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Marie Claire - UK August 2019

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Your life made easier - every day. Marie Claire is the monthly women's glossy that combines provocative features with outstanding fashion and beauty to inspire every woman who wants to think smart and look amazing.

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the August issue. I am picturing you settling down somewhere calm and relaxing – a sofa; your bed; seat A, row 12 on a plane to a Greek island, maybe? Your phone is switched off (No? Go on, do it now…) and you’re about to give yourself a break from everything the day is throwing at you. Over the next 140 pages we’re going to take you to unexpected places, introduce you to remarkable women and delight you with gorgeous fashion and beauty, like this fantastic collage our art team created to showcase the AW19 catwalk trends (page 100). Just one hour a day to do something for yourself isn’t a lot to ask, is it? It’s a question writer and podcaster Emma Gannon posed to the audience at…

3 min.
brazil’s new resistance

The 600-strong members of the Maraguas tribe live a precarious existence, split into five settlements on the banks of the Abacaxis river. Their indigenous culture is under attack on all fronts: their forest is being replaced by more lucrative soy plantations and cattle farms, the river is filling up with tourist boats that deplete the fish population, and hunters are shooting protected species, such as jaguar and caiman. In a country that is the deadliest in the world for human rights activists, Lia Minapoty, 30, is fighting back. She has left her village to move to the nearest town, Nova Olinda, to head up a network of women working with communities to keep the millennium-old Maraguas language and culture alive. ‘In our culture, women are the ones who know the medicinal…

1 min.
women who win

‘I GREW UP SEEING STREET KIDS IN RIO DE JANEIRO AND THIS HAS SHAPED WHO I AM TODAY’ ‘I’m half Brazilian, and on childhood holidays visiting family in Rio, I’d see children living on the streets. I was on maternity leave from my job as head of finance at the Gaia Foundation when I had the idea for From Babies With Love. I was in a baby shop and realised, “What if I can buy these things and help vulnerable children at the same time?” This emotional connection is so powerful in parents, and it is at the core of the brand.’ ‘CHILDREN NEED A FAMILY STRUCTURE, SO THEY CAN GROW UP TO BE HAPPY ADULTS ‘We started in 2013, and as a social enterprise we’re now supporting thousands of children in over…

2 min.
‘actors are all strange’

How does the new series differ from the first two? It’s the first time where it’s summer in Hawkins and nobody is in school, so there are lots of activities, like Nancy [Dyer’s character] has a job. This season there’s more action, humour and fun, but it’s also quite scary. It’s a big one. Who is your strangest co-star? Oh, they’re all a bit strange, aren’t they? I love Brett Gelman [ who plays Murray Bauman]; he’s so off the cuff. And David Harbour [Jim Hopper] is a big, funny personality. Even when we’re filming dark things, the goofy cast make the set electric. I think actors in general are a little strange. Have you learned a lot from Winona Ryder? She’s very hands-on and always asking questions. Winona knows when things feel right and…

1 min.
film by james mottram

THE CURRENT WAR ★★★ This stunner shows how electricity pioneers Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) changed the world, but it’s their sacrifice that’s truly gripping. VITA & VIRGINIA ★★★ Director Chanya Button explores the passionate affair between novelists Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. Elizabeth Debicki and Gemma Arterton star. ONLY YOU ★★★★ A heart-wrenching romantic drama, God’s Own Country star Josh O’Connor and Spanish actress Laia Costa play a couple going through the highs and lows of a relationship. Electric. TELL IT TO THE BEES ★★★ Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin join forces for this 50s-set tale in a Scottish village of a forbidden affair between a married mother and the local doctor. Quaint but engaging. ADDITIONAL WORDS BY MARIA COOLE, SOPHIE GODDARD AND NIAMH MCCOLLUM.PHOTOGRAPHS BY ZOEY GROSSMAN FOR NETFLIX, COURTESY OF NETFLIX…

1 min.
juggling act

I’m a multi-hyphenate. I coined the term and wrote The Multi-Hyphen Method to embrace and celebrate the fact that a lot of people don’t want to do one thing for life. Plus, with the rapid rate of workplace change, hardly any of us will be doing the same thing in ten years’ time. The flip side of no longer having one job and one income is that it’s forced me to become better at managing my time and finances. When I had one job and one salary, I had a routine. Now, each day is different. I’ve learned a lot from juggling multiple projects – here’s what I think is important to make a success of your future work life. 1.Achieve more in 90-minute ‘deep work’ sessions These require full concentration…