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Modern Fishing August 2018

For over 55 years Modern Fishing has been the cutting-edge voice of the Australian recreational fishermen. Packed full of informative feature articles, techniques, new gear reviews, species spotlights and inspiring travel destinations.

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setting the record straight

So it’s Wednesday the 6th June and the mighty NSW Blues have just won game 1 of the 2018 origin series. I finished celebrating one of the all-time great origin victories at the pub and made the 20 minute 140m stumble from the local to my house. When I got home I checked my phone and I had a message from Sammy Hitzke something about me fanning the fire. I couldn’t work out what the message was about and thought it was origin related so I called him a dirty Queenslander with a few other lovable expletives and thought nothing of it. Then Sammy sends me back another message and I eventually get it through my thick liquid swollen skull that it wasn’t origin related. After Sammy dumbed it down a…

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through the lens

HOW TO ENTER It’s pretty simple. Each month, we’ll be posting the competition on the Modern Fishing Facebook page and all you need to do is drop your best pics in the comments section and tag a fishing buddy. It’s that easy so get snapping!! We know that fishos around the country love a good fishy image and we want to showcase those epic shots of yours and give you the chance to WIN BIG!…

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cool season, hot action!

With the onset of generally cooler weather conditions there’s a temptation by many to put the sporty tackle away and take a hiatus from what may be considered ‘serious sportfishing’. Personally I couldn’t imagine anything worse than sitting out the cooler months, fishless, getting in a rut (especially if your footy team is losing badly as well!), and not slipping in some braid peelin’ action whenever possible. Winter of course doesn’t automatically mean ‘offseason’ when it comes to getting lures eaten and generally having hectic sessions. While there may be a need to fish a bit harder, endure less than favourable weather at times, and be a touch smarter about your approach, there really is plenty to look forward to! A dominant approach for me over these upcoming months is to downgrade my…

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bare bones breamin’   part 1

I clearly remember the early days of my fishing life. Poring over fishing magazines in the school library in the days before the internet was even a thing. When Mister Twister “twin tails” were the cutting edge of new lures for flathead and I started to accidentally catch more and more bream on Manns 5+ harbodied lures. At this point it’s hard to think that thirty years ago bream were considered an incidental capture and very few people intentionally targeted them when you look at the amount of time, effort and especially money goes into catching them today. I find it easy to understand why there is the level of fervour these days. Bream inhabit rivers all the way from the freshwater reaches to the ocean headlands and over 3 species…

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hot rocks!

When octopus jigs first burst onto the reef fishing radar they flipped the jigging scene on its head. The outlandish colours and designs, and the fresh benefits of using a slow jig, made many anglers sit up and take note. In my neck of the woods they were an instant hit (no pun) with snapper fishos and those after other aggressive minded reefies in slightly deeper parts. While there seems to be a bit of a lull in their usage in recent years, as no doubt the initial novelty factor has worn off, these rock shaped, squid and octopus wannabes, still retain their value in our eyes when looking to fish the reefs. New, larger sizes have also further expanded their usage to include the extreme depths, adding another dimension to…

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small boat missions

The inshore scene can be considered as a one stop shop with a mixed bag of bread and butter species consistently on offer, irrespective of the size of your boat. A little bit of thought and time on the water needs to be endured in this particular environment throughout the initial learning stages. But once some insight is gained it soon becomes obvious to the average punter that there’s enough action found close to shore here to negate the need to own a fairly large trailer boat or head out wide in search of fish. Inshore small boat fishing offers fun for all with anything from soaking baits for traditional table species through to simple lure fishing at its finest. It’s the perfect place to not only learn and teach…