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Parents September 2019

Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

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LIZ VACCARIELLO Vice President, Editor-in-Chief Executive Creative Director AGNETHE GLATVED Executive Editor JULIA EDELSTEIN Managing Editor PATRICK MOFFITT Deputy Editor DIANE DEBROVNER Beauty Director KATE SANDOVAL BOX Lifestyle Director LAURA FENTON Food Director JENNA HELWIG Senior Editor, Nutrition and Travel KAREN CICERO Entertainment Editor JESSICA HARTSHORN Associate Editor, Beauty SHANNON M. BAUER Associate Editor, Features EMILY ELVERU Associate Editor, Lifestyle LESLIE CORONA Editorial Assistant KARA THOMPSON ART & PRODUCTION Art Director EMILY FURLANI Associate Art Director JAMIE LEE Senior Designer MARIA FERNANDEZ-DAVILA Art Assistant AVA BRAMSON Production Director VINCENT M. SPINA PHOTO Executive Photo Director LILY FRANCESCA ALT Photo Director DAVID COOPER Photo Editor JOANNA MUENZ Photo Coordinator MAGGIE BLATTEL Assistant Photo Editor ERIKA THOMPSON RESEARCH & COPY Research Director BARBARA BRANDON-CROFT Copy Chief JEAN RODIE Copy Editor SHELLEY WOLSON Test Kitchen Project Manager LINDA BREWER, R.D.N. Deputy Managing Editor TARA LUSTBERG Executive Operations Coordinator, Office of Editor-in-Chief ADRIENNE FARR Contributing Editors DAPHNE de MARNEFFE, Ph.D., SABRINA JAMES, SALLY KUZEMCHAK, R.D., JENNY MOLLEN,…

1 min.
editor’s note

Let’s Kick Off Kid Season! We have a saying here at Parents: September is the start of Kid Season. After you stop laughing at the idea that there’s ever an “off” season for children and the moms and dads who “coach” them, you might agree with us. Things start ramping up in mid-August (earlier in some parts of the country), when our thoughts turn to back-to-school haircuts, backpacks, and pencil cases. Before we know it, we’re focusing on Halloween, making Thanksgiving plans, and then shopping for toys and books for the holidays. It’s a time of magical moments—as well as a bit of anxiety over the calendar. The September issue is always one of my favorites, as it’s the culmination of months of photo shooting, teacher interviewing, and beauty-product testing. Enjoy…

10 min.
let’s get real

Eva Chen Leads, and You’re Invited to Follow Our favorite Instagram insider, Eva Chen, opens up to our favorite Instagram oversharer and Parents columnist, Jenny Mollen, about social media, preschool lunches, accident-prone toddlers, and a whole lot more. “PEOPLE ARE REALLY INTO MOM LIFE, WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE KIDS,” CHEN SAYS. THERE’S LANDING a dream job, and then there’s Eva Chen, who has nailed several. Currently the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, she’s been the beauty editor of Teen Vogue and the youngest editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, handpicked by mentor Anna Wintour. She’s the New York Times best-selling author of the Juno Valentine children’s series; the latest book comes out in October. Eva met her husband, Thomas Bannister, when she was 20, and they’re raising Ren, 4, and Tao, 2, in…

1 min.
5 genius ways to make this year unforgettable

Back to School 2019 Pump Them up With Crafts To build anticipation, make a paper chain and have your kiddo tear off a ring each day until the first day of school. Write an activity (blowing bubbles, visiting the ice-cream shop) on each strip before looping them and you’ve got an end-of-summer bucket list too. Snap Better First-Day Pictures Instead of making a sign, order an extra-large custom shirt with your child’s expected high-school graduation year on it. He can pose in the shirt for his first-day photos from now until then. (Sob!) From $18; zazzle.com Stow Memories on the Spot All year long, encourage your kid to draw or write on slips of paper about her fave school moments (the zoo trip, the cool class experiment) right after they occur and drop them into a…

8 min.
how doctors (who are parents) feel about vaccines

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY INSIDER ADVICE FROM TEACHERS _____FUN-AND-EASY HAIRDOS 100 THINGS TO PACK FOR LUNCH____ It might seem that every time you take your child for a well visit, he gets a shot. As hard as it is to see him wail from those pricks, they’re over fast—and they protect him from life-threatening diseases. “Vaccines are like your child’s very own Captain America shield,” says Micky Obradovic, M.D., a pediatrician at Lakeside Pediatrics, in Burbank, California, and a member of the Parents AAP Panel. But physicians like Dr. Obradovic understand your concerns about vaccines. They’re parents, too, whose kids probably hate shots just as much as yours do. We asked our panel what they really wish people knew about vaccines. Here are their thoughts. Think of Them As Seat Belts. Three…

12 min.
new science that could change the way you parent

IN A WORLD of 24/7 news, keeping up with the latest advice about children’s health and development can be overwhelming. (Let’s face it; some days it’s a win just to make time to floss.) Plus, it’s impossible to decide which study du jour to trust: Should you give your kids vitamins? Yes. No. Maybe. Repeat. To keep you from falling down a rabbit hole, we asked leading pediatricians and medical-journal editors to share the recent studies that savvy parents should have on their radar. Of course, research is ongoing, and scientific consensus can happen at a snail’s pace. But these findings highlight key emerging trends in our understanding of children’s physical and emotional well-being—and they may help you raise healthier kids. Probiotics Can Soothe Colic. The research: A large review of smaller studies…