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Marie Claire - UK June 2019

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2 min.
editor’s letter

I’m a city girl, born and brought up in the most exciting capital in the world, and have only once properly parted company when I moved all of 53.5 miles away to Brighton to do my degree. Friends and family who live further afield or have moved out over the years can’t fathom why I stick the hectic daily commute, the toxic air or the argy-bargy of London living. But I’ve found a way to make it work - essentially by fleeing to the countryside at least once a month for a fix of the great outdoors with a day-long dog walk, as well as booking escapes to little cottages by the sea. Knowing that in a few months’ time I’ll be swimming every morning before breakfast gets me through…

6 min.
hope for india’s waste pickers

It is through clouds of dust, on a dirty rubbish dump that I first see Dolly – her immaculate, brightly coloured sari strangely at odds with her surroundings. The 22-year-old stands under a flapping white plastic awning attempting to shade herself from the intense 35˚c heat, a six-month-old baby girl on her hip. Her aunt and sister-in-law crouch on the ground nearby, busily separating filthy plastic waste from paper, and broken glass with their bare hands, while a small child pads nonchalantly between them, barefoot. We are in the heart of the fastest growing Indian city of Bangalore. It is unbearably hot, and the air is thick with a grey dust that sticks in the throat. But for Dolly, this is home. As a waste picker, her days are spent with…

2 min.
when did dating get so demanding?

A few months ago, I received a peculiar voice note on WhatsApp. ‘Hi Sophie, it’s Marcus*,’ an American voice drawled. ‘Just thought I’d say I’m looking forward to tomorrow.’ It went on for a few minutes with the guy – an upcoming Bumble date – filling me in on his day and what he was up to. Thinking it odd – why not bash out a text like the rest of us? – I typed out a hasty response: ‘Same, hear the food is great! X.’ That’s when things got weird. ‘Aha!’ he replied. ‘This is usually the point you’d send me a voice note back, but if you don’t want to…’ Slightly narked, I ignored it. Then came the next message: ‘I usually ask dates to send a “today selfie”.…

1 min.

ARCTIC ★★★★ Like The Revenant and All Is Lost, this is a gripping survival story, featuring Mads Mikkelsen stranded in the snowy wastes. Polar bears are the least of his problems. VOX LUX ★★★ Getting her glitter on, Natalie Portman stars in her most out-there role since Black Swan as a tragic pop star. A daring, provocative look at post-Columbine America. HIGH LIFE ★★★★ Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche blast off into space for this clammy sci-fi from auteur Claire Denis. A perverse and brilliant twist on this genre. EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE ★★★★ Zac Efron is superb as 70s serial killer Ted Bundy in this restrained take on his killing spree and the media circus at his trial. Lily Collins co-stars. *NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED…

2 min.
melinda gates

In her debut book, The Moment Of Lift, Melinda Gates charts her evolution as a feminist and tells the stories of women who inspired her manifesto for an equal society. Through her work as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation –the world’s largest private charitable organisation – she knows only too well that to lift society up, society first needs to invest in women. You met Bill at a company dinner shortly after joining Microsoft as a product manager. In light of #MeToo, do you view dating the boss any differently now? ‘I’d worked really hard to get where I was, and I didn’t want anyone looking at me differently or thinking of me as just “Bill’s girlfriend”. Our story is about a relationship that happened to start in a…

1 min.
a top fashion draw

Firm fashion friends Marc Jacobs and Grace Coddington have teamed up for Marc Jacobs Illustrated, a stylish coffee-table tome that explores the iconic designer’s meteoric rise to runway royalty. Featuring Jacobs’ best-loved looks, as illustrated by former Vogue creative director Coddington, the book offers a unique monograph of more than 50 beautifully drawn collections to pore over, including his signature 90s grunge-inspired line. ‘Grace’s drawings bring back so many great memories of all the clothes I loved and wore in the significant moments of my life,’ writes Jacobs’ muse Sofia Coppola in the foreword. ‘They show her love for what Marc has designed… and bring back the thrill of seeing them for the first time - always something new from what was going on at the time.’ Oh, and the…