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This month we’re addressing some burning issues – environmental pollution, recovery from injury and saddle fit. And in the latter case, we really do mean burning, as you’ll know if you’ve ever encountered the kind of sadistically-shaped seat that leaves you nursing a red-raw undercarriage. The good news is that help is at hand with all three, although in the case of trail littering, it’s really up to all of us to do our bit. We also hear about the struggles faced by Iranian cross-country racer Faranak Partoazar as she tries to break onto the world circuit. If that all sounds a bit worthy and serious, don’t worry – this wouldn’t be MBUK without plenty of dicking around on dirt! We send ‘new boy’ Will to Wales to see how many…

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devonshire gold

One good thing to come out of the last year-and-a-half is that people have been getting out and exploring their own backyard more. That’s what led to snapper Alan Danby bagging this great summery shot of Ciaran King on the North Devon coast, as the terrain was bathed in beautiful ‘golden hour’ sun. He explains: “My riding buddy Ciaran and I started to get creative with our rides when travelling was restricted last year. Ciaran can normally be found on the Elite DH circuit, but with no events happening he had plenty of time to get out, and we started to explore our local coastline to discover what we’d been missing. “We discovered some really fun sections to ride, matched with outrageous views and, of course, a bunch of super-steep climbs to…

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the bike fest where the sun never sets

Each summer, the small Swedish town of Åre hosts Northern Europe’s biggest MTB festival. This year, alongside all the races, challenges, kids’ events, trail rides and bike park laps, local crew Lightning Thunder decided to throw a DIY jump jam. The summer sun never really goes down this far north, leaving the mountains basking in golden light and allowing the session at the locals-built Kall bike park to go on way into the night. Pictured here is 26-year-old Elof Lind from Stockholm – recently returned from his first Crankworx appearance – impressing the crowd with one of many effortless tailwhips on the huge hip. Also present at the five-day festival were Greg Minnaar and Rob Warner, with Minnaar running a ‘Ride with Greg’ event for fans, Warner recording a daily webcast…

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get that chainless feel

Italian DH racer and engineer Fabrizio Dragoni watched Neko Mulally finish third at the 2014 World Champs after breaking his chain and Aaron Gwin win the 2015 Leogang World Cup after doing the same, and began thinking of ways to give a full-suspension bike the feel of riding chainless, while retaining the ability to pedal. Benefits of riding with no chain include more sensitive suspension (due to the removal of rider-induced resistance) and therefore better grip, improved braking (because hauling on the anchors doesn’t cause suspension jack) and no pedal kickback (which can occur when the chain is put under tension as the suspension compresses). Dragoni’s solution is the ochain – an ‘active’ chainring spider that allows the ring to ‘float’ as you pedal, letting the chain move freely back and…

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larks in the park

Located in the sumptuous surroundings of the family-friendly River Dart Country Park, the small but perfectly-formed Dartmoor Bike Park was built by Kye Forte’s Trailscapes crew and includes their signature flowing jumps and supportive berms. Set on a slight gradient, there are four very short (under a minute) runs, from blue to black and orange. They’re all immense fun and encourage multiple laps, with the orange option including a ‘boner log’ and mulch jump for freestyle tricksters. With a tuck shop-style cafe at the top of the track and a shady, sheltered aspect under oak trees, it’s a great place to spend time by the river on long summer days. Because the tracks are surfaced, they run just as well during the wetter months, too.…

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rocking as ard as ever!

The first weekend in August saw the euphoric return of Yorkshire’s Ard Rock Enduro after a tough two-year break. Proving that even biblical floods (2019) and a plague (2020) couldn’t keep the UK’s most in-demand and much-loved bike fest down, it bounced to the beat of bikes, bass and beers just as hard as ever. As the first large-scale cycling event to be held on these shores for a good while, folk were always going to let their hair down, and Ard Rock 2021 didn’t disappoint. Tagged the ‘reunion’, there was an amazing atmosphere all weekend, with wild, slippery natural trails to race on and thousands of competitors stoked to be back doing what they loved. Highlights were the sheer buzz of seeing so many fellow riders and familiar faces together again,…