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Marie Claire - UK November 2019

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Your life made easier - every day. Marie Claire is the monthly women's glossy that combines provocative features with outstanding fashion and beauty to inspire every woman who wants to think smart and look amazing.

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editor’s letter

Where to begin, and how to end… of the 122 editor’s letters I have written over the past ten years as Editor in Chief, this one is without doubt the hardest to write, because this will be the very last printed edition of Marie Claire UK. I can, of course, tell you about the great reports, interviews, fashion stories and opinion pieces in this issue (check out Flo Perry’s unflinching call for an end to the taboos around women’s sexual pleasure on page 98). I can also point out our #StartSomewhere sustainability campaign – now in its third year – with content woven throughout the magazine to highlight the ways in which we can all make a stand for the planet (the irony of ending Marie Claire’s life in paper is…

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unique to marie claire

marie claire Edit. Pooling decades’ worth of fashion authority, think of Marie Claire Edit as your virtual, shoppable fashion cupboard. From knockout designer pieces to the high-street hits you’ll love, Marie Claire Edit brings your dream shopping experience to life. And if you’re signed up to our mailing list, you’ll be sent all our sartorial secrets straight to your inbox. FABLED by marie claire Offering the best premium beauty brands in the business (think Tom Ford, Aveda and La Mer) alongside unique labels fresh to the market, Fabled by Marie Claire also delivers expert advice in-store at our flagship London address, 21 Tottenham Court Road, and online at Fabled.com.In short, we’re here to shake up the way you wear and shop all things beauty in a multi-level, multi-platform emporium. marie claire JETSTYLE Power pedis, pro…

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marie claire woman kind

COLOMBIA’S REBIRTH When a peace deal with Colombian militant group FARC ended decades of bitter conflict, it kick-started an unexpected baby boom among former female fighters During 53 years of guerrilla warfare, the foot soldiers of the Marxist-Leninist militant group FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) lived a harsh life in the jungle, where one of the strict rules was that fighters were forbidden from having children. But with the signing of a historic ceasefire in 2016, there has been a baby boom, with hundreds of new families created, many living in the demobilisation camps set up to help them transition into everyday life. Yorladis is one of hundreds of pregnant former soldiers. She is expecting for the sixth time – the other five pregnancies during her years with FARC were all terminated;…

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how going green can save you money

We all know that the consumer and investment choices we make have a significant impact on the environment, but what’s good for the planet isn’t always good for our wallet, right? Surely, going fully green only puts us in the red? Not so fast. Contrary to popular belief, living sustainably and saving money aren’t mutually exclusive. Here are five ways to make a positive difference to the climate crisis without breaking the bank… 1 ELECTRIC DREAMS Nothing beats taking public transport – or, better still, walking to work. But if you do need to use a car, follow Norway’s example and get with the electric revolution. Almost half of all cars sold in the first six months of 2019 were powered by fully electric engines, according to the Norwegian Road Federation. In…

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‘if something isn’t right, stand up and do something about it’

Learning to stand up for myself didn’t come to me in an epiphany – it was my culture. I guess you could say that I was raised by wolves. Both of my parents were strident political campaigners, and in my house you were as likely to hear the phrase, ‘This isn’t right, we’ve got to do something about it!’ as you were to hear, ‘Pop the kettle on, bab.’ The folklore of my family always revolved around things people had done to stand up to bullies and bigots. I remember how proud my parents were of my brother, Joe, when he took on the local bully as he was picking on our neighbour. As I was raised by wolves, so too were my parents, and when asked who taught me to…

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women who win

Ruth Morgan is the first professor of crime and forensic science at University College London (UCL). She is passionate about promoting women in STEM careers, and was named one of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 21 Young Scientists of 2019 ‘DON’T LET FAILURE STOP YOU’ ‘Funding is a huge challenge for forensic science. It was clear to me that the traditional routes to secure this for research wouldn’t work, so I raised money to set up a lab by crowdfunding.’ ‘THE WAY SCIENCE IS USED IMPACTS ON PEOPLE’S LIVES’ ‘While I was a PhD student, I did research on a murder trial appeal. We discovered the forensic evidence that led to the guilty verdict hadn’t been properly tested, and the real culprit was eventually convicted. There’s a lot of work to be done to…