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Life & Style Weekly April 22, 2019

Life & Style has all the celebrity news, highlights hollywood's hottest fashion and style trends, and helps readers translate their favorite stars' styles into their own lives.

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Bella Freud OLIVIA WILDE vs JANELLE MONAE By buttoning her double-breasted blazer, Janelle makes her oversize suit look more streamlined and tailored. On the contrary, Olivia’s relaxed style has her swimming in fabric! Dior CHARLIZE THERON vs ELIZABETH OLSEN Charlize was so close to winning us over in this Dior suit…but those fishnet stockings? Next! Elizabeth, on the other hand, opts for a less-is-more route, finishing her look with the ultimate glam: a bold red lip. Anna Sui BELLA HADID vs LANA CONDOR Yep, even Bella Hadid can’t pull off pairing this Anna Sui print with a turban, socks and sandals! And that’s why we’re sticking with classic pumps, like Lana’s. After all, a simple shoe allows an outfit to shine.…

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felicity & lori facing 20 years behind bars!

From Full House to the big house! Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are both facing two decades in federal prison for their role in the college admissions cheating scandal, it was revealed during a preliminary hearing on April 3 in the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston. “They’re both freaking out about the possibility of a judge making an example out of them, and there’s a real chance that could happen,” an insider tells Life & Style. “Lori and Felicity’s fame isn’t doing them any favors this time around. They’re facing a maximum of 20 years in jail, and the whole country wants them to pay.” Indeed, the Hollywood actresses aren’t getting any sympathy from the public…or, apparently, their spouses! As Life & Style has previously reported, Felicity’s…

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tom snaps on top gun set

Tom Cruise’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash! Sources say the 56-year-old actor turned into a total Iceman while filming the highly anticipated Top Gun sequel aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in San Diego. “Tom used to know every crew member by name. He was known for being the nicest guy in Hollywood,” an insider tells Life & Style. “But something’s changed. He’s irritable, impatient and snaps over the smallest things.” And now, the cast, crew and real-life civilians feel the need, the need to gripe. “Tom makes military people turn their backs to him and face the wall while he walks into a room,” sniped one Twitter user. “Man has no respect for the military,” groused another. “[He’s] in our hangar filming Top Gun 2, talking about…

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empire begins to crumble

Empire’s ratings hit an all-time low in March following Jussie Smollett’s scandal — and according to a source, the cast and crew are laying the Lyon’s share of the blame on him. Though he was cleared of allegedly fabricating a racial and homophobic attack, the 36-year-old actor has yet to fall back into favor with the public. “Jussie’s castmates think it’s his fault they’re hemorrhaging viewers, and they’re terrified that Fox will just cut its losses and cancel the series altogether,” whispers the source. “There are still so many questions about that fateful night. Innocent or not, Jussie isn’t a name you want to bring up on set.”…

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gwyneth slams kourtney’s goop knockoff

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to brand Kourtney Kardashian’s new lifestyle site, Poosh, a rip-off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. And the actress, 46, doesn’t disagree. “She’s seen it, and let’s just say Gwyneth was far from impressed,” snipes a source. Fans have the much-maligned Goop guru’s back, though. “No offense, Kourtney, ‘A’ for effort,” tweeted one, “but you’re [a] day late and a dollar short.” Meanwhile, another concluded: “Poosh is just Kourtney trying to do the Gwyneth Goop thing…just not as well.” Gwyneth “isn’t one to gripe in public,” notes the source. “She’d rather watch social media tear Kourt apart.”…

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inside britney’s emotional breakdown

Britney Spears is not a girl, not yet a woman ready to face life without her father. The fragile pop princess, 37, recently checked into a wellness facility in the wake of dad Jamie’s declining health. The 66-year-old, who became Britney’s sole conservator in 2019, was reportedly hospitalized in October after suffering a “life-threatening” health scare — and a second surgery to repair his ruptured colon resulted in further complications. “Britney is having a really hard time grasping the possibility of losing her dad,” a source reveals. “Jamie’s not getting any better, which is why he asked her to take some time out to make sure she’s OK.” Back in January, the singer announced that she was canceling her upcoming Las Vegas residency to look after her ailing father —…