Horrible Histories Issue 55

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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april showers !

RAINY RITUALS You might be sick of the stuff, but for centuries native Americans have held rituals called rain dances to make it rain and help their crops grow. The Zuni tribe, who settled in North America 4,000 years ago, wore blue feathers while throwing shapes! SHOWER POWER Ramesses the Great became Egypt’s pharaoh in 1279 BC. He made the Hebrew people his slaves and forced them to build temples and palaces, but let them go, according to Bible stories, after suffering ten terrible plagues, including one where it rained fireballs! GHOULISH GAULS In 52 BC, Caesar’s Roman army attacked Avaricum, in France. The Gauls, led by Vercingetorix, vowed to battle back bravely – until it started raining, that is. They gave up, thinking it was a bad sign from the gods and the sky…

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on this horrible day…

25 Mar, 1306 Robert the Bruce is crowned King of Scots. He won Scottish independence from England. Great Scot! 31 Mar, 1889 The 300-metre high Eiffel Tower is opened in Paris, France. It was the tallest tower in the world and millions turned up to see it! 3 Apr, 1882 Famous American outlaw Jesse James is betrayed by gang member Robert Ford and shot in the back of the head while dusting a picture frame! 9 Apr, 1747 Baron Lovat is the last man to be beheaded in Britain. Too many come to watch – a stand collapses and kills nine people! 14 Apr, 1865 American president Abraham Lincoln goes to the theatre – and is shot dead by actor and assassin John Wilkes Booth. 19 Apr, 1587 English Captain Francis Drake hears Spain is plotting a huge attack on England.…

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survive the titanic!

Q1 Who are you? A. A man. B. A woman or child. C. The captain. Q2 What kind of ticket do you have? A. Third class. B. First Class. C. Ticket? I work below deck! Q3 Where’s the best place to hang out on a boat? A. The restaurant! Mmm, food. B. On deck, definitely. C. As deep down into the hull as possible! Q4 What’s your eyesight like? A. It’s ok with glasses on. B. I could spot an iceberg in the dark from five miles away! C. Who said that? Q5 Are you good at swimming? A. I can tread water for a while. B. I’m practically half human, half dolphin! C. My swimming nickname is ‘The stone’. Q6 How well do you deal with the cold? A. I prefer being warm! B. I make ice cubes look hot. C. I wear a snood and gloves during the summer. MOSTLY As Hmmm,…

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hot cross huns!

RATE THEIR WEIRDNESS! 1 = KINDA ODD 10 = TOTAL BONKERS! BRUTAL FOR BABIES! When boys were born, the Huns cut their cheeks with a sword so they learned to endure wounds, and pressed their skulls to change the shape of their heads. Gross! WEIRD RATING OUT OF 10? GRUESOME GUDRUN! Attila, the King of the Huns, was often cross – but wife Gudrun was mad. She roasted the hearts of their two sons with honey and served them up to eat! WEIRD RATING OUT OF 10? STUPID SONS! Attila died from a nosebleed in AD 453. Three of his sons fought over who should rule next and it tore the empire to pieces. The Huns soon disappeared. WEIRD RATING OUT OF 10? AWFUL ATTILA! King Attila had some SERIOUS anger issues. It’s said he had dogs tear his enemies apart, massacred…

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terrible tv !

LOO PEE-ER! Here Loo ’s one Pee wee -ermade ! earlier! Watch as the Romans Herefill ’s buckets one weewith made peeearlier then use ! Watch it to wash their togas. So fresh , so clean ! AMAZING WORLD OF MUSKETBALL! Admiral Nelson goes on a bonkers mission to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, loses his arm to a musket ball wound and is back in the thick of the battle just 30 minutes later! SHIP SINK BATTLE! Famous faces act out their favourite sea battle! This week, Queen Elizabeth’s forces – and bad weather – destroy Philip II’s of Spain’s Armada! GREAT BRITISH POKE OFF Will Queen Isabella of France ask jailers to kill her husband, King Edward II of England, by pushing a red-hot poker up his bottom? (SPOILER: she will!) BEASTENDERS Emperor Elagabalus sacrifices hundreds of sheep…

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serfs vs smurfs!

MISSION Serfs were the lowest class of people in the Middle Ages. They worked the land for the rich, a bit like slaves. To use a mysterious map and venture through the forbidden forest to discover a big Smurf secret. ENEMY The often cruel landowners. They worked them into the ground for little or no money and could dish out severe punishments. The evil Gargamel. This balding wizard wants to wipe out the Smurfs or capture enough to turn them into a potion! Nasty. MOOD Pretty low! They worked from first light till sunset, farming the land and building stuff so the landowners didn’t have to. Happy as can be! The Smurfs skip everywhere they go and have a Smurfingly happy outlook on life. STYLE Because of their lifestyle and lack of money, serfs probably spent most of their time…