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Parents August 2019

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editor’s note

What Having a Garage Sale Reveals About Your Marriage MY HUSBAND is a keeper, and by that I mean a collector—a man who has small jars of sand from every beach we’ve ever been to lined up on shelves in his office and folders containing tear sheets and receipts from photo shoots decades ago. I am the throw-away-now-regret-it-later type, a woman with a single shoebox of souvenirs from my teens and 20s. I saved one of our wedding invitations, but not the envelope. So to pressure test our marriage, Steve and I decided to have a garage sale. The week leading up to it went smoothly. On Monday we negotiated the girls’ toys. Tuesday, dozens of lightly used board games. Wednesday was children’s books; Thursday, random housewares. Friday was reserved for pricing everything.…

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let’s get real

CELEB Words for All of Us Famous or not, these parents totally get it. “What’s really cool is I am the only person in the world that she calls ‘Dad.’”—comedian Hasan Minhaj, on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast“I have to tell myself because of my daughter that I should be able to have any emotion that any man can have. It’s about teaching our new generation that everyone should be treated the same.”—tennis great Serena Williams, to The Business of Fashion“I thought having a baby meant giving up who I was in a little bit of a way. But wow, I couldn’t have been more off … Violet has only filled me with more creativity, joy, and this huge indescribable love.”—singer Rachel Platten, on Instagram“I know what time of the morning it is…

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6 things that delight us this month

Beyoncé Beauty Sir John (Beyoncé’s makeup artist) and Luminess have collabed on a dazzling collection inspired by Disney’s The Lion King (starring Queen Bey as the voice of Nala). Talk about fierce! From $24; luminesscosmetics.com Sole Goals The cult-favorite, machine-washable mom shoes made from recycled bottles now come in kids’ sizes. Matching-outfit time! $55; rothys.com Dairy-Free Delight Made with plantains, cassava, coconut, and pili nuts (a little-known superfood), Lavva yogurt tastes surprisingly similar to dairy, Parents staffers say. Every serving contains probiotics and is free of added sugars. $2.50 each; grocery stores Towel for Two Unlike rectangular towels, this comfy find is big enough for two or more children to sit on and face each other—so lunch at the beach can be social and Uno can be played easily. $59; crateandbarrel.com Free Mom Therapy Reproductive psychiatrist and Parents advisor…

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how to raise an optimist

Your child’s wardrobe is filled with bright colors, whimsical graphics, and shirts that state, “I’m a Rock Star!” And her attitude likely reflects that fact—most of the time. But when she gets frustrated, she may react with, “I’m bad at this!” rather than, “I can do better!” Optimism can help kids rebound from challenging experiences and make them believe that good things will happen later (karma!). Plus, it’s linked to long-term health benefits like decreased rates of depression and heart disease. These simple strategies can encourage your kid to see the sparkly side of life. Reframe your own reactions. If something upsetting happens to you, turn it into a positive (“I had to pay a late fee on my library book. Next time I’ll note in my calendar when it’s due.”).…

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why chores matter

WHEN SHE WAS 2, I gave my daughter Birdy her first “chore”: washing cranberries for Thanksgiving. I filled the sink with water, dumped in the berries, and asked her to make sure they got nice and clean. She swirled the berries around the sink, pushed them underwater with her sopping sleeve, laughed when they bobbed back up, and eventually strained them with a sieve. “Thank you so much,” I said, and she beamed. The berries got washed, I had time to peel the potatoes, and my daughter was given an occasion that she could rise to. Inevitably, of course, little kids who love to help grow up into bigger kids who might balk at various assignments, reminding you that the definition of chore is not “a delightful sense of purpose” but…

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sleep train your big kid

IF YOUR CHILD has graduated from a crib to a bed but resists falling asleep and staying asleep, I can guarantee two things. First, you are fed up and tired. Second, the classic sleep-training techniques you’ve heard about like “Cry It Out” won’t work. Your child is too stubborn and strong now—and most kids this age won’t just stay in bed and cry. But don’t despair! As the director of the Yale Pediatric Sleep Center, I know there are effective techniques for older children, and I’m going to share two of my favorites. Whichever method you choose, the solution is to peel back your involvement at bedtime by having your child deal with your absence for short periods of time, and then gradually increase that time. Also, when you return to…