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Parents April 2019

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3 min.
let me explain my lawn

OUR STORY “9 Ways to Mom With Fewer Chemicals” (page 66) inspired me to share my own fears about environmental toxins. There are few things I won’t do to keep poisons away, and to understand what I mean, just look at my lawn. You won’t find pesticides anywhere near my home; the kaleidoscope of grasses and weeds reflects that. No white flag warns kids and pets to stay off my “recently sprayed” grass. And I veer my dog, Milo, into the street if we pass one on a walk. I once asked a leading environmental expert to name the most dangerous product on earth. “Roundup,” she told me. “If I could wave a magic wand and ban it from the planet, I would.” That’s why I let plants be plants (and my husband…

1 min.
genius postbaby survival hacks

• Watching Friends reruns “Streaming was a savior. Those old shows provided a sense of comfort. Watching familiar story lines while I nursed my baby kept me in touch with my former self in a weird way.” —Cassandra Stone; Pittsburgh, PA • Working in my veggie garden “There was something satisfying about digging in and doing manual labor. Gardening was easier than getting my infant on a sleep schedule! I wore him in a carrier and planted beets and carrots with my mom, and we chatted the whole time.” —Diana Thow; Albany, CA • Reading on my Kindle “I underestimated how much time I’d spend seated with a baby on my chest. Getting lost in a novel was the best escape from feeling constantly covered in spit-up.” —Holly Scudero; Fairfax, VA • Hiking “I joined my…

1 min.
wishing the best for a friend

A GOOD FRIEND of mine invited my 5-year-old, Plum, to her daughter Kate’s birthday party, though the girls see each other only a handful of times a year. The idea of a gymnastics bash thrilled my child. Cartwheels and cake? Sign her up. I, on the other hand, was nervous. I gently prepped my daughter for what to expect. “You might not know many people there,” I said on the ride over, to which she responded, “I know Kate!” “That’s true,” I replied. “But Kate has friends from her school. She’ll be excited to see you, but you might not spend much time with her today.” Plum seemed unfazed. When we arrived, she ran to Kate to give her a hug. But the party played out exactly as I’d expected. I watched my…

1 min.
what beloved kid’s tv character do you secretly despise?

“Sid the Science Kid. He laughs after every sentence. Nothing is that funny, Sid! You laugh like a serial killer.”—Samantha-David Vrobel“Teletubbies. My daughter’s grandfather got her started on them. I told my daughter that Teletubbies only work when Grandpa’s around.”—Melissa Musall“Minions! They were cute in the first movie but now drive me nuts. And there’s always one friend or relative who posts weird memes, like a Minion dressed as Wolverine saying, ‘Not before my coffee,’ or some dumb thing. Make them stop.”—Karlee Olson“Dora the Explorer—why is everyone always shouting?”—Dannie Dee“Ugh, Caillou! My son tries to see the show on his Fire, and I grab it. Not on my watch are you even listening to that theme song.”—Kristen Scrudato Salgado“Daniel Tiger’s songs drive me crazy! ‘You Can Take a Turn, Then…

3 min.
yep, i’m crazy-protective and proud

I WAS 9 when my head went through the windshield of my father’s car. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and my 16-year-old half-brother was driving. He hit the brakes when another vehicle pulled out of a hidden driveway. I went flying—and I’ve had a scar on my face ever since. My mom had told my dad not to let my brother drive me around that summer because he’d just gotten his license. The accident wasn’t his fault, but my mom’s gut instinct was ignored, and her child was severely hurt. I don’t think about my scar much when I look in the mirror, but I do think about it when I look at my kids. As a mom, I now realize how hard it is to prioritize the waves of panic…

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you’re welcome 5 things that delight us this month

1. Felted Balls of Soap There’s a bar of veggie oil–based soap in each of these eye-catching wool covers. Just wet and rub on your skin to create an exfoliating lather. The balls shrink with every use, and they’re biodegradable too. $14 each; thegrommet.com 2. Charms for Charity Jewelry brand Altruette carries about 40 charms, and every one supports a cause. We’re totally smitten with the baby-buggy trinket that benefits Operation Shower, which throws gratis parties for expectant military spouses. $125; altruette.com 3. Her-Story Books Even babies can study up on trailblazers, with the Little Feminist Board Book Set. It celebrates inspiring female change makers, including Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, and Frida Kahlo. $15 for four books; maisonette.com 4. Your Next Podcast Binge Hosted by our former cover mom Hilaria Baldwin and her TV-host friend Daphne Oz,…