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Pricing divides MTBers – it’s up there with clips vs flats, wheel size, and whether Mint Sauce is a cherished institution or a page that gets flicked past (how dare you!) Pricing is a topic that truly divides mountain bikers. It’s up there with clips versus flats, wheel size, and whether Mint Sauce is a cherished UK MTB institution or a page that gets flicked past (how dare you!). For some, spending more than a few hundred pounds on a bike is a financial impossibility. Others barely put tyre to dirt before upgrading to a £5k carbon full-sus. There are riders who simply must have the latest kit, while most of us spend our cash more wisely, prioritising the parts that’ll make the biggest difference. While we all wish bikes were…

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out front mbuk

LESSER-KNOWN CANADA DON’T LOOK DOWN! Mention Canada and most mountain bikers will think of Whistler, the North Shore of Vancouver, Revelstoke and other spots in British Columbia. But there’s another destination that rivals BC in terms of technicality and epic coastal vistas – the far eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Photographer Wayne Parsons explains: “Closer to the UK than it is to Vancouver, the province lacks lift-access bike parks, but makes up for it in its uniqueness. Newfoundland and Labrador embraces the cold North Atlantic ocean with a rugged shoreline that’s begging to be photographed. With eerie similarity to the cliffs of Cornwall, it serves dual duty as a mountain biker’s playground and photographer’s dream. This location is officially known as ‘Mad Rocks’ – a fitting name for a place where…

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uplift mbuk

THREE’S THE MAGIC NUMBER What happened when Matt Jones tried to boost his bag of world-first tricks? Matt Jones threw down the gauntlet when he announced that he wanted to land three world-first tricks. It’s no mean feat to conceive and conquer even one, when you consider the ridiculously high level that pro freestyle riding has reached. Matt’s ideas were inspired by previous world-first tricks that he’d pulled in competitions, and his Frames of Mind edit for Red Bull. His goal was to land a 720 no-hander to barspin, a running gainer, and a backflip to hitching post to frontflip. For real. While these tricks had been in Matt’s imagination for some time, they hadn’t come to fruition because he didn’t have the right jumps and facilities to pull them off. When he…

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dan atherton

Right now, I’m building. I like writing this column from the digger, but it’s been a crazy time for getting stuff done – essential maintenance after the storms in mid January as well as some awesome new tracks. It’s the key advantage of these times. While this whole situation has been a huge nightmare for new businesses like ours, it’s also a huge opportunity to get stuck in and do some groundwork! The storms were insane. We get some pretty mad rainfall in Wales, but this was just so short and sharp. The sheer volume of water hitting meant that anywhere the drainage wasn’t 100 per cent dialled got washed clean away – long straights on the tracks and whole fireroads just gone. We’ve got a full crew on the books…

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leading the charge

CAROLINE ALEXANDER Caroline was undoubtedly the first female star of British mountain biking. Her professional XC career spanned 1993-2002, during which she won multiple National Championship titles, was second in the World Cup overall twice (1994 and 2001) and won the St Wendel, Germany World Cup in 1997. She represented Great Britain twice at the Olympics (1996 and 2000) and placed fifth for Scotland at the 2002 Commonwealth games. While there’s been a drought for British success in women’s XC (but not DH!) since Caroline retired in 2004, we’re now seeing a new generation of British female stars take up the mantle. HELEN MORTIMER Helen was one of the first British women to make it onto the international downhill circuit, winning a bronze medal (15-18) at the 1993 World Champs in Métabief, France.…

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bike security

1 Hiplok ANKR ground/wall anchor A big lock is no good if you haven’t got a strong anchor point to attach it to. This one boasts a neat design and Sold Secure Gold rating, and is removable should you move house. £69.99 2 PJB Garage Defender + padlock With its shackleless padlock, this Sold Secure Bronze-rated device makes your garage more secure by making it much harder for burglars to open a tilt-action door. £69.99 3 Datatag UV Pro Tag your bike and components with visible and UV-visible tags, then register them on a database. Not only is Datatag a good deterrent to thieves, but it also makes recovery and identification of ownership easier for the police. £29.99 4 Tiiwee A1 alarm system This simple alarm will give any intruder…