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Parents June 2019

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editor’s note

My Kitchen Conversation Strategy ALTHOUGH the interruptions never cease, I station myself in the kitchen on weekend afternoons. I want Sophia and Olivia to see me reading and writing (Mommy works hard on her work), and I like to toss out nuggets of news as they pass by and see what sparks a discussion. “Says here that astronomers may be on the verge of finding a ninth planet. “A 6-year-old got tetanus and was hospitalized for 57 days because he wasn’t vaccinated. “You watch Fuller House? The lady who plays Aunt Becky was caught cheating to get her daughters into college.” This winter, I was preparing to interview Henry Winkler at a conference on the occasion of his latest book release. “The Fonz didn’t read a book until he was 31!” I said. That stopped…

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let’s get real

RELATE. REJOICE. REACT. REMINISCE. BIRTHDAYS If Toddlers Threw Their Own Parties Forget robots, princesses, and PAW Patrol. These themes have real resonance with the 3-and-under crowd. Ball Pit of Emotions Toddlers have a lot of feelings! Celebrate them by tossing the kids into a ball pit and letting them scream. They’ll have a dedicated safe, comfortable (and colorful!) place to let all their big emotions out as they rail against the many grave injustices in their lives, like “The juice is too red” and “Mom isn’t a bear” and “I can’t eat a battery.” You just might join them. Guess What My Mommy Said Here’s a party that gets toddlers what they crave: big reactions from grown-ups. The kids need only show up and loudly repeat the terrible, crass things they’ve heard you say when you’ve stubbed…

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dads out there killing it

WHEN Jason and I got married, he was adamant about having kids, and I was adamant about having boobs that didn’t hang below my belly button. I didn’t feel ready to bring someone else into the world. I didn’t feel accomplished enough to be a role model or old enough to drive an SUV. I was selfish and self-obsessed and overly consumed with earning more Twitter followers than my actor husband. So we waited. And waited. Until finally, Jason’s biological clock starting drinking and my boobs started falling anyway. A week after the arrival of our first son, Sid, there was an earthquake in Los Angeles, where we were living. The walls shook, and picture frames fell from the shelves. I remember grabbing two of my dogs in my arms and…

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5 things that delight us this month

1. Kid Art Worth Keeping Kick off a summer of crafternoons with these 5-inch porcelain vases your kids can decorate using the included 12 paints. Bake in the oven to set the finish, and voilà: a project you’ll truly want to display. $25 for three; momastore.org 2. Clean, Green Baby Care Our ultimate dad and mom crushes, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, have launched Hello Bello, a collection of affordable, botanical personal-care products. You’ll find everything from shampoos and rash creams to hand sanitizers and bug sprays. Products start at $3; Walmart stores and hellobello.com 3. Insta Stickers for Expectant Mamas We’re proud to introduce our new arrival: Parents’ own line of pregnancy Instagram stickers! Just type in “@parents” when you’re searching for GIFs in stories, and use them for a #TBT or to track…

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spark their imagination!

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE_____SUN SAFETY WITHOUT THE HASSLE_____BEST PACKAGED FOODS A child who is especially creative excels at more than telling a story or painting a picture. Research shows that creative people who work in the sciences and the arts can better sense what others may think or feel, are able to see issues from different viewpoints, and have above-average self-control (likely because they can devise various solutions to a problem). The American Academy of Pediatrics now suggests that doctors “prescribe” some amount of solo play each day to spur inventive thinking. Get started with these simple ideas. 1 Make Noise. Right, this is the opposite of what you often tell your kids to do, but singing together (whether it’s a song you make up or one you’ve sung…

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how to discipline with love

WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN, so it seems obvious that they should love themselves. Confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin are life goals for everyone. But if encouraging these qualities is your priority as a parent, you might avoid dealing with your child’s difficult behavior because you don’t want to damage his self-esteem. As I write in my book Kid Confidence, children need to learn from their mistakes—and you can still hold them accountable without making them feel like bad kids. One of our most important jobs is to teach our children how to be in relationships. They need to understand the ways their actions affect other people, and which behaviors others will and won’t tolerate. Feeling guilty if they’ve done something wrong is a part of moral development. It…