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1. HIGH VOLUME Playlist alert: Meet Jay Som, aka Melina Duterte, the 22-year-old from Oakland, California, with a dreamy pop sound you’ll love. Her debut album, Everybody Works, drops March 10. 2. GIRL, BYE The girls from Girls are all grown-up and ready to say good-bye. The sixth and final season of Lena Dunham’s critically acclaimed, think-piece-prompting series is airing now on HBO. 3. READ HER MIND There’s a universal rule against reading someone else’s diary—but in this case, it’s not just OK, it’s required reading. South and West: From a Notebook (Knopf), in stores March 7, is composed of two extended excerpts from iconic writer Joan Didion’s private notebooks. Call up the book club ASAP. 4. THE BLING RING Pack a punch—literally—with Gucci’s feisty, feline-inspired fine jewelry, like this multi-stone double-finger ring,…

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Scarlett JOHANSSON WANT MORE SCARLETT? GET A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT HOLLYWOOD’S LEADING LADY AT MARIECLAIRE.COM/SCARLETT-JOHANSSON THE FUTURE IS FEMALE Women aren’t just breaking into the tech scene; they’re leading the way. A booming community of virtual-reality pioneers is taking on the bros. marieclaire.com/virtual-reality-women INSTA-BEAT OUR PHOTO-HAPPY EDITORS HASH(TAG) IT OUT 1. Claire Fontanetta Assistant Beauty Editor/@claire_fonta Stand Here And Think About Someone You Love! 2. Rosa Heyman Social Media Editor/@rosaheyman 1-year-at-@marieclairemag flowers. 3. Lauren Valenti Beauty Editor/@lauren_valenti Boys…sometimes a girl just needs one (or 25) @tomford. 4. Wanyi Jiang Design Director/ @wanyizee This is Goldie Hen. Wait till you meet her sis Chicki Minaj. MOST-WANTED ACCESSORIES Bag that old purse and update your accessory arsenal with one of our top picks of the season. marieclaire.com/top-handbags…

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spring to action

annefulenwider@marieclaire.com ihave to admit something—I don’t always “get” fashion. I mean, I’ve always loved shopping— I remember the thrill of early spring days when my mother would pick me up from school and drive straight to Bloomingdale’s. (The department store was new to Boston in the ’80s, and my mother, a native New Yorker, was insanely excited about its arrival.) And I have always known there was a mysterious alchemy to getting dressed—a certain power in putting something on that feels completely right. But to be perfectly honest, when I became editor of Marie Claire more than four years ago, the fashion world was pretty foreign to me. I came up through the journalism side of magazines, not fashion. But I have come to absolutely love it: the artistry, the inspiration,…

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what you said

Culture Club Thank you so much for featuring Gina Rodriguez! As a Chinese-American woman, it is encouraging to see Marie Claire lead the movement to share diverse voices and expand our understanding of what powerful, inspirational, and impactful women look and sound like. Now more than ever, America needs constant reminders that beauty, strength, and innovation originate from diverse perspectives. Marie Claire’s spot-on coverage of women’s issues and victories, and the women of color from many cultural backgrounds who grace your covers and pages, keeps me coming back month after month. —Christina Potter, Seattle Darling Clémentine I loved Clémentine Desseaux’s [“Big Girl in a Skinny World”] fearlessness, as well as her resemblance to a style icon from another era, the great Frida Kahlo. I hope we see more of her! —Stephanie Sandercock, Blaine,…

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MAKEUP ARTIST Charlotte TILBURY @ctilburymakeup The makeup artist, who was raised in Ibiza, Spain, and lives in London, showcases the looks behind her Quick ‘N’ Easy makeup kits, out this month, in “Tour de Face” (p. 194). “The looks were inspired by the DNA of the cities,” says Tilbury, “whether it’s the golden California goddess or the effortlessly chic Parisian girl.” SECRETLY OBSESSED WITH: Magic. PERSONAL STYLE: Bohemian-chic. FASHION EDITOR Patti WILSON In “Lab of Luxury” (p. 218), the influential stylist experimented with new pairings. “I wanted to start with a pastoral feeling, all white, cotton, and softness, and then shake it up, adding punk bits to give the story a rebellious and futuristic feel,” she says. “I really had fun mixing fine jewelry with leather pieces.” Behind the scenes, the shoot was less…

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hit the road

JACKET $2,200, Coach; coach.com for stores. “I love the way this bag’s fringe moves and the deep-green suede that stands out in a sea of black.” —CAROLINA O’NEILL, Senior Fashion & Accessories Editor, @CAROLINAXONEILL ROGUE $750, Coach; coach.com for stores. “These studded boots are enough to push any look over the edge, and remind me of my British-punk-inspired youth!” —ALISON EDMOND, Fashion Editor-at-Large, @EDMONDALISON ROCCASIN BOOTIE $795, Coach; coach.com for stores. “This bag is femme-rebel personified with its dark palette, hardware florals, and rocker chain.” —ZANNA ROBERTS RASSI, Senior Fashion Editor, @ZANNARASSI TEA ROSE DINKY $595, Coach; coach.com for stores. “I love the size and versatility of these cross-body bags— perfect for the iPhone generation!” —NINA GARCIA, Creative Director, @NINAGARCIA Creative Director, @NINAGARCIA CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: WHIPSTITCH DINKIER $550, LINKED LEATHER DINKIER $450, DINKY $395, Coach; coach.com for…