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You don’t need to know how to pump or jump, and can just enjoy that sensation of gravity beckoning you down the hill with a cheeky wink and the promise of even more fun around the next corner One of the great things about mountain biking is that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy riding some of the same trails. While I relish the mental and physical challenge of negotiating a tricky root section or the adrenaline rush of pummeling through the rocks on a flat-out DH track, I’ll always have time for that simplest pleasure of all – arcing through turns and floating over rises on flowy, rollercoaster singletrack. That’s exactly the sort of trail that gets most newcomers to MTBing hooked, too, because you don’t need to…

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out front mbuk

KRISS KYLE SO MUCH FOR THE CITY! Scottish BMX sensation Kriss Kyle has made a big splash with his debut MTB edit, Out of Season. Produced by Red Bull, the video shows him riding a bonkers custom-built line in the woods incorporating some big tricks, including the Wall of Death-esque feature seen here. Kriss reckons he’s been having double the fun on two wheels since he took up mountain biking four years, so what was it that drew him to divide his time between the two sports? “Being able to ride in nature,” reveals Kriss. “With BMX, I’m either in a skate park or I’m in busy cities getting chased by security guards! Whereas with mountain biking, I’m out in the woods or hills, listening to the birds tweeting while I film a…

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full speed ahead!

While it’s hugely disappointing that this month’s Fort William World Cup has been cancelled (at the time of writing, we’re still waiting to hear whether it’ll be rescheduled), it’s not all doom and gloom for racing fans. By the time you read this, the opening round of the XC World Cup in Albstadt, Germany, should have just wrapped up and it won’t be long until the DH kicks off in Leogang, Austria. Turn the page for a roundup of what you can (hopefully) look forward to this World Cup season. Remember, you can watch all the action unfold on Red Bull TV’s live stream. NOVÉ MESTO, Czech REPUBLIC, May 15-16 For the XC racers, this rooty and demanding track always makes for an exciting ride. Expect those who didn’t have a solid…

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best of british

British riders will have a big target on their backs in 2021 – Reece Wilson and Matt Walker come into the year as reigning downhill world champion and World Cup champion, respectively. Danny Hart will be looking to stamp his authority with his new team (Cube Factory Racing) and Laurie Greenland will be hunting for his second World Cup win. In the women’s, Tahnée Seagrave will be hoping to put her injuries behind her and claim the World Cup overall title she’s been after. We’re also looking forward to seeing other British riders such as Mikayla Parton making the live feed. The UK has a trio of strong female XC riders – Evie Richards, Isla Short and Annie Last – who’ll be looking to make their mark on the World Cup…

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olly wilkins

I didn’t start this year too well. After breaking my ankle last year, I had surgery on Christmas Eve. Now I’m finally back on a bike and riding relatively normally. I have a strange relationship with injuries. On one hand, I hate them and have endured my fair share. On the other, I believe there are good things to be gained with each one, and I think it’s always worth focusing on the positives. The biggest things I get from injuries are perspective and clarity. Honestly, it sounds clichéd, but when I find myself unable to ride it makes me realise just how much I love doing it. Every day, life flies by and I forget how lucky I am to have something I enjoy at such a high level. Until…

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the best of fort bill

Fort William is one of the highlights of the World Cup race season. It’s a rider favourite, too, thanks to the enthusiasm of the thousands of fans who pack out the venue every year. We were gutted to hear that our annual pilgrimage to the Highlands was canned, firstly when the attendance of crowds was prohibited and then the race itself was cancelled (or, hopefully, just postponed). Here’s what we’ll miss about Fort Bill (bar the haggis burgers and beer, of course – they’re a given). THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE FINALS Fort William is famous for the fans’ buzz and energy on race day, when the world’s best riders drop in for their runs. It’s the climax of the weekend and the excitement, noise and anticipation are unrivalled by any other venue. CRUISING…