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More of Our Canada July 2018

More of Our Canada is a companion magazine to Our Canada, the popular reader-written bimonthly published by Reader's Digest. Made available during the six months that Our Canada is not published, MOC is a venue where Canadians gather to share their stories, photos and interests—and pride of family, community and country.

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in your words

Cut From the Same Cloth In the Crafty Canadians story, “She’s Got You Covered” (January 2018), there are three quilts by Jean Kuglin of Owen Sound, Ont. I would like to know the name of the pattern of the one on the top left of the page. It is a very old pattern and I have two cushions made the same way, with material cut into circles and then each circle sewn into smaller circles. Depending on how big you wish your item to be, the more circles will be made and sewn together. You can have any size quilt or pillow you desire. I am enclosing a picture of one of my cushions with that pattern! Ruth Zelinski, Viking, Alta. Pass It Around I am excited to appear in the Birds and Blooms…

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meeting place

HAP WILSON Hap has paddled more than 60,000 kilometres across Canada and his explorations have been published in more than a dozen books. Heart of a Continent (page 8) tells how he mapped out a route from Lake Superior to Manitoba, by canoe. His achievements include being a recipient of the Bill Mason Award for lifetime achievement in river conservation, and co-founder of the environmental group Earthroots. He also taught Pierce Brosnan to paddle a canoe and throw a knife for the movie Grey Owl. When not paddling or mountain biking, he and his wife Andrea operate the Cabin Falls Ecolodge in Temagami, Ont. PETER PORTLOCK Peter began his journey as a church musician as a choirboy growing up in Edmonton. He graduated from advanced piano study to the organ bench at age…

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in our words

A Special Place During my time at Our Canada and More of Our Canada, I’ve come to appreciate the manner in which many, dare I say most, of my fellow Canadians express our shared love for the land we all call home. I see ours as a quietly inclusive form of patriotism—especially around Canada Day. While there’s plenty of flag-waving and hoopla to be had, the focus is on individuals, families and entire communities coming together to do what we do best—have fun and celebrate in an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part. With that in mind, why not make it a point to get out there and enjoy your local festivities this summer—and, of course, send us your best photos afterwards! Speaking of which—check out our…

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veteran profile

Hubert Landry, RCAF Hubert Arthur Joseph Landry was born in 1922 in Lamoureux, Alta. He joined the RCAF on September 16, 1941 at age 19. He wanted to be a pilot but his eyesight was not sharp enough. “We'll make you an airframe mechanic,” he was told. A morale-boosting duty in that role was stencilling insignia on aircraft upon their return from a mission: “Below the pilot's window, you painted a little bomb, then another one and another one (after every sortie). One crew left on their 26th trip; we never saw them again. Seven young men. That was one of my really bad memories…You felt like crying.” To see video interviews with Canadian war veterans, including Hubert, visit Veterans Voices of Canada at vetvoicecan.org. Share your veteran profiles at ourcanada.ca.…

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heart of the continent

I draw maps; been drawing them since I was a teenager. It’s an obsession with me—a way to indulge in a passion to preserve what I explore. Maps and drawings find their collective way into journals I’ve kept describing various adventures and explorations, and, later, into the several guidebooks I’ve produced. I stopped calculating the distance I’ve travelled across Canada, but my journals, and my aching joints, tell me that my explorations have gone well beyond the 60,000-kilometre mark, spanning almost half of our great country. My wilderness explorations by canoe, however, are not founded on distance or personal achievements—the notoriety is accepted politely—nor do my guidebooks focus solely on making life easier for the adventuring paddler. My work is born out of a love for the primal beauty of this…

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Welcome to Canada! Kathy Bellemare of Dauphin, Man., writes, “Through our local church, we helped bring this family to Canada from a refugee camp in Jordan. I captured this pic (right) of baby Yousef waving his Canadian flag as he celebrated his first Canada Day last year in Wasagaming, Man., located in Riding Mountain National Park. Yousef’s parents Asya and Louai, his grandma Shaha and his two siblings arrived in nearby Dauphin, Man., as Syrian refugees in February 2016. On this day, Yousef and his family watched 89 people become Canadian citizens during the outdoor citizenship ceremony. While Yousef is the first Canadian citizen in his family (as he was born here), the rest of them are eagerly learning English and dreaming of the day when they, too, can become Canadian…