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You won’t find me sessioning the jumps or trying to ‘win’ Strava, but it’s hard to beat chasing your mates down a flowy rollercoaster of a trail, run after run No, we haven’t gone bonkers. I know it seems an odd time to be testing big-hitting bikes (p82) and doling out bike park tips (p102), when many riding venues are closed.But MBUK hasalwaysbeenaboutescapistfun, so we’re focusing on things to look forward to, rather than the mundanity of exercise rides and staying safe (as vital as both of those things are). And one of the first things I’m going to do when life gets back to some semblance of normality is plan a bike park trip with mates. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not your typical ‘I only ride park’ sort. Frankly,…

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WINTER WONDERLAND ABOVE THE CLOUDS “The forecast was dubious,” says Lake District-based snapper James Vincent. “High winds and cloud-covered fell tops were on the agenda, suggesting we’d be better off hiding in the woods than gaining altitude. Pat Campbell-Jenner had different ideas, though, and had put considerable effort into convincing me to come along. Normally I’d be all over an adventure like this, but a recent sketchy night ride had left me feeling uncharacteristically cautious. “Thick pea soup enveloped us as we set off, but the strong winds hadn’t materialised and our route had plenty of bailout options should things turn nasty. As it was, we were just 30 minutes into our climb when we realised there’d be no need for us to turn back. Popping out above the swirling fog that enveloped…

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SWAP SHOP! A quick look at the five biggest team switches for 2021 in DH, XC and more 1. DANNY HART > CUBE FACTORY RACING This won’t come as a surprise if you watched last year’s Downhill World Cup final, because Red Bull commentator Rob Warner dropped a pretty big hint. Plus, we knew two-time world champ Danny was off somewhere because Madison Saracen had said they weren’t renewing the Redcar Rocket’s contract. It’s an interesting move, and shows just how much Cube have improved the reputation of their bikes in recent years. Phil Atwill ended the team’s 2020 World Cup season on a high, riding their new DH bike, the Two15, to fifth place. He’s moving on for next season, but we’re sure Danny’s involvement will take the team on to even…

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joe barnes

“The last wee while has been a chilly old time. Defrosting my toes by the fire after a ride seems to have become a staple. The big question is whether to bother drying my shoes out too, or just commit to it and leave them soggy for the next session. It’s a winter dilemma, for sure. “It only takes 10 seconds until the water in my favourite boots warms up a tad and the shiver down my spine eases up. Even so, that feeling of slipping into a cold, wet shoe is bad enough to kill the buzz of even the hardest nut around. Needless to say, my shoes seem to have set up home in my van these days – always ready for action, but never dry. “My winter riding routine…

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retro shades

Big-framed riding glasses from the likes of 100% and Smith are on-trend for trail riding, and with good reason – they provide loads of coverage to protect your eyes from spraying crud, dust and trail debris. However, these modern designs are more a blast from the past than a new development, looking remarkably similar to the eyewear that riders were wearing back in the 1980s. Two of the original players have underlined this with the release of replica glasses. Scott revived the Sport Shield, a key model from 1989, as a limited edition to mark their 60th anniversary in 2019 (right, top), and a toned-down version remains in their line-up. Oakley reached back even further for inspiration for their Sutro Eyeshade (right, bottom), launched last year. These glasses reference their…

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bike & gear cleaning kit

1. Muc-Off Pressure Washer bicycle bundle This mains-powered pressure washer has all you need to get your ride sparkling, including their ‘snow foam’ lance. £139.99, 2. Boot Buddy 2.0 Hosing down your muddy shoes can leave them saturated. This tool gives them a thorough clean without soaking them. £21.99 (currently on offer for £15.99), 3. Pedro’s Green Fizz Pedro’s foaming bike wash is biodegradable and free from solvents, phosphates and VOCs. £9.99 (1l) 4. Peaty’s Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser Oil, mud and grit give drivetrains a hard time. This foaming degreaser is tough on grime but kind to the environment. £14.99 (1l) 5. Park Tool Cyclone chain scrubber (CM-5.3) When it’s time to deep-clean your chain, this gadget does the hard work for you. £29.99 6. Kingud Purple Helmet Polish This…