Horrible Histories Issue 52

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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on this horrible day…

13 › Dec, 1577 Explo e F ancis D ake skips Ch istmas and begins a oundthe-wo ld voyage! 19 › Dec, 1843 Victo ian autho Cha les Dickens, aged 31, publishes A Ch istmas Ca ol to c itical acclaim. 23 Dec, 1888 › Du ing a hallucination and pe iod of dep ession, Dutch a tist Vincent van Gogh cuts the lowe half of his ea off. 24 Dec, 1968 › Apollo 8 spacec aft becomes the fi st manned space mission to o bit the moon! 25 Dec, 1066 William the Conque o is c owned King William I of England, 72 days afte winning the Battle of Hastings. 25 Dec, 1643 William Myno s, discove s an island in the Pacific Ocean – and calls it Ch istmas Island! 25 Dec, 1642 Isaac Newton is bo n in Lincolnshi e. He…

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tsar wars

DICTIONAR Y DEFINITION TSAR A Russian emperor RU›NLQJ›(Pronou nced: ‘Zar’) BLOWN UP Alexander II faced more assassins than any other leader. +H›ZDV›ÀQDOO\›NLOOHG›LQ››››››ZKHQ›VRPHRQH›WKUHZ›D› bomb at him, which tore gaping wounds in his legs and chest. Alex struggled to his feet and managed to say… WHY? Many Russian people were angry with the amount of power that the Tsar had. SHOT Nicholas II and his IDPLO\›ZHUH›NLOOHG›E\›D› ÀULQJ›VTXDG›LQ›››››››+LV four daughters survived WKH›ÀUVW›ORDG›RI›VKRWV›› as the bullets bounced off the jewels that were sewn into their clothes. So they were stabbed and then shot in the head. Charming! WHY? Nicholas II ran Russia so badly WKDW›FRPPXQLVW›UHEHOV›WRRN›RYHU›LQ››››››DQG› placed the royals under arrest. QUICK QUIZ Tsar Peter III did n’t last very long. +H›ZDV›DVVDVVLQDWHG ›LQ››››››DIWHU› how long on th e throne?…

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stormin’ spitfires!

1TheSpitfire shot down over 6,000 planes during the Battle of Britain! 2 The designer of the Spitfire, RJ Mitchell, died before he saw it in action! 3 A Nazi general demanded Germany copy the Spitfire, he was so jealous! 4 There are no Spitfires left in the world – they were all smashed up after the war! 5 The Spitfire didn’t actually kill anyone until the final year of the war, in 1945. 6 The Spitfire was almost called ‘the Shrew’ – which would’ve sounded a whole lot less scary! 7 In cloudy weather, Spitfires flew out on patrol operations called rhubarbs. No wonder the Nazis crumbled! 8 Spitfires were made in a range of colours, including orange, pink and even gold! 9 The first planes the Spitfire ever shot down were British. Oops! 10 The Spitfire was really…

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vicious vikings revealed!

1 WHA T MONTH WERE YOU BORN IN? Janua"y: Ice Feb"ua"y: Sc'ool Ma"c': D"agon Ap"il: Bea"d May: Fa"t June: B"occoli July: Rabbit August: I"on Septembe": King Octobe": T'unde" Novembe": Winte" Decembe": Gut 2 WHAT COLOUR T-SHIRT ARE YOU WEARI NG? Red: T"imme" Blue: Munc'e" Yellow: Demon G"een: Kille" O"ange: B"inge" Pu"ple: Fi"e G"ey: Hacke" B"own: Stabbe" Black: Blade W'ite: Fang Did you know? Viking axes weren’t actually very big. They were small and light, perfect for sneaky, speedy attacks! Did you know? Vikings often carved their axe’s name into the blade, just like your mum does with her saucepans!…

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terrible tourists!

ICELAND AND GREENLAND! Bot' islands we"e settled by Vikings – Iceland was unin'abited until t'ey a""ived. WALES! T'e Wels' put up a toug' fig't – R'od"i Maw", "ule" of Gwynedd, killed t'e Danis' leade" Go"m in AD 856. AMERICA! Vikings a"e believed to 'ave discove"ed Ame"ica by accident w'ile looking fo" G"eenland. T'at didn’t bot'e" t'em t'oug' – plenty mo"e Vikings came to inspect t'e new count"y, and to "aid t'e native people. SCOTLAND! T'e"e mig't not 'ave been as many monaste"ies in Scotland as England, but t'e"e we"e plenty of poo"ly-defended villages. In AD 806 t'ey plunde"ed Iona and killed all t'e monks on t'e island. IRELAND! W'ile t'ey mig't 'ave come to cause t"ouble, t'e Vikings did found I"eland’s fi"st t"ading towns – Dublin, Wate"fo"d and Lime"ick. SPAIN! Galicia and Seville we"e bot' invaded by t'e naug'ty No"semen, and t'e…