere was Diana’s ability to inspire adulation more evident than on her early tours abroad as Princess of Wales. While her mother-in-law the Queen had dazzled overseas, Diana took it to new heights, attracting fans on a scale formerly reserved for pop stars and Hollywood idols.“The arrival of the Waleses in America was the most frenzied British invasion since The Beatles,” Newsweek quipped of the…

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making royal fashion fun

The Princess’s verve and playfulness meant that a ripple of anticipation greeted her every appearance. Newspapers ran features telling readers how to copy Diana trademarks such as the pie-crust collar or polka dots. For evening she turned to designers such as Bruce Oldfield, who created this silver lamé showstopper worn to a Bond premiere in 1985 (below left) and this one-shouldered gown for a charity fashion show (right)Before she became Queen of Hearts, Diana ruled the fashion world. In her previous life as a nursery assistant there hadn’t been much call for formalwear. But from the moment a future King slipped that gobstopper-sized sapphire onto her finger every style choice was critiqued and copied.If the royal sweetheart wore polka dots or pop socks the shops would suddenly be full of…