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Marie Claire - UK April 2019

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editor’s letter

I recently had one of those heart-squelching, proud parent moments when my teenage twins argued their case for being allowed to go on the Youth Strike 4 Climate. The movement was started last year by 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, who has stopped going to lessons on Fridays in order to protest outside the Swedish parliament. How remarkable it is, eight months on, to see thousands of children across the globe telling the grown-ups what is staring us all in the face: that it is their futures that are at risk, that they are the ones who will suffer the terrible consequences of our world leaders’ just-not-good-enough initiatives on protecting our planet. Momentum is building and the timing of this month’s sustainability focused issue couldn’t be more appropriate. If you’re a…

3 min.
clean-up act

‘Antarctica is at the front line of climate change,’ says photographer Anne de Carbuccia, after visiting the continent to record environmental changes in a series of compelling images. ‘I was only allowed 30 minutes on the iceberg [opposite, top right], as it could have capsized at any time. I quickly placed some seal skulls I’d borrowed from a biologist on the ground around a whale bone. When I finished, the wind dropped and the sun radiated a golden light.’ Carbuccia’s temporary time shrines appear in each of the French-American’s photographs, in locations such as North Dakota and Italy’s Lampedusa, all part of her ongoing artistic project, One Planet One Future. The staged compositions of a skull and an hourglass represent the futility of life and the inevitable passing of time. Each…

1 min.
small change, big impact

Get inspired on social ‘Most of my inspiration comes from Instagram. Seeing posts from other inspiring sustainable activists is a good way to stay motivated. The World Economic Forum (@worldeconomicforum) has brilliant videos, and there’s an amazing fashion account called Rêve En Vert (@revenvert), which is set to become the sustainable Net-A-Porter.’ If you can’t go sustainable, just buy less ‘Previously with clothes, I was caught up in fast-fashion trends, but when I saw Stacey Dooley’s documentary Fashion’s Dirty Secrets highlighting the impact it was having, my eyes were opened. Now, if I can’t buy sustainable, I try to avoid buying.’ Create your own micro-movement ‘Encouraging your friends or family to participate in a sustainable event is a great way to make a bigger impact. Search online to find your nearest beach…

2 min.
ring the changes

Did you know you can grow diamonds in a lab? Penélope Cruz and Atelier Swarovski’s Nadja Swarovski talk exclusively to Marie Claire about why their sustainable collaboration is shifting perceptions in jewellery Swarovski may be famous for its crystal catwalk creations, but behind the scenes the company has always had a firm commitment to conscious consumerism, thanks to executive board member Nadja Swarovski. It was in 2007 that she created Atelier Swarovski to showcase the brand’s commitment to sustainability, creativity and innovation. ‘This has been a core concern ever since my great-great grandfather, Daniel Swarovski, founded our family company in 1895. He was an incredible visionary and always sought to do business in a way that was positive for people and our planet,’ says Swarovski. ‘Today, we’re committed to acting responsibly…

3 min.
who wants a disposable life?

A cooking pot is an odd thing to change your life . It was a 30th birthday present, and my response to this Le Creuset object was visceral. Why wasn’t everything in my life like this beautiful, sturdy heirloom piece? I was suddenly gripped by an overriding desire for everything I owned to feel like it would last forever. The problem was, I had a house full of clutter, bursting with purchases bought on a whim. I was very much the ‘before’ picture in a Marie Kondo show. I confess I used to be a devoted impulse shopper. I was in my late twenties and thousands of pounds in debt. My job in advertising saw me selling chocolate to children, which really didn’t help me sleep at night. I wanted to…

1 min.

OUR PLANET ★★★★ This series focuses on the planet’s most precious species and fragile habitats. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Netflix, 5 April AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH ★★★ Made 13 years ago, you’ll be shocked by former US vice president Al Gore’s stark talk illustrating mankind’s devastating effect on the planet. Amazon Prime Video CHASING CORAL ★★★★ In an attempt to save endangered reefs, a team of divers, photographers and scientists reveal the bleaching process that is killing the reefs. Netflix BEFORE THE FLOOD ★★★★ Leonardo DiCaprio goes in search of solutions to prevent environmental disruption, such as renewable energy sources and forest restoration. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video…