Horrible Histories Issue 53

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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Watch out, readers! You need to handle this issue with care – we’ve packed it full of the deadliest weapons in human history! Enjoy, and here’s to creating loads more horrible history in 2017! It only took the Titanic TWO hours and 40 minutes to sink after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912. William Shakespeare’s grandchildren never actually had any children, so poor old Shaky has ZERO descendents! It’s rumoured that a casualty of the FIRST Allied bombing raid on Berlin during the Second World War was an elephant in the zoo. Elizabeth I could speak SEVEN languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, Flemish, Latin and Greek! Charles I wore TWO shirts to his execution in January 1649. Why? It was cold, so he didn’t want any shivers to make it…

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on this horrible day…

12 Jan, 1519 Bonkers Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I finally dies, after carrying his coffin around with him for five years. 17 Jan, 1912 British explorer Robert Scott races to the South Pole, is beaten by some Norwegians and dies trudging home. 18 Jan, 1778 Captain Cook comes across the Hawaiian Islands. He names them the Sandwich Islands, to honour his pal the Earl of Sandwich! 20 Jan, 1961 John F Kennedy becomes the youngest elected President of the USA. He’d get assassinated in 1963. 24 Jan, 1965 Churchill dies. No, not the nodding dog! Winston Churchill, British prime minister during the Second World War. 26 Jan, 1926 In London, a crowd gathers for Scottish inventor John Logie Baird to show off his nifty new machine – the television! 31 Jan, 1606 Guy Fawkes is hanged and chopped up, 87 long days after…

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st valentine’s day massacre !

STEP ONE In 1920, alcohol was banned in America. It was called prohibition. But greedy gangs saw it as a way to make big money, selling illegal booze. In Chicago, there were two rival gangs – one run by Al Capone and the other by George ‘Bugs’ Moran. STEP TWO When Bugs tried to steal Capone’s business, Big Al wanted payback. So, on 14 February 1929, his gang dressed up as police and raided Bugs’ hideout. Bugs’ gang threw down their guns – and were mown down by machine-guns. STEP THREE Capone’s guys killed seven men, but Bugs wasn’t one of th em – he’d popped out for a cof fee! Capone was on holiday in F lorida when the massacre happened, but Bugs knew who to blame. “Onl y Capone kills like that!” he…

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take them out!

JAMES I Year: 1605 The king was the target in Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Fawkes was caught, hanged and split open! FRANZ FERDINAND Year: 1914 Seething Serbians threw a bomb at the visiting archduke, but he chucked it away before it blew up. But later Gavrilo Princip shot at Franz and his wife. NAPOLEON Year: 1800 In the ‘Daggers Conspiracy’, rowdy French rebels plotted to kill Nap outside the Paris opera house, but the cops knew about it and caught them at the scene! EDWARD THE MARTYR Year: AD 979 Evil stepmothers aren’t just in fairytales! One day, King Ed visited his stepmum, but her friends stabbed him – so her own son could be king. JULIUS CAESAR Year: 44BC The Roman Emperor was attacked by no fewer than 23 assassins carrying knives. To make it worse,…

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vicious valentine’s

1. Tsar Nicholas II FOND FACT: Nicholas’ wife, Alexandra, turned him down the first time he proposed! 2. Guy Fawkes FOND FACT: Fawkes loved the Roman Catholic church so much that he gave himself an Italian nickname - Guido. 3. Wu Zhao FOND FACT: Wu Zhao was one of the Chinese Emperor’s wives, but she wanted to be Empress. She killed her baby and blamed Empress Wang, then took her spot! 4. Attila the Hun FOND FACT: One legend says that Gudrun, his wife, fed him the hearts of their two sons! 5. Genghis Khan FOND FACT: Genghis Khan had dozens of wives, and it’s thought he had hundreds of children. 6. Henry VIII FOND FACT: Proving who he really liked, Henry asked to be buried next to Jane Seymour! 7. Julius Caesar FOND FACT: His girlfriend was Egyptian queen Cleopatra! When he…

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treacherous chop trumps!

GERMAN ARMY BIG BERTHA A mega cannon that was too big to carry – it had to be moved in bits by train and put together again! In 1918 one blitzed Paris from 27 miles away. RESULT: SMOULDERING CITIES BRITISH BATTLERS KNUCKLEDUSTER Seriously – in a battle of bullets and bombs? As a last resort, yes. British soldiers wrapped their fingers through this to pack a painful punch! RESULT: BUSTED BONES SARACEN SOLDIERS FLAMETHROWER The Greeks made the first flamethrowers – a long tube that blasted flaming liquid. They were used to great effect to toast a few Crusader castles. RESULT: FRAZZLED FOES PERILOUS PIRATES FLINTLOCK PISTOL Worst pistol ever? It let out a big bang and lots of smoke but took ages to load, wasn’t accurate and wouldn’t fire when wet. So you needed a few! RESULT: BLASTED BODIES TARTAR WARRIORS CORPSES The dead can be useful…