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Mega Man

Mega Man

October 2020

MEGA Man is the total guide to fashion, grooming, and culture for the modern man.

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3 min.
executive decision

I was a very confident 22-year-old. I went to an international high school and graduated top ten percent of my class, with honors and an international baccalaureate diploma. I also got a spot at a highly coveted American university where I double majored in Biology and Math. I came home to the Philippines because I wanted to give back to my country and at that time, I thought I was so cool. My confidence was sky high. I thought I would succeed in anything I chose to do and I also thought anything I touched would turn into gold. Together with some friends, we conceived a product that we felt would be revolutionary, an LGBTQ magazine for the Filipino. It was glossy, had beautifully written narratives, and high-quality photographs. Like any…

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normal next to

For the past few months, we have grappled, wrestled, and struggled with the concept of what normal has become for all of us. While many continue to look at once was, hopelessly wishing things would just go back to how we understood it to be, the rest have been working on carving out the path we all would move forward in, redefining what it is to live with this aggressive shift in our histories hovering over us for the rest of life itself. Everything has been shaken up, undone, and turned on its head, and now we are making better choices—whatever, wherever it may be. MEGA Man still means business and is taking its chances, charging ahead in an approach that is conscious and considerate. This month, we meet Ben Wintle,…

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bare it all

STYLE TIP Settle into this confident trend by leaning on the allure of the classic black Photography KARA CHUNG. Styling VAN HARRIES. Grooming SYDNEY HELMSLEY. Model JORGE (ELITE MANILA). Special thanks to RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Black embellished mesh shirts and trousers both by CHRIS DIAZ…

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do the deep dive

1 LANEIGE A wise man once said: “Moisture is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty.” If anyone understands this more it has to be the skin, and well, Derek Zoolander. All cult-favorite film references aside, the skin goes through much on the daily, which is why it is imperative to hydrate and nourish it at any given opportunity. Anchored on the pursuit of water science to maintain optimal moisture levels, Laneige quenches parched skin with a cool, tall, and most refreshing glass of water in the Water Bank Hydro Essence. A lightweight and highly-concentrated formulation, the best-selling innovation is crafted with green mineral water and infused with vitamin-rich kale, watercress, and beet to deliver intense clarity and hydration minus the sticky feeling typically akin to emollients…

8 min.
feed your focus

“I am disciplined. I am focused. I am healthy.” Confidently written in a journal entry one Thursday morning last March, these self-affirmations were much-needed pick-me-ups for a then troubled Ben Wintle. And why wouldn’t he need all the positive reinforcement he can muster during that time–his wife, Iza, was about to be admitted into a hospital; his phone was buzzing with messages of concern from friends and family; his company, Booky, was carefully navigating around the shifting food and beverage industry. But amid the emerging trials and tribulations from all aspects of his life, Ben manages to achieve a state of mental clarity all throughout. Honestly speaking, it’s rather surprising for a man like Ben to be able to keep a headspace free from the constant internal oohs and ahhs. Being…

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location: unkown

M AL Y L SE B L Y F With the world seen from the waist up, a dressier update on loungewear is the perfect transition from the hustle to the end of work day DIS G TA O N TH CE E Beat the incremental heat with bright whites and airy separates you can ease your days in OUT THERE Trousers are a weird, foreign concept, yes. But every once in a while, a fresh pair of denims is your best bet to feel a touch, well, normal YOU BETTER DO Relaxing takes on a much more mindful approach in self-isolation, swathe yourself in robes and rich-toned separates for a bit of indulgence WORK IT OUT Don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, you can make use of your work breaks with an athletic-corporate hybrid HOW ARE YOU? Update your stuck-at-home…