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OUT April 2019

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2 min.
how we make up

Dear Reader, MY MOTHER IS INDISPUTABLY, GENETICALLY BEAUTIFUL. She has big, pool-like blue eyes; a curtain of dark, curly eyelashes; and a wide, contagious, Miss Congeniality smile. Each of these God-given traits is a laurel that Mom could have rested on for decades, but she never took them for granted. As a child, I would obediently follow her through department stores and hair salons, eye-level with the hemlines of the busy beauticians who fluttered around her, analyzing signs of aging, dehydration, or fatigue, and look up to see her face being massaged, moisturized, and painted. In 30 minutes flat, she’d go from tired mother-of-five to Park Avenue princess—just without the actual Park Avenue address. My mother was devoted to these rare moments of self-preservation, despite the protests of my father, who found…

3 min.

Dear Papi, I’m 25, just moved back to my hometown, and on three dating apps with no years of relationship experience under my belt. Papi, the truth is I’m beginning to think I’m…ugly. I feel I have a lot to give, but when it comes to getting a boyfriend, I’m scared I don’t look the part. I know it might sound shallow, but it’s all I can think about right now. What should I do, and will I ever find love? Yours, Ugly Duckling “I am encouraging you to think of beauty and attraction on different terms, with fewer absolutes.” Dear Duckling, I’m glad you came to me with this, because I’ve been clinically ugly for the past couple decades or so. I know it might sound hard to believe, given my luxurious, beautiful, intimidating…

6 min.
new rules

“We love beauty because the journey toward it is a lot like love itself; it involves knowing there’s something worth fighting for.” My favorite beauty tips were written by Mark Aguhar, an Asian-American artist and trans woman who died by suicide in 2012. We never knew each other when she was alive, but I’ve thought about her frequently ever since she passed. Her words on love, strength, beauty, and rage are truisms that feel like spells—less magazine platitudes and tutorials, and more philosophical musings on how beauty is explicitly linked to systems of privilege, wealth, and even whiteness. As far as “beauty writing” goes, it took a lot of courage for Aguhar to carve out her own niche and take up space in ways queer folks were never taught. Most of…

3 min.
boldly going

“It doesn’t help that there aren’t a ton of bald femmes in popular culture with whom I might identify. Poot Lovato?” DO YOU EVER JUST STARE AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR until your eyes start to glaze over, like you’re trying to see past yourself? Or the hopes that something in your complexion might suddenly make itself clear—not a nascent blackhead, but some deeper truth about desirability? I do this sometimes, trying to bring into focus this newly blunted object in front of me—my balding head. I imagine some brighter future that doesn’t involve the reverse-Pangea effect that’s been happening there for the better part of a decade, the front and back of my scalp finally meeting as one expansive tundra. I have tried in vain to stave off male pattern baldness…

1 min.
thirst trap

A HOT PERSON EXPLAINS A COMPLICATED TOPIC. THIS MONTH, MODEL AND ACTIVIST YVES MATHIEU CONFRONTS THE STIGMA AROUND TATTOOED BODIES—ESPECIALLY BROWN ONES. A few years ago, an older woman spit on me as I was walking out of Panera. She said, “Such a beautiful boy, I don’t want to see you burn in hell.” When you’re heavily tattooed, especially on your face, people are quick to assume that you have no goals or ambitions, that you’re careless, unemployable, or that you have a shitty attitude. And with our current president, people have become more empowered to project hate onto those who look a certain way, making me an easy target—I’m a stop sign with legs. Some people don’t even realize they have this prejudice because they were cultured in a society…

6 min.
powder and glory

I CAN STILL VIVIDLY REMEMBER WALKING INTO Liza Minnelli’s apartment on New York City’s Upper East Side, just moments before she’d marry her husband, David Gest. I was the assistant to the legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin who, alongside hair guru John Barrett and designer Bob Mackie, made up Ms. Minnelli’s glam pantheon for the occasion. There was so much to take in from that day—from the Andy Warhol artwork on the walls to Marisa Berenson and Elizabeth Taylor chatting idly amongst themselves. In the corner, a young boy named Evan was instructed by his mother, Diana Ross, to show off his dance moves for her dear friend, Michael Jackson. At one moment, after all the stars had gathered together like a constellation and left the room for the day’s…