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Marie Claire - UK May 2019

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2 min.
editor’s letter

In two decades as a women’s glossy magazine editor, I never imagined I would commission a feature about cleaning. After all, the titles I have been privileged to work for are aimed at empowering women, not putting them back in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, however, a member of the team was telling me she wasn’t sure if she’d taken leave of her senses at the excitement she felt about a particular cleaning cloth she’d just ordered, having seen an influencer use it on Instagram. Yep, pictures of sparkling houses and women donning rubber gloves are the latest social media sensation. Needless to say, it’s provoked a raging debate in the office with some of the team having no qualms about it, and others horrified about the whole thing.…

3 min.
the art of sisterhood

‘They’re feisty, they’re powerful, they’re young and they’re independent.’ Iain McKell’s enthusiasm for the women he photographed for his project New Girl Order (now available as a book) is infectious. ‘I was so inspired by these young women that I had to document their lifestyle,’ he says. ‘They felt truly authentic, scavenging the streets of Tottenham for materials to create their art. These women used their costumes and visual arts to demonstrate the shock of the new – they were in their own little scene and I recognised this as a counter culture. I knew there was something fiercely different about them.’ If there’s one thing this celebrated photographer has an eye for, it’s counter culture. McKell has carved out a successful career, with an uncanny knack of being in the…

2 min.
women who win

‘I WANTED TO BECOME A POLICE OFFICER BECAUSE I SAW SO MANY INJUSTICES GROWING UP’ ‘I would see boys try to kidnap girls in the market. I’d shout at them that I would get the police, and they’d run away. It seemed so unfair to me that people couldn’t do anything about the injustices they endured – it gave me the desire to help.’ ‘IT’S THANKS TO MY FATHER THAT I WASN’T CIRCUMCISED’ ‘I grew up in the upper east region of Ghana in a remote village where FGM (female genital mutilation) was the norm. Girls are conditioned for marriage from a young age, and until you are circumcised you cannot marry. My father travelled outside the region and was exposed to education. He wanted that for me and all my sisters and…

3 min.
end of the line

I’m reading Hanging Up by Delia Ephron. It’s a novel about three sisters, their complicated family dynamic, and the rather tricky transition period between youth and advanced adulthood. But it’s also an ode to the telephone; each character spends more time on it in a day than I do in a year. When I was a teenager, all I wanted was a phone of my own. If Future Me had told Teen Me that I’d own one, and never call my friends on it, I would have been horrified. Yet when a new acquaintance recently asked if she could ring me for a chat, I responded as if she’d asked for my PIN. I will only take phone calls from blood relatives, and even that’s under some duress. In 2017, the…

1 min.

EIGHTH GRADE ★★★★ Golden Globe nominee Elsie Fisher is quite brilliant as a shy, quiet teenager about to go to high school in this adolescent drama. Excruciating to watch, but so on the money. THE SISTERS BROTHERS ★★★★ John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix are the siblings in question – two hitmen roughing it in the Wild West. Jake Gyllenhaal joins them for a quirky cowboy yarn. BEL CANTO ★★★ Julianne Moore fronts this rather stilted movie from About A Boy director Paul Weitz, playing an opera singer taken hostage. Ken Watanabe and Sebastian Koch co-star. WILD ROSE ★★★★★ Jessie Buckley is sensational as a Glaswegian mother who dreams of becoming a country singer. Sophie Okonedo and Julie Walters line up with her but this is Buckley’s moment.…

3 min.
honk if you want to bump sexism off the road

‘I’m sorry?’, asked my mother, as we both stared in disbelief at the salesman. ‘You’ll be wanting to check with your husband before you buy the car,’ he repeated. My mum’s been single for 40 years; I’ve been a senior motoring journalist for 15 years, including a stint as The Daily Telegraph’s motoring editor, and recently as editorial director of Auto Trader. If only this example was rare. Sadly, we know the entire car industry – from the cars themselves, to marketing, dealerships, magazines and motor shows – is still a male-biased environment, where women and unconfident buyers are given little support and guidance. One might, at a stretch, understand this approach if only men bought and drove cars. But there are 11.8 million female licence holders in the UK, a…