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Parents July 2019

Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

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LIZ VACCARIELLO Vice President, Editor-in-Chief Executive Creative Director AGNETHE GLATVED Executive Editor JULIA EDELSTEIN Managing Editor MICHAELA GARIBALDI Deputy Editor DIANE DEBROVNER Beauty Director KATE SANDOVAL BOX Lifestyle Director LAURA FENTON Food Director JENNA HELWIG Senior Editor, Nutrition and Travel KAREN CICERO Entertainment Editor JESSICA HARTSHORN Associate Editor, Beauty SHANNON M. BAUER Associate Editor, Features EMILY ELVERU Associate Editor, Lifestyle LESLIE CORONA Editorial Assistant KARA THOMPSON ART & PRODUCTION Art Director EMILY FURLANI Associate Art Director JAMIE LEE Senior Designer MARIA FERNANDEZ-DAVILA Art Assistant AVA BRAMSON Production Director VINCENT M. SPINA PHOTO Executive Photo Director LILY FRANCESCA ALT Photo Director DAVID COOPER Photo Editor JOANNA MUENZ Photo Coordinator MAGGIE BLATTEL Assistant Photo Editor ERIKA THOMPSON RESEARCH & COPY Research Director BARBARA BRANDON-CROFT Copy Chief JEAN RODIE Copy Editor SHELLEY WOLSON Test Kitchen Project Manager LINDA BREWER, R.D.N. Deputy Managing Editor TARA LUSTBERG Executive Operations Coordinator, Office of Editor-in-Chief ADRIENNE FARR Contributing Editors DAPHNE de MARNEFFE, Ph.D., SABRINA JAMES, SALLY KUZEMCHAK, R.D., JENNY MOLLEN,…

3 min.
editor’s note

How I Mom on Instagram TV! IMAGINE THREE baking sheets, each holding more than 100 pieces of half-built Lego sets. Now picture them on the floor of my living room, beneath the piano. For almost three years. Actually, you don’t need to imagine them. They’re captured on video for all the world to see in the latest episode of How I Mom, a new Parents Instagram TV series that I hope you’ll check out. Available on Instagram as well as Parents.com, Facebook, and YouTube, How I Mom features friends of Parents in their natural habitat because that’s where you can see the raw reality of parenting. In addition to yours truly, Tiffani Thiessen shares cute moments in her kitchen, trainer Shaun T shows us the evening routine with his toddler twins, and this…

3 min.
let’s get real

CELEB Words for All of Us These parents totally get it (even if they are famous). “Ever try to sniff your baby through the phone?”Hilary Duff, on Instagram“When I leave for work in the morning, my son gives me a running hug. So I walk out the door and even though I have this whole wonderful day ahead of me, I know for a fact that I’ve already had the best part of my day.”Seth Meyers, to The New York Times Style Magazine“Our favorite thing to do on the weekend is to dance for our son. He just stares at us like, ‘You people are very strange.’”America Ferrera, on Busy Tonight, about how she and her husband, Ryan, entertain 1-year-old Sebastian“Having mom friends during pregnancy and for the first year … is free…

1 min.
5 things that delight us this month

1. Lit Therapy Get your woo-woo on with a hunk of Himalayan salt rock that doubles as a lamp and has a gradual wake-to-light setting. To top it off, a calming voice can guide you through a breathing meditation, helping you reach that holy grail of parenthood: sleep. $60; ihomeaudio.com 2. Find Your Stuff We’ve all left our keys or wallet at home once or twice (or 20 times) before, but now you can stick Adero’s smart tag onto your purse and press it right before you head out the door. You’ll be alerted if you forgot any tagged on-the-go essentials. $80 for a smart tag and three taglets; adero.com 3. Beats and Beverages Beach trips are even better thanks to the Aquio insulated bottle with a detachable Bluetooth speaker. A dance sesh with the…

6 min.
stop the sting of bug bites

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY _ _ _ _ _SMOOTHIES FOR SUMMER POOL RULES THAT SAVE LIVES_ _ _ LITTLE STEPS TO BIG GOALS Soaking up every bit of summer sometimes comes with unfortunate “ouchies” from nature’s tiniest inhabitants. Soothe the pain quickly and easily with this advice from Trung Tristan Truong, M.D., a pediatrician at MemorialCare Medical Group, in San Juan Capistrano, California. Mosquito DO THIS Clean a bite ASAP with soap and water to remove any remaining mosquito saliva. Then apply hydrocortisone cream or ointment to reduce itching and inflammation. An oral or topical antihistamine can also help ease itchiness. DON’T DO THIS Scratch—it makes the itching worse and can lead to infection. If your child does scratch to the point that he breaks open his skin or it starts to bleed, clean…

6 min.
team phelps

THINK BACK to the 2016 Olympic Games, and Michael Phelps’s record-breaking triumph is undoubtedly the first image that comes to mind. But a close second is 3-month-old Boomer Phelps in the arms of his mom, Nicole. Three years later, the little nugget in the jumbo headphones is a walking, talking, and, of course, swimming big brother. And Michael and Nicole? Life’s pretty different for them too. On a recent afternoon, just before Michael got dinner on the table for Nicole, Boomer, 3, and Beckett, 1, Parents chatted with the Scottsdale, Arizona–based pair about how they’ve learned to join forces and enjoy the ride. Congrats on Baby #3! MICHAEL It’s crazy to think about. We’re excited. It will be a journey, but we can already handle two. We’ll tag-team! NICOLE There was an initial…