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It’s not enough to have the legs of an Olympian or the skill of a slopestyle pro – if you find yourself braking in every corner and can’t see any alternative to the furrow down the middle of the trail, it’s going to hold you back The word ‘legend’ is overused, but there’s no other way to describe Steve Peat. Downhill world champion. Three-time World Cup overall title holder. Mainstay of the British race scene for over 20 years. And all-round good guy, who’s always had time for his fans and to support up-and-coming riders. It’s been five years since Peaty retired from the international circuit and last graced our cover, so we figured it was high time to head up to Sheffield and find out what the big man’s been…

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out front new trails special mbuk

BIKEPARK WALES ROCKS, ROOTS AND… SPACE BOOTS? It’s been a tough 14 months for privately-owned riding spots such as BikePark Wales, but they’re now open again, albeit with a reduced capacity on the uplift (half days only, with 10 riders per van). While it must have been tempting to put down the spades and take a well-earned rest, the team were super-busy during the latest lockdown, expanding the visitor centre, creating a larger car park and – most importantly – building four new trails, as well as improving some old favourites. Merthyr Rocks is a freshly-dug, blue-graded technical descent aimed at those transitioning to riding reds. Running from the fireroad down to the second section of Willy Waver, it’s got a rock-studded surface and plenty of berms. Fancy something more challenging? The Groot…

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online throwdown!

The X Games Real Series is all about taking action sports like skateboarding, BMX, motocross and skiing and letting the athletes showcase their skills in their own backyard. Six contestants each team up with a filmmaker to hunt out or build the craziest features they can think of, then throw down their best tricks and video it. The all killer, no filler 90-second edits are then judged online and voted on by us, the people. This year saw the inauguration of an MTB category, with all-time legends Danny MacAskill, Brandon Semenuk and Cam Zink lining up against new-schoolers Brage Vestavik, DJBrandtand MBUK columnist Vero Sandler. Out of all the insane tricks that were pulled, here are the six that left us slack-jawed and scratching our heads… 1 DANNY MACASKILL’S BACK-WHEEL BUMP…

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joe barnes

Wake up, stand up, put my knee pads on. With summer starting, the British mud consolidating a little after the winter and a more tepid breeze in the air, it’s time for joyous things like riding from home with a backpack on, having lunch in the woods and finding that hidden shovel to tune up some trails. There’s nothing better than a full day outside riding bikes. The last few weeks have been so much fun, because I got a new bike. Knowing how hard it is to get hold of components at the moment, with shortages of some parts, it was extra exciting to get it built, and it’s also my first time riding a full 29er. It feels planted and fast so that’s a bit of a thrill. For someone…

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not x rated?

This year’s Real MTB video comp was a big hit, racking up hundreds of thousands of views. But mountain biking has had a shaky relationship with the X Games in the past. As the ‘extreme sports’ scene exploded in the late Nineties and early 2000s, inclusion in the multi-discipline event was seen as a badge of acceptance, but MTB was never fully welcomed into the fold. Perhaps this was an image problem – memories of neon Lycra and Bula hats were still fresh, despite the efforts of Shaun Palmer and co to give the sport a cooler look – or just down to the practicality of hosting downhill or freeride in an urban setting (although that doesn’t explain the absence of 4X). Weirdly,mountainbiking was included in the first four Winter…

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go-to gear

1 Arcade Ranger Slim & Vapour belts Stretchy, light and stylish. I’ll probably never wear anything else now I’ve discovered these. £20-25 2 Fox Transition duffle bag I love the shoe section and pull-out changing mat. It holds a ton of kit, is rugged and comfy to carry. £100 3 Vans UltraRange Exo Hi MTE boots The perfect footwear for tramping around on photoshoots, with weatherproofing to keep me warm, dry and looking cool! £105 4 Fox Speedframe MIPS helmet My go-to lid. Killer styling and a perfect fit. I have three and love them all. £99 5 PNW wool socks The merino content keeps these fresh forever and cuts down on washing. Bloody comfy, too. £14.58 6 Zojirushi SM-QAF60-GK insulated flask One of my most coveted items. Comes with me on every trip and keeps…