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CHRISSA AMUAH / CONTRIBUTING EDITOR ‘Having been born and raised in London, but with a heritage that stems from Ghana, Togo and Benin, I’ve always lived with a sense of multiculturalism and this is reflected in my creativity,’ says Chrissa, the founder of AMWA Designs. House & Garden is delighted to have Chrissa join as a contributing editor, bringing her keen eye for unique and beautiful pieces to our pages. She describes her designs as being ‘deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture, which is peppered with multiple meanings, textures and colours’. Chrissa develops her distinctive style through AMWA Designs, and she has even been known to mix dried foods into paint to help create texture. What are you most looking forward to about being a contributing editor for House & Garden? ‘Being inspired…

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I now have a whole drawer full of wallpaper samples that have been rejected by my six-year-old daughter for her new bedroom. Her brief is for something pretty and floral, but everything that I have offered her – floral or otherwise – has been too busy, not pink enough, too pink, too strong and so on. I probably shouldn’t be indulging her with so much choice, but I rather admire her dedication to the quest for something perfect and, if we are opting for a wallpaper, I want her to be excited by it and happy with it. So the search continues. My eldest just wants exactly the same as his last bedroom – paint colour, curtains, etc – so at least that decision is made. Colour is indeed strong in…

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