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Marie Claire - UK September 2019

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editor’s letter

When things don’t go to plan after you’ve put in a huge amount of time and effort to get something off the ground, you’d rightly deserve to feel pretty peeved off. Occasionally, though, when your best efforts go pear-shaped, it can be for all the right reasons, which is the situation we found ourselves in at Marie Claire this month. Just as we were going to press, MPs voted resoundingly to extend abortion and same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland – an unexpected amendment to a technical government bill that took everyone by surprise. Our cover featuring a report on the forgotten women of Northern Ireland had already printed, and we only had an hour to update the story on page 60. Given that there is still a long way…

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women making waves

For women living in Zanzibar – an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania – change is afoot. This is a Muslim society where only 16 per cent of women have a bank account and nearly 22 per cent are married before turning 18. The conservative culture, along with a lack of modest swimwear, means that women and girls have been discouraged from swimming, despite island life taking place around the sea. As a result, the rate of drowning on the African continent is the highest in the world. In recent years, an unexpected opportunity has paved the way for women’s freedom and financial independence. Seaweed farming has suddenly boomed, becoming one of the island’s largest industries, thanks to a rising global demand (it’s shipped overseas to make anything from shampoo to…

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fringe benefits

Start practising your kegel exercises, the Edinburgh Fringe is in town, and the comedy line-up looks set to be a belter. From 2-26 August, thousands of performers will take to the stage in the largest event of its kind in the world. Anyone who can find a venue to perform in can put on a show, which means audiences get to enjoy a mix of music, comedy, dance and theatre. Here are the female comedians we’re excited about... 01 HARRIET DYER Mental health might not sound like the funniest topic for a comedian to tackle, but as the creator of the podcast Don’t Worry Bi (Polar) Happy, Harriet Dyer pulls it off and gives audiences some important food for thought. FYI, her new show is largely dinosaur-focused. 02 SARA BARRON American writer and honorary…

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women who win

Jennifer Nadel is a journalist and barrister. While at ITV in the 90s, she led investigations into global injustices, exposing the use of rape as a weapon in war. In 2018, she co-founded Compassion in Politics, a campaign group aiming to place ‘empathy at the heart of politics’ ‘BE YOURSELF – IT WILL LIBERATE OTHERS’ ‘We all need to own ourselves. Telling an audience of 2,000 that I’d had two breakdowns is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done, because I no longer have to pretend. I can own every single part of me – the part that can run for Parliament and broadcast to millions, alongside the part that ended up in hospital with serious depression when my marriage ended. It takes real courage to reveal one’s vulnerability.’ ‘THE TIME IS RIGHT…

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cool catwomen

Throughout history and in popular culture, the cat lady has been portrayed as a man-hating, mad spinster with cupboards full of Sheba. In medieval times, witches had their black cats, while the Victorians portrayed female cat-lovers as pitiful feline-cuddling old maids. The perfect embodiment of the character comes in The Simpsons’ Dr Eleanor Abernathy, a delusional hoarder with plenty of pussies ready to hurl at passers-by. Regardless of where such tropes originated, Brooklyn-based fashion and beauty photographer BriAnne Wills is determined to redefine the hackneyed term ‘cat lady’, one stylish shot at a time in a new heart-warming photo series, Girls And Their Cats. Out this month to coincide with International Cat Day (8 August), the book features photos from her four-year passion project, 50 striking portraits of independent and artistic…

1 min.

PAIN AND GLORY ★★★★ Pedro Almodóvar delivers this late-career masterpiece, with Cannes’ Best Actor winner Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz in this autofiction tale of an ailing film director. Sublime. A GUIDE TO SECOND DATE SEX ★★★ However bad your dating history, it won’t compare to the awkward encounter in this comedy starring George MacKay and Alexandra Roach. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT ★★★ Gurinder Chada (Bend It Like Beckham) tells a heartfelt true tale about a Bruce Springsteen-obsessed Pakistani teen (Viveik Kalra) living in 80s Luton. ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD ★★★★ Tarantino’s latest is a dazzling drama, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a fading actor and Brad Pitt as his stunt double living in 1969 LA. Jaw-dropping. PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIANNE WILLS, HANNAH ROSA LEWIS-LOPES, GETTY IMAGES, NIGELHILLIER, STEVE ULLATHORNE. *2018 PDSA ANIMAL WELLBEING (PAW) REPORT…