Horrible Histories Issue 57

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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monstrous musicians!

The Monstrous Musicians special takes a look at music through the ages, from ancient artists to recent rockers, including Jimi Hendrix, above! Even our Neanderthal cousins played music – supposedly through flutes made of bones! Look out for Horrible Histories’ Monstrous Musicians special on Thursday 15 June, or catch up on BBC iPlayer! In the USA in the 19th century, poor slaves used to sing songs to keep their spirits up. The Horrible Histories TV show will be coming back for a brand-new series of 12 episodes towards the end of this summer, along with three more specials! Now THAT’S music to our ears!…

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on this horrible day…

29 June, 1613 Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned down when a cannon erupted during a performance of Henry V. What a bomb! 18 June, 1815 The Duke of Wellington and his British army defeated Napoleon Bonaparte’s French soldiers in the Battle of Waterloo. Toodle-loo! 28 June, 1914 Gavrilo Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in his car, an event that started the fearful First World War. 30 June, 1937 After a fire killed five in 1935, the world’s first emergency telephone number 999 is introduced in London! 14 July, 1789 Bastille Day. The French people defied the monarchy and stormed the Bastille fortress. 17 June, 1917 100 years ago, George V changed the royal family’s surname from Saxe-Coburg to Windsor. 22 July, 1934 Gangster John Dillinger was shot by the FBI. He once escaped prison by carving a pistol out of a potato to fool…

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win an overnight stay for five * at…

The winner will enjoy an overnight stay in a Woodland Lodge with friends or family and two-day passes to the castle to make the most of the dazzling shows and attractions! At Warwick Castle you can GET LOST IN TIME in the UK’s only HORRIBLE HISTORIESMAZE and witness Wars Of The Roses Live – an ALL NEW heart-pumping, fist-thumping LIVE ACTION SHOW on selected dates from June 2017! The prize also includes interactive evening entertainment such as Have-A-Go Archery and Knight’s School**, breakfast the next day, and two-day parking. *Two adults and three children. **Evening entertainment available on selected dates throughout the year. For a chance to win, just answer this question… Which historical person built Warwick Castle? A William the Conquerer B Will.I.Am Sorry, but competition only available in print edition. ENTER BY EMAIL:Send your answer, name,…

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despicable thee!

1 RICHARD TOPCLIFFE BORN 1531 Like Gru, Richard Topcliffe loved gadgets – gadgets that caused appalling pain! He stretched Elizabeth I’s prisoners on the rack while his minions burned their legs and pulled their toenails. Ouch! TRUE OR FALSE? Topcliffe died falling… from the top of a cliff! 2 EARL GODWIN BORN 1001 Godwin hated his rivals, just like Gru does. But he took things too far! In 1035, he took out both of Prince Alfred’s eyes to stop him becoming king. Godwin’s son, Harold, ruled instead – albeit, 31 years later! TRUE OR FALSE? Godwin also had his minions slaughter poor Alfred’s friends! 3 RANAVALONAI BORN 1778 What’s more despicable than killing? Getting others to do it for you! The Queen of Madagascar hated foreigners. Get caught in her lair and her minions would throw you off cliffs, starve you in…

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20th-century search!

Question time! 1 This long-lasting monarch reigned for almost half of the twentieth century – and beyond! a. Elizabeth II b. Elizabeth I c. Mary Queen of Scots 2 Iceberg ahead! This ‘unsinkable’ ship sank in 1912. a. HMS Unsinkable b. Titanic c. Britannic 3 A global conflict fought between the Allies and the Axis forces. a. Vietnam war b. Second World War c. Star Wars 4 This machine first took to the sky in 1903. a. A bird b. Helicopter c. Aeroplane 5 He was king of the UK from 1901-1910. a. Edward VIII b. Winston Churchill c. George V 6 This Ancient Egyptian’s tomb was uncovered in 1922. a. Rameses II b. Tutankhamun c. Anubis ANSWER ON PAGE 35…

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frightful fathers!

HENRY VIII This father didn’t want any more daughters, he just wanted a son! As for some of their mums, he chopped their heads off. IVAN THE TERRIBLE He had a stick with a big spike and liked to hurt people. He even used it to kill people too – including his very own son. INCAN DADS When their sons became old enough, their dads insisted they kill a poor llama to demonstrate their toughness. RICHARD DE CLARE Norman Knight Rich de Clare liked to give punishments. He sliced his son in half for being ‘weak’.…