Horrible Histories Issue 49

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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cooking up a storm!

SAY HELLO TO THOMAS FARRINER Silly sausage Thomas Farriner started the Great Fire on the night RI›6XQGD\›››6HSWHPEHU›››››››+H› IDLOHG›WR›SXW›RXW›WKH›RYHQ›LQ›KLV› bakery properly, went to bed and ZRNH›WR›fiQG›KLV›KRXVH›DEOD]H› LONDON’S BURNING! Due to London’s wooden houses and strong ZLQGV››WKH›fiUH›WXUQHG›LQWR›DQ›LQIHUQR››,W› EXUQHG›IRU›WKUHH›GD\V››GHVWUR\LQJ›››››››› KRPHV›DQG›6W›3DXO·V›&DWKHGUDO› FURIOUS FIRE-FIGHTING! 7KH›fiUH›ZDV›HYHQWXDOO\› VWRSSHG›E\›DQ›ROG›fiUH›fiJKWLQJ› method – using gunpowder to blow up buildings and EORFN›WKH›fiUH›ZLWK›WKH›GHEULV›› 6R››fiJKWLQJ›fiUH›ZLWK›fiUH›…

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blitz hits britain

THE BLITZ TOP HITS These cities were most targeted by Nazi bombing raids LIVERPOOL ,Q›0D\›››››››*HUPDQ›UDLGV›RQ›WKH› GRFNV›VHW›fiUH›WR›D›VKLS«› loaded with bombs. Ka-boom. BIRMINGHAM Total raids: 8 This city was targeted because it had IDFWRULHV›IRU›%ULWLVK›WDQNV›DQG›6SLWfiUH›SODQHV› LONDON Total raids: 71 England’s capital was bombed for 57 nights straight at the start of the Blitz. Big Ben’s light was switched off so the Nazis couldn’t see where WKH\›ZHUH›Á\LQJ››2QH›UDLG›RQ››››0D\›››››› NLOOHG›››››››SHRSOH› PLYMOUTH Total raids: 8 $›VHDVLGH›WRZQ›FORVH›WR›*HUPDQ›DLU›EDVHV›› ,W›ZDV›DWWDFNHG›E\›››››ERPEHUV›RQ›+LWOHU·V› ››QG›ELUWKGD\› USE YOUR WITS TO BEAT THE BLITZ The air raid siren has sounded! Race through the Wo winding city streets to shelter as quickly as you can! ROTTEN RAIDS 0DQ\›FKLOGUHQ›ZHUH›HYDFXDWHG›WR› the countryside during the Blitz. )RU›WKH›UHVW››WKH›VFDU\›VRXQG›RI› the air raid siren meant dropping HYHU\WKLQJ›DQG›KHDGLQJ›IRU›VKHOWHU›› 6RPH›HYHQ›VOHSW›RQ›WKH›SODWIRUPV› of underground stations.…

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famous last words!

THE COLOUR OF YOUR T-SHIRT: BLUE: I did the hokey cokey… RED: I robbed the supermarket… GREEN: I swapped the Crown Jewels… YELLOW: I avenged my uncle… PINK: I went on a rampage… BLACK: I smacked him… WHITE: I scaled Buckingham Palace… BROWN: I threatened him… FIRST LETTER OF YOUR NAME: A-D : with a spoon… E-H: with a water pistol… I-L: with a rainbow… M-P: while farting loudly… Q-U: with some grapes… V-Z: with my doll… THE MONTH YOU WERE BORN IN: THE JANUARY: because I love shiny things! FEBRUARY: because we all make mistakes! MARCH: because I was sleepwalking! APRIL: because it’s no biggie! MAY: because my parents grounded me! JUNE: because police chases are fun! JULY: because I do what I want with hair like this! AUGUST: because I’m cool like that!…

2 min
top 10 epic fails!

VANISHING VIDEO Man first landed on the moon in 1969 and it was a historic moment. NASA lost the original footage. Only copies remain! CHOOSE A REACTION FROM THE LIST OPPOSITE! SINKING FEELING Over 1,500 people died when the ‘unsinkable’ ship Titanicsailed straight into an iceberg in 1912 – and sank. CHOOSE A REACTION FROM THE LIST OPPOSITE! HORSEPLAY! The city of Troy was defeated after 10 years of war when they wheeled a giant wooden horse full of Menelaus’ Greek troops into the city thinking it was a gift! CHOOSE A REACTION FROM THE LIST OPPOSITE! HEAD START In 1219, the sultan of the Khwarezmid Empire annoyed Genghis Khan by chopping off his ambassador’s head. So Genghis completely wiped out his Empire… CHOOSE A REACTION FROM THE LIST OPPOSITE! MONGOL MESS Genghis Khan’s grandson Kublai Khan tried invading Japan twice, first in…

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bad education!

STRICT SPARTANS! SCHOOLBOY SOLDIERS! Spartan boys were sent to military school at the age of six or seven. Instead of maths and literacy, they went through a brutal training program to make them fight. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! Students weren’t given enough clothing or food – they were expected to find it themselves! LITTLE RASCALS! Teachers encouraged pupils to lie, cheat and steal – but if they were caught they were given a savage beating. VILE VICTORIANS! DASTARDLY DISCIPLINE! Victorian children were beaten for small things – the teacher would hit their hand or bottom with a cane. CRINGEWORTHY CAP! Struggling students were made to stand in the corner wearing a dunce cap – a tall pointy hat designed to make them look stupid! LESSON TIME! There wasn’t any time for PE or art. Schools spent all their time teaching reading, writing and…

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make an erupting volcano!

STEP 1 Use the page opposite as a guide and cut out a rectangle of paper. Roll it around a bottle cap so that it forms a tube, with the cap at the base, and tape it together. STEP 2 Put the tube on a large plate on a tray and ask an adult to drop in one teaspoon of baking soda, one drop of washing-up liquid and a drop of colouring. STEP 3 Cut out the volcano shape, form a cone with it and tape the edges together so it keeps its shape. Then place it carefully over the tube. STEP 4 Head outside now for the fun bit ! Ask an adult to pour a quarter of a cup of vinegar down into the tube – then hop back and watch your volcano blow! YOU WILL…