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OUT February 2019

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Me n Leo yakkity yak yak’d about writer’s block and the starchy long stroke of quote unquote God on the Meadow Walk and he didn’t know I was fully head over banana peels I mean in Kiehls I mean in straight up crappy love with him yet and maybe I didn’t either? Hindsight is Good & Plenty I mean 20/20 clearly the worst American candy And what is candy, but a crush? Leo said it’s tangled up in waves in dreams in therapy That writer’s block (or is it god?) comes from being blocked up in other parts of our lives This is a polysaccharide Effective deflection Rejection heavy, that he’d forgotten what the feeling of a good idea is. But I’m standing right in front of you? I thought bubbled but never troubled…

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a brief history

February 18, 1934 Audre Lorde is born in New York. February 13, 1972 The film version of Kander and Ebbs Cabaret premieres in the United States. February 3, 1978 Tom of Finland has his first solo exhibition in San Francisco. February 27, 1978 The Village People release their second LP, Macho Man. February 6, 1981 Thousands in Toronto protest Operation Soap, a police raid on gay bathhouses. February 16, 1990 Keith Haring dies of AIDS-related illness at 31. February 14, 1985 Whitney Houston releases her self-titled debut LP. February 24, 1998 Sir Elton John is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. February 12, 2004 San Francisco issues its first marriage license to a lesbian couple.…

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allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Dear Reader, You’re holding the first issue of Out magazine to hit newsstands in 2019, a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. As we speak, cities all across the world are preparing to be bigger than ever for their respective Pride Weeks—readying the banners, commissioning the floats, and booking the talent. (Long live the Queens!) Publishing this magazine at this particular moment is a privilege not lost on us. Out was originally founded in 1992, with the declarative coverline, “Out Is In!” At the time, that phrase was probably more rebellious than true: Our community was still reeling from the AIDS crisis, queer military members were in fear of being discharged for their identities, and our fights for things like trans liberation and gay marriage surely seemed like…

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ask ashley

Hi Ashley, I need some help. I identify as bisexual, but I have yet to be in an official relationship. I’ve smashed here and there, but I want consistency. However, I’m totally an introvert with minimal social skills. Any advice? I’m 25, and I don’t want to be a late bloomer anymore. Thanks if you answer, A. HELLO, A. I remember entering college in Indiana as a young, closeted bi with a long-term boyfriend, and thinking I had my shit figured out. Had you known me then, you might have assumed I had my shit together, too. You would have been wrong. I didn’t. Nobody did. Nobody really does. When I was 18, the fact that I’d been dating the same person since I was 14 somehow gave the impression to people that I knew…

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boy unerased

IF I TELL YOU HOW MANY WE NUMBER, will you listen to our stories? If I tell you that before we possessed this figure, before we learned that there are 700,000 conversion therapy survivors in the United States alone, and that very few people we met could express anything other than incredulity and doubt upon learning that we exist—would you believe me? “But this is 2019!” these people say. “This only happens in the South, in small towns, hick towns, places crammed with backward people, flyover country!” To many of these incredulous onlookers, we survivors are time travelers—lonely souls from a barren land that would be better off seceding from the country. If I tell you that at one of my readings in New York City, a man pointed out the…

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no sex zone

I GREW UP IN THE KIND OF HOUSEHOLD WHERE MY PARENTS would cover my eyes during all the sex scenes. A vanilla morning romp in Mission: Impossible II or a nearly nude Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Mask of Zorro and my parents would (and still do) put their hands over my face to shield me from reality. But censoring these moments manually made me even more aware of sex itself—my other senses seemed to heighten. I’d wait behind my mom’s palm, listening to disembodied moans and wonder what Tom Cruise’s penis looked like. Explicit sex in film has come a long way since then, and more-than-PG-13 scenes are not just for HBO. So when the book-turned-movie Call Me By Your Name debuted in theaters, the scene everyone was waiting for—what faithful…