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theories, rants, etc.

THE WEIRDEST ART, AS WE’VE OFTEN observed, flourishes in the most innocuous places. This month, MOJO returns to the suburban hinterlands of Southern England in the late 1970s, and to Crawley, a sprawl of roundabouts and housing estates next to Gatwick Airport. It’s here we find the nascent Cure, working on an outsider music as uncompromising as it is strangely accessible. There are fights at hospital dinner dances, ill-advised cover versions, disastrous record deals and, at first, a prevailing suspicion the band might never escape their hometown. “Deep in our psyche we knew,” the drummer Lol Tolhurst tells Keith Cameron, “If we don’t do something, we’re destined to live in this place until we die.” It would be foolish, though, to underestimate the stubbornness and will to succeed of genius. Robert…

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future legend

THE WEEK ending of January 8–10, which marked both David Bowie’s birthday and the fifth anniversary of his passing, was marked by a surge of activity This included the streaming premiere of the Lazarus stage show and Mike Garson’s Just For One Day all-star charity live stream. The BBC’s cross-platform Five Years On tribute, meanwhile, included archive interviews and performances, documentaries and Pete Townshend recalling his old friend. “Time flashes by and I think about him a lot,” Townshend told BBC Radio 6Music’s Chris Hawkins. “There was so much about David that I didn’t get in the early days. I didn’t get the makeup. I didn’t get the theatrical stuff. I didn’t get the chameleon changes in direction. I was always, you know, a few steps behind.” “I was always, you…

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gimme five... blues things

Blues Creation Blues Creation (POLYDOR, 1969) With Kazuo Takeda on guitar, these Tokyo rockers do psych’d up cover versions of Memphis Slim, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson and others. And then they got even heavier, freer and fuzzier on the 1971 album Demon & Eleven Children. Blues Dimension Blues Dimension (DECCA, 1968) From Zwolle in the Netherlands, this up-for-it soul band with horns does Smokey Robinson and Otis Redding tunes, and groovy pop originals. They put undertakers on the cover of B. D. Is Dead Long Live B.D. and expired in ‘69. Black Strobe Blues Fight (BLACKSTROBE, 2014) Brylcreemed ex-death metaller Arnaud Rebotini’s analogue electro/rock project – who’ve graced Peaky Blinders, Django Unchained and other soundtracks – bring twangy guitars to spare synths, dreaming of American punch-ups, in France. Slim Harpo Blues Hangover (FLYRIGHT, 1976) Alone, skint and grimly surrounded by empty bottles o’ booze,…

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power up – alynda segarra is back with hurray for the riff raff’s seventh lp

ALYNDA SEGARRA was not alone in taking up running during the pandemic; field-recording crows while exercising, however, makes her more of an outlier. One bird collected from her New Orleans neighbourhood is looped on a track intended for Hurray For The Riff Raff’s seventh album, its caw emphasising a political point. “Louisiana is becoming a place where a lot of undocumented people are being jailed,” explains Segarra, “and you combine lyricism about something like that with this crow, and the crow becomes a character. It’s really cool to watch that come to life – like, collaging my life and experience.” Ornithomancy is just a fraction of Segarra’s follow-up to 2017’s The Navigator, a concept album that used the story of future street-kid Navita to explore Puerto Rican history and urban gentrification.…

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also working

...after 40 years in the music game, Minneapolis eminences JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS (right) will release their debut duo album later in 2021. The former Time members will collaborate with names from across their career, including Babyface – will Janet Jackson and Phil Oakey be close behind?...PAT METHENY has left the Nonesuch label for BMG’s Modern Recordings and will release new record Road To The Sun in March: guests include guitarist Jason Vieaux and the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, whose Scott Tennant spoke of, “Such beautiful melodic and harmonic flow!...a soundscape of epic proportions”...there’s a guitar duet of note coming this year when MARISA ANDERSON and WILLIAM TYLER team up. It will be released on Thrill Jockey... Adam Granduciel opened up about the new WAR OF DRUGS record to…

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daniel lanois

AS A COLLABORATIVE musician, producer and general studio vibesman, Quebec-born Daniel Lanois has made his rootsy, atmospheric presence felt on key albums by U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Neil Young. Following his time as co-architect of Brian Eno’s early ’80s ambient albums, the pair took exploratory sonics into the mainstream. In recent years, he has worked on Leonard Cohen’s posthumous 2019 album Thanks For The Dance and pursued adventures in electronica with Venetian Snares. Looping back to his early studio years in Toronto, Lanois’ upcoming Heavy Sun is a space gospel record featuring Johnny Shepherd, a singer/ organist from Louisiana. Heavy Sun recalls your early days, recording gospel singers. Yes, I was associated with a Christian organisation and these folks brought singing groups from all over the world to tour in…