Horrible Histories Issue 56

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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mayday, mayday, mayday!

Luxury transatlantic airship the Hindenburg took off from Frankfurt, Germany, Á\LQJ›››› passengers and ›››FUHZ›WR› America. But QRW›DOO›ZRXOG› survive the three-day trip. 1 Due to stormy weather crossing the ocean, the airship was hours behind schedule as it flew over New York’s skyscrapers and in to neighbouring New Jersey. 2 It prepared to land in strong winds, then suddenly exploded in an enormous fireball and crashed down to earth. 3 Some of the passengers and crew jumped from the ship to safety, including a 14-year-old cabin boy, but 35 people burned to death in the flames. 4 So what happened? The Hindenburg airship was filled with super-flammable hydrogen gas, which experts think was ignited by a static shock. Others thought it was Nazi sabotage. 5 In 1937 it was the worst air disaster ever. It made…

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on this horrible day…

28 April, 1789 Cruel Captain Bligh’s crew booted him off the Bounty and left him in a lifeboat. He survived the 3,600-mile journey to Australia! 30 April, 1789 George Washington becomes America’s first president – and lives to be the sickest! He had tuberculosis, malaria, smallpox and loads more. 5 May, 1821 France’s legendary military leader Napoleon dies, having spent five years in captivity on the British island of St Helena, in the Atlantic Ocean. 2 May, 1885 King Leopold of Belgium sets up the Congo Free state, forcing chained slaves to work on his rubber farms and make him rich. The cruel king was booed at his own funeral. 9 May, 1671 Irish criminal Colonel Blood leads a gang of thieves into the Tower of London to swipe the Crown Jewels. He’s caught, but Charles II remarkably lets…

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britain had talent!

HANNAH DAGOE Talent: STRENGTH Horrible Hannah, born in Ireland but living in London, was about to be hanged for theft when she punched her executioner. She then jumped from the platform, hanging herself! THE EAST INDIA COMPANY Talent: INVASION The British had a terrible talent for colonising faraway lands. But the heat got to them in 1857, when India launched a huge rebellion. They butchered soldiers, women and children and flung them down a well. THE DRUMMER BOYS Talent: DRUMMING British soldiers marched into South Africa for gold and diamonds to the beat of the drums played by talented teens – but Zulu warriors slaughtered the lot! They were hung up and chopped to bits like meat in a butcher’s shop. CAPTAIN COOK Talent: SAILING One of history’s finest explorers, he met his end trying to kidnap…

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terrible toilet tales!

The savage Saxons had lots of uses for animal poo – horse muck was used to help make plates (yep, the things they ate off) and pig poo to build their houses! The summer of 1858 was a hot one. Great, right? WRONG! In London, it warmed up all the raw sewage in the river Thames to make the whole city smell like a toilet! The days of your mum helping you on the potty are ancient history, but King Henry VIII never grew out of it – he had a special servant who would wipe his bottom! Crafty criminals in the Middle Ages were known to sneak into castles through the toilet waste chute – then hope the smell didn’t give them away. What a dirty deed! In the late 1630s, King Charles…

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home and away

STAY AT HOME Staying in cities was a real gamble – the air raid siren could sound at any moment, and you had to get to shelter before the bombs came down. 3 THINGS kids with no school to attend did for fun… • Wrecked bomb shelters – which was really rather silly. • Caught frogs and lobbed them into passing buses. • Made bows, arrows and karts out of abandoned bits. 60,595 British people were killed in the Blitz DID YOU KNOW? If the bombs didn’t get you, cars might. There were thousands of motor acciden ts during the blackout, so the government painted white lines on the roads to help drivers see. We still have them today! LIGHTS OUT! Britain had ‘blackouts’ at night – most lights were banned, so that German pilots couldn’t see the cities they wanted to…

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mission minefield!

INTEL REPORT! Enter the field at the start point and then... Go up Go down Go left Go right The Nazis had a terribly tragic way RI›FOHDULQJ›PLQHÀHOGV› – they chased captured civilians across them. In one operation in Belarus in 1943, 2,000 locals were blown up. Mines VWRSSHG›WDQNV›LQ› WKHLU›WUDFNV››:KHQ›D› 3ROLVK›RIÀFHU›LQYHQWHG› a special metal detector in 1942, the Allies used LW›WR›FURVV›PLQH›ÀHOGV› DQG›ZLQ›NH\› EDWWOHV› WONDERFUL V.E. DAY! With Berlin surrounded, Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945. Then, on Tuesday 8 May, Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced RQ›WKH›UDGLR›WKDW›DIWHU›DOPRVW›VL[›ORQJ›\HDUV›RI›ÀJKWLQJ››*HUPDQ\KDG › › surrendered. Britain celebrated V.E. Day (Victory in Europe Day) ZLWK›ÀUHZRUNV››SDUDGHV››DQG›SDUWLHV›LQ›WKH›VWUHHWV›…