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October 2020

The last word in high society and the life luxurious, Hong Kong Tatler has been chronicling the lives of the city’s elite since 1977. From insider access to the most exclusive parties and events in Hong Kong and beyond, to authoritative coverage of art, fashion, wine, dining and travel, to face-to-face interviews with the people that really matter, Hong Kong Tatler takes you closer to the highest echelons of society than anyone else.

Hong Kong SAR China
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around asia

TATLER HONG KONG Asia’s Most Stylish honouree Chelsea Chau-Kuok stars on the cover of Tatler Hong Kong. She discusses how her dress sense was inspired by—and differs from—that of her famously fashionable mother, Reina Chau. tatlerhongkong.com TATLER INDONESIA Paula Insan Hasari, also known by her Instagram handle Pupu Paula, is an Asia’s Most Stylish honouree. The vegan yogi lives with an autoimmune disease, something she has discussed openly, making her an inspiration to many. tatlerindonesia.com TATLER MALAYSIA Hom Living founders Felix Ferdinand (below) and Bryan Lim talk to Tatler Malaysia about how they’re elevating the concept of co-living—a form of communal living in which people rent private bedrooms but share common areas—to the next level. tatlermalaysia.com TATLER PHILIPPINES Five Manila-based fashion designers, including Rajo Laurel (below), describe how they have coped with the challenges of the Covid-19…

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october is the new september

In the conventional thinking of the publishing industry, September used to be the main event for style. Magazines measured their successes by the depth of the thud their thickest issues of the year made, a tradition that heralded the start of a new fall season. But all that’s changed now as old ideas are being rejected amid the aftershocks of the global pandemic. Do readers really care about the latest trends from the runways when they’ve become accustomed to working from home in their sweatpants? Do we need another best-dressed list in a year when no one went to a party? Well, of course we do. The global apparel industry may be undergoing an enormous reckoning over its part in encouraging harmful stereotypes and environmentally irresponsible consumerism. But style will always play…

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the guest list

OLIVIER YOAN French photographer Olivier Yoan has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo and Roger Vivier. He is also creative director of online platform The Ené, a directory of eco-conscious businesses and retailers around Europe. For this issue, Yoan photographed fashion designer Simone Rocha’s latest collection in London (p.104) MARY FIX Photographer and director Mary Fix specialises in fashion, beauty and portraits. Her unique approach to colour, shape and composition has landed her features in Vogue, Allure and Marie Claire. This month, Fix shot the Asia’s Most Stylish honourees from Indonesia and the Philippines over Zoom (p.176) CHOU HONG Taiwan-based fashion photographer Chou Hong’s work can be seen in publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle. In this issue, Hong photographed Asia Most Stylish from Taiwan (p.176) JOLENE LIN Jolene Lin is an art…

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trick or treat

Before western confectionery brands like Hershey’s, Cadbury’s and Haribo arrived in the city, Hongkongers in the Sixties and Seventies would head to small, family-owned grocery stores—known in Cantonese as see dor—when a hankering for treats hit. Alongside newspapers and household essentials, these shops specialised in distinctively Asian snacks not only designed to satisfy a sweet tooth but also to treat a variety of medical complaints. While celebrating Halloween this year, why not go all out with a Hong Kong theme? You can’t go wrong with these corner-shop mainstays. 1 WHITE RABBIT This iconic Shanghainese confection is older than the People’s Republic of China. In 1943, a Chinese merchant travelling through Europe tried a milk-flavoured sweet and liked it enough to formulate his own version upon his return home. Those early confections were…

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honey, we’re home

A home says a lot about a person. But what does it say about a brand? And what does it say when the brand is us? With travel and large-scale events off the table for the foreseeable future due to the global pandemic, Tatler Hong Kong and The Upper House joined forces this summer to create an intimate space for people who embody power, influence and style to retreat to and feel inspired. Since July, cover stars and feature subjects from the pages of the magazine have come to life in events, exhibitions and provocative panel discussions held at the Penthouse at The Upper House, where a 1,960-square-foot suite has been transformed into the ultimate VVIP lifestyle venue, Tatler House Hong Kong. Tatler House is, in the words of Tatler Asia CEO,…

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she’s out of this world

Ten women gathered at Tatler House on the first Friday of September to take part in the second Front & Female Roundtable, celebrating the rollercoaster life story of special guest Maye Musk, the supermodel, dietician and newly minted best selling author. Musk, in a silver jacket (her eldest son Elon would approve), greeted the room via Zoom, her trademark cheer and infectious positivity seeming to evaporate the 15-hour time difference between her Los Angeles home and Hong Kong. Unlike the riotous energy of the first Front & Female Roundtable, held in July with rocker Josie Ho, the second was a more focused affair with a breakfast-time scheduling. Parenting, ageing and overcoming life’s obstacles were among the topics tackled as the mother-of-three shared the same candid and can-do approach with the room of…