Horrible Histories Issue 58

Horrible Histories magazine is the funniest, foulest and goriest magazine you’ll ever see! If you dare, you’ll discover so much stuff about the awful Egyptians, rotten Romans, terrible Tudors, vile Victorians and more that you’ll become a horrible expert! Join TV star Rattus and the gang and begin a journey through the putrid past – all the gore and more!

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on this horrible day…

30 Jul, 1966 The England football team win the World Cup. They’ve had 50 years of misery ever since! 31 Jul, 1910 Callous killer Doctor Crippen is arrested in Canada. He’d poisoned his wife, cut her to bits and buried the evidence in their cellar. 7 Aug, 1840 Britain passes a law finally banning the use of young boys as chimney sweeps. 15 Aug, 1945 After two atomic bombs hit Japan, they surrender to the Allies, ending the Second World War. 24 Aug, AD 79 Volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupts in Italy, destroying the city of Pompeii, killing some 16,000 people. 31 Aug, 1900 Coca-Cola is sold in Britain for the very first time. Weirdly, it was thought that it cured headaches! 1 Sep, 1715 King Louis XIV of France dies. His reign remains the longest of any European monarch in history – 72…

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win tickets for the mary rose!

We’re offering one lucky winner family tickets to discover Henry VIII’s favourite warship, the Mary Rose! The Mary Rose spent centuries hidden in the depths of the sea after sinking on 19 July 1545, killing almost all of the 500 men on board. To enter, answer this question… Who was Henry VIII’s dad? A. Henry VII B. Henry VIX ENTER BY EMAIL: Send your answer, name, age, address and telephone number to the email address on each competition. ENTER BY TEXT: Text COMP HH + WIN CODE + either A or B (without any spaces) and your name, age and full address to (see print version) . For example, text COMP HH1234A John Smith, 25 The Avenue, London N99 6XP . Entry cost will be however much your mobile phone company charges for one normal text message (SMS)…

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henry’s homes!

HAMPTON COURT PALACE Where: Surrey Henry was given this palace as a gift in 1528, and he quickly made it bigger, adding a Hogwarts-style Great Hall and huge kitchens for cooks to keep him, and his court of 1,000 people, well fed! FEARSOME FACT! Visitors claim to hear the ghost of Henry’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, who he executed! KNOLE HOUSE Where: Kent It belonged to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, but it was a UHDOO\›ÁDVK\›SDG›²›VR›LQ›››››››+HQU\›ERRWHG› the bemused bishop out and took it for himself! FEARSOME FACT! Beware of the dogs – Henry hunted deer with them in the park outside. WINDSOR CASTLE Where: Berkshire Henry spent his days here shooting and singing songs. He paid, in today’s PRQH\›››››››PLOOLRQ›GRLQJ›LW›XS› FEARSOME FACT! The castle was to be Henry’s hiding place if a plague broke out! PALACE OF WHITEHALL Where: London The biggest palace in Europe in Tudor…

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captain cook vs captain underpants

TRAVELS Captain Cook sailed the southern seas and mapped the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. / 10 When he defeats his enemies, Captain Underpants flies them to Uranus. Cook never made it that far now, did he?! / 10 STYLE The British captain wore a traditional 18th-century naval outfit, including a powdered wig, overcoat and boots. Flashy! / 10 Captain Underpants wears … you guessed it, pants! Talk about travelling light, huh? He’s also got a red cape made out of a curtain. Why not! / 10 POTIONS The intrepid explorer found weird ways to ward off scurvy (a deadly disease common at sea), including eating tons of pickled cabbage. / 10 Captain Underpants drinks Extra Strength Super Power Juice in order to gain his superpowers. It’s bright green. May contain bogies. / 10 ENEMIES Captain Cook met a grizzly end in 1779 when a tribe…

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foul facts freaky first dates

EMPEROR COMMODUS From: Rome Likes: Games, like slaughtering men and animals in the gladiator arena! Dislikes: Christians. I roast them on iron seats! Habits: I once betrayed my best mate, all to stay in power! HE’S LOOKING FOR... Someone to slaughter with! COWBOY From: Texas Likes: A peaceful life, the great outdoors and huuuge plates of food! Dislikes: Cattle-rustlers and thieves, darn it! Habits: Us cowboys love our beans… but they give me gas! HE’S LOOKING FOR... Need a break from the city? I’m your guy! ATTILA THE HUN From: Eastern Europe Likes: Expanding my empire, but relax – we never attack Britain! Dislikes: All who dare to stand in my way. Habits: A hot temper. I massacre people and eat their flesh! HE’S LOOKING FOR... Someone with a taste for Roman blood! BOUDICA From: East Anglia Likes: Leading tribespeople into war to defend our land from invaders! Dislikes: No Romans, thank you very…

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“i’m not down with being a caveman !”

What do you enjoy most about being in Horrible Histories Ryan says: “It’s just so fun! We did an Al Capone music video to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, with a dance routine! It was my favourite bit, we had a really fun time.” What was the best and worst costume? Ryan says: “Louis XIV was the best. He had loads of ruffles, a big wig, a heavy coat – it looked brilliant! As for the worst, I’m not down with being a caveman. I don’t like all the mucky ones!” Who’s your favourite Horrible Histories character? Ryan says: “Stalin was quite fun, he was great! He’s a very eccentric shouty man!” If you could be anyone from history, who would you be? Ryan says: “Ooh, someone like Captain Cook. He had loads of amazing adventures, but also…