Horrible Histories Issue 50

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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a pasting at hastinngs!

STEP ONE In the year 911, the scary Viking Rollo and his people settle in northern France. They love a bit of conquering. The French call them ‘north men’ – which becomes ‘normans’. Clever, huh?! STEP TWO Fast-forward to 1064. King Harold is sailing in the English Channel when a storm hits. The Normans catch him off the French coast – and take him to William. STEP THREE Harold is set free after he promises his spot on the throne to William once King Edward dies. Two years later, Edward dies – but Harold breaks his promise and becomes king himself! STEP FOUR So, it’s 1066. It’s showtime. William and his Normans land and head to Hastings, where 20,000 die – including Harold, chopped up after taking an arrow to the eye.…

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on this horrible day…

24 September, 1493 Christopher Columbus crosses the Atlantic Ocean going from Spain to the West Indies in 21 days – which was fast back then! 4 October, 1957 A man-made object goes into space for the first time as Russia launches a satellite, called Sputnik 1, into orbit. 10 October, 1789 Joseph Guillotin says using one blade is the nicest way to chop someone’s head off. Later, the guillotine is named after him! 13 October, AD 54 The Roman emperor Claudius dies. It’s thought he was poisoned by his wicked wife, Agrippina. 20 October, 480BC The Greeks defeat the Persians at the naval Battle of Salamis. And not a sausage sarnie in sight. 22 October, 1938 Chester Carlson invents the photocopier. You’ve got him to thank for your wretched school worksheets. 24 October, 1901 Anna Edson Taylor becomes the first woman to successfully…

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toilet terrors!

1 Sixteenth century priest Martin Luther did some of his work on the toilet – he liked to write letters to his friends about his poos! 2 Terrible Tudor cooks at Hampton Court were so busy that if they needed to go for a wee, they would just go in the corner of the kitchen! 3 The villainous Victorians gave their children really weird names, like Farting Clack, Baboon and even Toilet! 4 Egyptian pharaohs had a special servant to help them go to the toilet. He was called the ‘Shepherd of the Royal Backside’ 5 In the Middle Ages, some castles put toilets in their wardrobes because the smell would keep the moths away! 6 The vile Victorians had drains that carried all their sewage from their toilets in London straight into the River…

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horrible superheroes!

George IV’s superhero name would be… THE PIEMAN SUPER POWER: Eating! George lived an extraordinary double life – vain, greedy prince and vain, greedy king! He ate so much it got too much for his heart and he died! Dick Turpin’s superhero name would be... ROBBIN' SUPER POWER: Making things disappear… into his own pockets! Ladies didn’t mind him 'robbing' from them because Dick was handsome and polite. But when a letter he wrote was found by the authorities, he was caught and hanged! Queen Victoria’s superhero name would be… BLACK WIDOW SUPER POWER: Invisibility! When her belo ved husband Albert died, Victoria refused to appear in public f or years! And if she did pop out, she wore a black wido w’s bonnet, not a crown. Boudica’s superhero name would be… IRON WOMAN SUPER POWER: Axe bashing! This Iron Age…

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british empire vs roman empire

SIZE _ /10 The British Empire was at its biggest in 1922, when it covered almost a quarter of the world’s land – and contained about 20% of the global population! _ /10 In AD 117, the Roman Empire is thought to have covered 4% of the world’s land – but it also had 20% of the world’s population! CRUELTY _ /10 In 1803, 10,000 aboriginal people lived on the island of Tasmania, next to Australia – then the British colonisers arrived. The Tasmanians suffered disease, starvation and war until, in 1876, the last Tasmanian died. _ /10 In AD 70, the Romans tried to capture Jerusalem but the Jewish defenders wouldn’t surrender. So every day for months, the Romans crucified more than 500 Jewish prisoners just outside the city – the defenders watched their friends die in agony. SNACKS _…

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perilous pirates

YOU’LL NEED… A SHARP PENCIL A RUBBER AN INK PEN 1 MARTIN SAYS: “I normally start off with a body-shaped box and a stick frame. He’s leaning a little and his arm is raised.” 2 “Sometimes I draw the whole of the legs in SHQFLO›HYHQ›WKRXJK›\RX·UH›QRW›JRLQJ›WR›VHH›WKHP› XQGHU›WKH›WURXVHUV›RQFH›WKH\›KDYH›EHHQ›LQNHG›µ 3 “I’m going to JLYH›KLV›IDFH›D› scowl to make KLP›HYLO›DQG› threatening!” 4,›JR›RYHU›WKH›SHQFLOV›ZLWK› an ink pen once I’m happy with how they look.” 5 HHW›FDQ›EH›KDUG›WR›GUDZ››:KHQ›WKH\›DUH›ÁDW› on the ground they are almost like a triangle ZLWK›D›ÁDW›ELW›LQ›IURQW››7KHQ›\RX›MXVW›KDYH›WR› line up the toes.” 6 “I rub out all the pencil lines when I’m done and the drawing LV›ÀQLVKHG›µ TOP TIP Make sure that the arms, legs and head are all in proportion. GRAB SOME PAPER AND HAVE A GO! THE TALE OF NASTY NED LOW American pirate Low once captured a Spanish galleon called the Montcova and killed 53 captives on board – some…