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Presse Masculine

OUT August 2019

Sexy, smart, and sophisticated, it inspires readers with captivating feature stories, striking fashion layouts, and lively entertainment reviews. Get OUT digital magazine subscription today to discover what's in. Each issue is filled with interviews, fashion, travel, celebrities and more for gay life today.

United States
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1 min.
a brief history

Aug. 24, 1945 Activist Marsha P. Johnson is born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. August 1966 Three years before the Stonewall riots, a group riots at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco. Aug. 24, 1970 A front-page story in The New York Times reports on the growth of the Gay Liberation Movement. Aug. 27, 1980 The B-52’s release their second studio album Wild Planet. Aug. 11, 1981 Larry Kramer convenes the first meeting of what will become the Gay Men’s Health Crisis at his apartment in Manhattan. Aug. 21, 1983 Jerry Herman’s La Cage aux Folles opens on Broadway at the Palace Theater. Aug. 28, 1988 “Fast Car,” the lead single from Tracy Chapman’s self-titled album, peaks at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. August 1993 Vanity Fair’s August cover features Cindy Crawford shaving k.d. lang’s face in a shot by Herb Ritts. Aug. 4, 2005 The series…

1 min.

Phillip Picardi Editor in Chief Sean Santiago Art Director Raquel Willis Executive Editor Yashua Simmons Fashion Director EDITORIAL Michelle Garcia Managing Editor Tre’vell Anderson Entertainment and Culture Director Fran Tirado Deputy Editor Mikelle Street Senior Editor Nicolas Bloise Visuals Editor Coco Romack Associate Managing Editor Harron Walker, Rose Dommu Staff Writers Ian Martella Social Editor Esther Gim, Jamie Staples Copy Editors Julian Mack Fashion Assistant CONTRIBUTORS Chris Berntsen, Dana Scruggs, Ericka Hart, Pacifico Silano, Richard Haines, Río Sofia, Ryan O’Connell, Shoog McDaniel, Texas Isaiah, Sammy Kim Stuart Brockington Assistant Vice President, Associate Publisher ADVERTISING Ezra Alvarez Executive Director, Integrated Sales Stewart Nacht Senior Director, Ad Operations Tiffany Kesden Manager, Ad Operations Michael Tighe Senior Coordinator BRANDED PARTNERSHIPS Michael Lombardo Design Director, Branded Partnerships Jamie Tredwell Director, Branded Partnerships Eric James, Michael Riggio Associate Directors, Branded Partnerships Tim Snow Senior Manager, Branded Partnerships ONLINE Jocelyn Smith Director, Audience Growth and Analytics Christopher Harrity Interactive Art Director, Editorial Mayra Urrutia Front End Developer Laura…

3 min.
relying on that body

Dear Reader, If you’re holding a copy of this magazine in your hands, I hope it finds you in the throes of summer—the sun’s rays tickling your skin, the pink sands of a beach massaging your toes, and sweat seductively swimming down your back. Summer is, for most of us, a beautiful thing—a time when sex, romance, and carefree attitudes get to revisit our bodies. However, for others, the season exacerbates our anxieties: Where do we fit in among the sea of Speedo-clad Instagays? How will we be received or gawked at when our shirts come off? And what the hell is a “beach body,” anyway? For our Body Issue, we tried to capture these highs and lows of queer physicality. Our very own Coco Romack takes a trip to Jacob Riis Park,…

3 min.
¡hola papi!

Here’s my problem. When I’m with a guy, as soon as my clothes come off, I get very self-conscious about what he’s thinking when he sees my naked body, and I lose my erection due to insecurity. One time was especially embarrassing: I was about to put it in and it went soft. I spent the better part of a few minutes trying to play with it to get it back up to no avail. This lack of security has kept me from dating over the last few years, and I haven’t even attempted sex in about five years. Papi, how do I love my body instead of feeling insecure over it? Signed, Body Shameful Hey there, BS! So I’m going to come right out and say: I don’t think this is about what…

5 min.
body issues

“YOU HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THIS,” my writer friend said over our second round of happy hour prosecco. I had employed her to slosh me up as nervous preparation for my evening’s main activity: I was going to an artist’s house where he was going to draw me. Naked. She pitched me my own story angle: Getting drawn nude as an act of introspective meditation. Getting drawn nude, as self-care? This was a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around, seeing as the anticipation of this whole experience left me feeling anything but “self-care.” Like many queer people, I tend to hate my body (a fact I am not proud of). With the muscle-less build of a prepubescent seventh-grader, I fear being naked outside of shower time. Going swimming is…

6 min.
locked up

IN HIS FIRST VIDEO TO GO MASSIVELY VIRAL, CagedJock—as he’s known to his 73,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter—is at home, fresh from the gym. He steps in front of the camera wearing a body-hugging grey athletic top and matching camouflage running tights. First, he strips off the shirt to show off his sculpted chest and upper torso. Then, he poses for a moment before removing the tights to reveal a completely transparent Holy Trainer v2 chastity device around his genitals. The scintillating clip from 2015 began to stamp him as one of the faces of chastity online—though, at the time, he posted anonymously. It racked up over 100,000 notes on Tumblr, and that’s excluding the posts where others had ripped and re-posted the video, before it was ultimately removed from…