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Tech et Jeux Vidéo

iCreate No. 198

iCreate is the creative magazine for Apple computer users. Made for Mac users by Mac users, it provides sumptuously designed, essential content for Apple aficionados and switchers alike. Featuring in-depth tutorials in iMovie, iPhoto and the rest of the iLife applications as well as iTunes and Mac OS X, it is the magazine no Apple addict can be without. If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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1 min.
“wherever your house sits on the smart scale, we help you get more from home”

How smart is your home? Do you use Apple TV? Own a HomePod? Or is your abode decked out with all manner of Wi-Fi enabled gear, such as lights you can dim remotely, cameras you can tap into from miles away and even cookers that you can pre-heat on your way home from work? Wherever your house sits on the smart scale, this month we help you get better acquainted with Apple’s Home app on iOS and Mac, showing you how to add accessories, build automations and control it all with Siri – the possibilities are endless, and you can read all about them starting on page 14. Speaking of Siri, many of us are still not using Apple’s intelligent digital assistant to the best of its capabilities, so we have…

1 min.
meet the experts

David Crookes This month our iOS expert demonstrates how to stop cold callers, dim your iPhone screen far beyond what Control Centre allows and enjoy PlayStation 4 games on your iPhone. Shaun McGill Tech expert Shaun demonstrates how you can transform your home into an automated Apple eco-system that you can control using your Mac or iOS device. George Cairns Our creative expert demonstrates how to clean up your photos, create a still image from 4K footage in iMovie and simulate professional camera moves in Final Cut Pro. Facebook iCreateMagazine Twitter @iCreateMagazine Instagram icreate_mag Email icreate@futurenet.com…

4 min.
apple tv+ lights up apple’s show time event

After a week of daily product announcements – turn over the page for more of that – Apple finally let the world see what new services it is adding to its ecosystem. You will have heard us talk about services before – subscription models like Apple Music and the App Store are huge revenue streams for Apple, and in the face of a sharp decline in iPhone sales across the globe, they are going to play a massive part in Apple’s vision for the future. The most significant, and one that was announced with an overload of glitz and glamour, is Apple TV+, Apple’s long-awaited Netflix rival. A subscription service of Apple original shows, movies and documentaries, it will cost £9.99/$9.99 and is part of a revamped Apple TV app that…

3 min.
5 things we learned this month

30th WWDC announced for June We’ve barely got over the excitement of Apple’s March event, but all eyes are now on the 30th anniversary of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will be held in San Jose between June 3 and 7. Attendees will get an insight into the future of Apple’s desktop and mobile platforms and get the chance to work alongside the Apple engineers behind the key technologies and frameworks. “WWDC is Apple’s biggest event of the year,” says Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “It brings thousands of the most creative and dedicated developers from around the world together with over a thousand Apple engineers to learn about our latest platform innovations and to connect as a community.” Second-generation AirPods are out now AirPod The long-anticipated second…

1 min.
your apple smart home

It is likely that you are aware of Home, the Apple app designed to help make your environment smart, but it is possible that you are not fully aware of what it can do. The Apple ecosystem is naturally designed to let your Apple products communicate with each other and, if third-party accessories are designed to work within the standards Apple sets, you will have a raft of further options to play with. Even better, there are many other options that can work with your Apple products to add automation and smartness to every room, using their own apps or platforms offered by competitors. It is almost impossible to keep up with the developments in this area because everything is moving so quickly; but once you start smartening up your…

1 min.
the home interface

The Home app has been designed to be purposefully spartan because as you add new accessories you will see the space fill up quite quickly. Every interface artefact has been designed to be easy to view and select, and it is possibly the most ‘Apple-like’ app that the company offers today. It takes seconds to understand how it works. Connections are key Each connected accessory is presented in the Home app and you will be notified visually if there is a connection problem so that you can resolve the issue. Tap any accessory from the front screen to interact with it further. Add new things Tap the ‘+’ icon to add new accessories or scenes in seconds. HomeKit Setup Codes are used to streamline the process or you can hold your iPhone near an…